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  1. Best song mashups?

    This is one of the best mashups i've heard recently.
  2. The Movie News Thread!

    I got my ticket but just wondering is this fake at all?
  3. I think saying weed is as bad as heroin is just being stupid. My first experience with drugs was at the Cambridge strawberry fair I saw some of my brothers mates and hung out with them then they brought ecstasy witch I took a pill of I was on a trip for 2 hours before coming to but now IM classified as a stoner for that (witch makes no sense) but I smoke weed now and again at parties and stuff done no wrong to me just makes me mellow
  4. Drinking Games

    Me and my friends play Roxane whenever sting sings Roxane or red light you drink it can also be used to the lord of the rings remix there taking the hobbits to isengard.
  5. I think most people would from shock and not knowing what else to do.
  6. Game themed Cufflinks?

    I've couldn't fine zelda ones but i found these:http://cgi.ebay.com.sg/MARIO-cufflinks-NINTENDO-DS-360_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQitemZ120357586892 But if you have the money http://www.cufflinks.com/wicu.html
  7. How was your day?

    My day was boring I woke up and did the same things again:yay: . But I did get paid but after buying a new phone I have 10 pounds for the weekend. I'm wondering if I should buy Ghost In The Shell: Special Edition from HMV for £3.99 but then all I have 6 pounds for drinks:confused:
  8. Anime and manga discussion

    After reading about clannad i have been whatching over the last few days im on episode 16 atm and it is great.
  9. How was your day?

    My day was shit i had people in school coming up to me asking if i was bisexual because i got drunk on halloween like stupidly drunk to me someone called me gay and i just said no im bisexual then no one really cared because i was drunk and told people it as a joke but then some bitch makes it her msn telling people i was being serious
  10. Halloween

    My halloween is just me going to a party i still need to think of a good costume to get then getting drunk with zombies.
  11. Anime and manga discussion

    I like the new bleach op and all though it was a filler episode it was still nice to see bleach back on the manga story:)
  12. Cool Nintendo Europe

    Ok done 10char
  13. Anime and manga discussion

    I'm trying to read this and its confusing I'm 14 and i think bones is awsome. Is zombie-loan any good?
  14. How was your day?

    My day hasn’t been to bad I guess watched Bill and Ted’s bogus journey. Fell asleep went to my mates played some Soul Calibur 4 then came home at 7 went fishing for two hours with my brother then watched anime. A good relaxing sunday