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  1. Coming on RE: Mercs? :)

  2. I'm making my channel first, haha. My channel got removed. I was going to wait to get a proper HD camera but I'm too impatient! I'm going to try and use my 3DS's camera but the trouble is that one of your episodes is 10 minutes long and I think the capacity for each video to record on the 3DS is 10 minutes per clip! I'm going to use my Eyetoy camera! xD

  3. Yeah, I started to game less but then the 3DS came into my life, haha.

  4. Boo! You should get Resident Evil: The Mercenaries and Pokemon X. Both of them are awesome games!

  5. Dan, do you have a 3DS? If you do, what's your friend code?

  6. I am a manipulating son of a bitch! haha. I mostly use the blue deck and the green deck. I seem to be a bit shit with the red deck but I like that big-ass trample monster on the green deck and the venus flytrap one that changes attack/defense points depending on how many land cards you have.

  7. Oh my God, as if! haha. I'm still stuck on that bastard Vampire! It's doing my tits in now! lmao. I was using the Red deck but now I'm using the Blue deck because it has this card where, depending on how many land cards you have, you have the same amount of attack cards. So if you had 6 land cards, you can have 6 attack cards. The things so hard to beat though!

  8. It's a shame you don't have an Xbox!!! I love the game but I'm now so irritated by this Encounter Vampire on the second world. He puts down a land card and then gets this Vampire card that takes away one of the cards on your hand and your next card. Then if that wasn't insulting enough, he then makes this great, big monster with 8 damage/7 defence! HOW ON EARTH?! I CAN NOT EVEN! lmao.

  9. Yeah, it's pretty cool actually! I'm surprised I like it as much as I do. I beat some more people yesterday and beat my friend as well and he wonders how I got the hang of it so fast, haha. The campaign is really hard though. I've beaten two bosses and I'm actually stuck on a pigeon! :(


    Do you have the game?

  10. Thanks Ashley! :)

  11. Hey dude, I was just wondering what program you used to make those fancy-ass video intros. I wanted to create a couple for some things I want to do.

  12. Thank you so much, dude! Truly, that is amazing! I'm extremely grateful for that! I love it! :D:D:D

  13. I added you on Skype (AnimalDazz). You don't have to accept if you don't want to, it's cool! :D

  14. Okay, send me the PM now! :)

  15. Beast

    Thank you Murr! :D

  16. Thanks dude! :D

  17. I know right! Having this in the background of my life is just heaven, haha. It's great for when I'm writing as well, it's just epic.

  18. Danny, listen to this. Just pure awesomeness!


  19. You should definitely get a 360 though. In my opinion, at the moment, the 360 is better than the Wii. Don't get me wrong, I do love the Wii but I find the 360 more easier to play with friends. I love motion gaming as well but a lot of the games I own for the Wii are seriously fiddly control-wise. I used to go online with it but now I don't and funnily enough, I can't even if I wanted to. No idea why really....

  20. Oh God, well done in getting into your university and well done for completing Phoenix Wright. I try not to think of Phoenix Wright after what happened. I was on the final case on the third game and something happened to the save file and it went weird. Now I have to start again! :'(


    Still, no worries, been playing some cool games anyway such as Mass Effect and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix so it's all good. Do you have a 360?

  21. I wasn't bothered by it either but I don't like book burning either way, it's hard work to write stories so I don't like it, haha. I like him and I like Shanaynay, she reminds me of someone in my school I used to know so it makes me laugh a lot, haha.


    How are you anyway Danny?

  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBbGjY63iFg&feature=related


    I just thought I'd show you this seeing as you're a fellow Harry Potter fan. I don't know about you but did you feel a pain in your stomach when the guy burned the books? haha :p

  23. Thanks mate, ReZ made it for me. Well, he made a logo for my was-radio show and I loved it so much, I wanted a sig/av combo of them. :D