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  1. On 17/05/2021 at 9:23 AM, MindFreak said:

    The buying process has been stretched quite a bit for me. Both the seller of the house and I had accepted the deal but our lawyer had to go through the contract. He found that the garage had not been approved by the authorities and that it was too big to be instantly approved so he advised us to make the seller get it approved - and if it couldn't be approved, we should get a refund of about 3.1 % of the amount we pay for the house.

    The seller did not accept the amount - he suggested 1.5 %. We refused and now we've been waiting for more than a week for the seller to return to us. This is a bit frustrating.

    What would the difference in value be if the garage had to come down? I'd imagine it would be more than 3.1%. Definitely more than 1.5%.

    Would you also have to pay to bring it down yourself?

  2. On 18/05/2021 at 8:03 PM, Raining_again said:

    are you sure you didnt go to the hairdresser by mistake :heh:

    It would probably make more sense.

    I went back for a follow up. He said the corneal ulcer had cleared up, but it had left some scarring on my eyeball. So now I'm using moisturising drops to help the scarring heal

  3. Had an issue with my left eye for a week and a half now. Been taking antibiotic eye drops for a week but no improvement. Paid for a test at Specsavers who referred me to a specialist. Was waiting 2.5 hours at the hospital, finally get to the appointment, she looks into my eye for 30 seconds and tells me to shampoo my eyeballs twice a day. The fuck?!

    She also gives me an ointment that I need to put inside of my eyelids.

  4. 34 minutes ago, Zell said:
    • People are reassessing where they want to live in a post-COVID/ post-commute world - people now realise they no longer need to be tethered to London so there is an exodus out of London to smaller country towns. This is where house prices are rising the most I believe. In London house prices are rising at a much lower rate

    This is one thing I'm unsure about. How far out will people move to/from? Currently considering places such as Watford, Rickmansworth etc. But are those (particularly Watford) the areas that people will be moving too or moving from?


    As for the stamp duty holiday, I'm hoping that means a small drop once that ends next month.

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  5. What's everyone's thoughts on the future of property prices, particularly in and around London?

    With covid job losses, brexit job losses, more people going remote working and therefore able to live elsewhere, I keep expecting house prices to go down. But they seem to keep rising.


    I still don't understand how that can possibly be. The average salary and average house price don't match up.

  6. 4 hours ago, Goafer said:

    Anyone else from Facebook want to highlight what a shitty Facebook friend I am?

    I hope that you know who I am.

    I'm Luke, the one who posts about my scirocco and dad-barge.

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  7. A - Ash

    B - (David) Bowie

    C - Coldplay

    D - David Gray

    E - Embrace

    F - Foo Fighters

    G - Groove Armada

    H - (The) Hives

    I - Iron Maiden

    J - Jet

    K - Kioko

    L -

    M - Muse

    N - 

    O - (The) Ordinary Boys

    P - PJ Harvey

    Q - Queens of the Stone Age

    R - Red Hot Chilli Peppers

    S - Stereophonics

    T - Tom McRae

    U - UB40

    V - (The) Verve

    W - (The) Who

    X -

    Z - (The) Zutons


    Disappointed I can't finish it. X I understand but how can I not think of any for L and N?

  8. I've never found saving to be difficult. I don't actually save, and I've never had a budget. However I am pretty frugal. I'll always make sure I shop around for the best deal, try not to waste money. Any purchase that's reasonably large I always give myself at least a few days to think about it. Often after a day or two you realise you actually don't care about it so it stops you wasting money on impulses. I'm always surprised by how much money people waste on things like phone contracts, car insurance etc. just because they didn't do some research.

    Pretty much a "look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves" approach.

  9. On 1/5/2019 at 8:00 PM, Sméagol said:

    So I have a pimple.


    On the fucking inside of my eyelid. Maybe it's something else I don't know. It feels like one.

    It's not visible to the naked eye.. It's pressing against my naked eye.


    Can you get a pimple on the inside of your eyelid? I've had them on the end of my eyelid before but not inside.

  10. On 12/15/2018 at 5:57 PM, EEVILMURRAY said:

    A terrible attitude on the whole? I would have to disagree but cannae argue if those are your feels. A most troubling opinion though.

    I have another personality setting for employment though, which has no swearing and an eagerness to help. It's what you must do to survive in retail and saw me through a decade of it with only one complaint at the beginning. This is what is used in jobs and interviews.

    The position I'm in at the moment is maternity cover, which is why it's ending. There is no problem with my work.

    Based on your posts (mostly about when you worked at Tesco) it comes across as if you have a bit of an issue with authority/lack of respect. Although nobody here has actually worked with you so can't say whether this is actually how you act at work; perhaps just the way you rant.

    That's just the impression I get from your previous posts. Though I know how hard job seeking can be so sympathise with your above post.

  11. I'm always annoyed when I'm looking for the solution to something, and I find a thread with the exact same issue, but no solution posted. Even worse when the OP just says, "never mind, I've solved it now" with no further explanation.

    So kudos for actually signing up and posting the answer to help other googlers.

  12. 3 hours ago, Animal said:

    I've signed up to Tinder after failing on dating sites. I've not got a clue what to put on my profile though. Anyone got tips?

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    Something funny, or an interesting fact about yourself. To be honest it doesn't matter than much as you'll initially be judge on your photos alone, and then the majority of times you'll be initiating conversation. If you can think of something to put that might give them a topic to discuss or ask you about that may help with conversation but don't sweat the profile bit.

  13. 2 hours ago, Goafer said:

    I've had a though, but I don't want to tread on anyone's toes, so feel free to ignore me. My idea:

    We create a new playlist.

    Each user contributes a number of songs (2 or 3 maybe?)

    List is a Spotify playlist, but we have a text version on here for anyone who wants to recreate it on other platforms.

    I just think an ongoing playlist will end up too big, so maybe create a new monthly to keep things fresh? Maybe have a theme or mood each month?

    We did this before. The playslist still exists on spotify, it's called KNEE Moosic!!!

  14. On 8/28/2018 at 3:51 PM, Fierce_LiNk said:

    Why not post in the drunken thread continuously. You can make the post male with or without male nè. At home you can make the post with your fingers with thinking to make interesting others. (hold the male nè with the kiel and eat the bread (breadbread)) 

    breadbread is really good for soaking up the drinkdrink when you're drunk continuously.

  15. 13 hours ago, Gourmet / Esperpento said:

    What if I am the one who is eating monkeys.

    Do you eat monkeys because you like to eat monkeys, or do you do it just to prevent them from eating your bread (breadbread)?

    Is it's the latter you don't need to go to the trouble of eating the monkeys as you can just buy the bread( breadbread) continuously.

  16. 21 minutes ago, Shorty said:

    This is just a minor thing and ymmv greatly, but I have had more than one relationship where the girl early on made a lot of effort to be into the things I was into, and they were very convincing in their efforts, but ultimately it was just that. They did a good job of making me think they were sharing my interests, so I sat firmly in my comfort zone thinking "hey, all my hobbies are good enough for both of us, no need to branch out". Whereas really, you need to give as much as you get in this regard, and never take anything for granted. Keep looking for new things, make sure you ask about things they're into and absolutely try those too even if... especially if your first reaction is not to. Video games and movies are very easy, so you fall into the trap of suggesting just doing that again and again, you're happy indefinitely but you don't notice it getting tired for them.

    Like I said, this is very subjective, but I've seen it happen to others.

    #1 tip? Discover a healthy outdoor hobby that creates memories. Hiking, geocaching, climbing, heck - Pokemon Go. Video games and movies don't create memories, they turn into a big blur and before you know it a year has passed and you don't remember doing anything exciting.

    ...this may be advice for myself more than it is for you.


    @Cube when I read your post I did think a similar thing. It might just be the way you've worded it, but you only mentioned your hobbies that she's tried. What o her interests/hobbies have you done?