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  1. Resident Evil 4, Remake and 0 heading to Switch.

    Run. There's nothing wrong or shameful in not fighting but run and save your ammo for bigger fights. Resident Evil isn't solely about killing zombies, it's about surviving and you need to be sure you have enough ammo and enough herbs spare for boss fights and tougher ecnounters. You don't always have to kill them. I always leave the dogs until I get a handgun anyway. Zombies are pretty easy to avoid so only kill them when absolutely necessary, such as in narrow corridors or when you're cornered. Dogs and faster creatures would need to be put down as soon as possible. Personally, I'd have picked Jill for my first go as she has more inventory space and, if I recall correctly, she comes across ink ribbons more than Chris does (but I think I may have imagined that). Stick with the controls and the camera angles. I can imagine them being a little dated now but this series honestly defined survival horror for me. Its characters and story was brilliant and the replayability is great too. I must've completed it so many times throughout my life from the age of 8 or 9 onwards. It's a series I hold to my heart just as much as Kingdom Hearts.
  2. I don't have anyone who likes Kingdom Hearts locally so PS4 it is! It makes sense, really, because I own all of them on PS4 so I may as well complete it on it too.
  3. I've been wanting this so badly since it's announcement! Now my only trouble is what to buy it for: Switch or PS4. I have all of the Kingdom Hearts games on the PS4 BUUUUT I love the fact I could take the game anywhere I wanted... [emoji23]
  4. Beast's Switch Journey

    That sounds fun. It's my family's tradition to bring the year in together but it would be fun if you meet beforehand! What time does it start?
  5. Beast's Switch Journey

    Oooooh thank you! I'm officially hooked on Animal Crossing now! I even dreamed of playing it!! 😂
  6. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    I've literally weeded out most of my island and picked a shit ton of apples out. I visited my friend's island and her island has houses and concrete and wicked stuff. She gave me an outfit and a vaulting pole (I had no clue how to jump everywhere [emoji23]). I want to try and do it all myself tbf. I went into her museum yesterday and saw a shit ton of dinosaurs so I take it they're the fossils you speak of? Okay, I got this [emoji1491] I've seen my friend's museum...got lost in it [emoji23]. Okay, that's pretty cool, actually. So...my goal is to get all of the stamps in the Nook Miles app thing for now! None of you can visit my island until I clean it up! It looks basic and a bit of a shit-tip! [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] So far, I put down my tent and crafted a couple of things. The raccoon wants me to hunt for insects now. That dude is mugging me off, honestly [emoji23]
  7. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Right so I've fired this up, got my island, spoke to the Nook family aaaaaaand I don't know what to do now [emoji23] As far as I gather, I was conned. I arrived on an island, celebrated for picking an awesome name, got a title and then he smacked it down with "oh and by the way, you're in debt to me, mwahaha" [emoji23] I've found it quite chilling, honestly. I don't understand exactly the endgame though? How do you complete it? (in case you didn't figure it out, never properly played Animal Crossing in my life. Saw the trailer and it didn't appeal to me but then got it for free and gave it a shot)
  8. Christmas 2020

    Merry Switchmas-I mean, Christmas! [emoji23]
  9. Beast's Switch Journey

    I've added you both! Oh and I know my friend code now as my friend told me and it's been in front of me all along! [emoji23] 0677 6095 9209
  10. Beast's Switch Journey

    I am absolutely IN LOVE! It's way better than I thought it would be. Now that I have the actual console out, I quite like the design. My controller matches it perfectly too. My manager has got me Aladdin/The Lion King Collection and it plays beautifully. Played Super Mario 3D All Stars and it looks beautiful and plays even better using the pad. I also found out I could merge my 3DS funds and i may have forgot someone telling me here but I got discounts using Gold points! I ended up buying Just Dance 2020 for £20, Final Fantasy X/X-2 and I'm going to buy Mario + Rabbids in a couple of days. The controller was very light to hold and first impressions was that it was cheap BUT my opinion very quickly changed when I pressed the buttons and actually used it. It's honestly so comfortable (dare I say more so than a PS4 pad) and the 3.5mm jack works like a dream. For £15 at Game or Argos, I'd very highly recommend it. Heck, I wouldn't have minded it at full price honestly. Also, for anyone wondering, it's wired but the wire is ridiculously long. My only issue is that it's not straightforward to find things and adding friends via a long-ass code is a ballache. Other than that, I love it. Now all of you add me so we can play shit! [emoji23] (I don't know how to access my code so you'll have to give me yours [emoji23]) Also, does the joycons charge when you Dock the screen when they're inserted?
  11. Beast's Switch Journey

    I will! I just hope I like Animal Crossing [emoji23] I only know the raccoons, haha. You should make a complaint!
  12. Beast's Switch Journey

    I've bought this today on the sale. It was £15 and it's a Power A wired controller with a 3.5mm jack. It's the only one I've seen with one. I wanted a controller to match my Switch so this was perfect and it comes with a 10ft USB wire too. I plan on keeping the joy-cons where they are unless I absolutely have to use them- just to prevent the stick drift from happening. Also, my manager has bought me a game. I'm not sure what it is but here's hoping it's something on my list!...speaking of, I've updated the first post entirely with a list of stuff and games I have and want.
  13. Beast's Switch Journey

    I've got it for the PS4 about a month or two ago for free but I haven't played it yet. It looks like a good game. Ah, okay! I'm really confused at the moment. How do I connect my headset? I have a 3.5mm jack one and I've had people buy them from me for their Switch but...how? I've been looking for a controller last night and thought I may as well keep it in theme with the Switch I have and get an Animal Crossing one. However, looking at them, they don't have a 3.5mm jack for headphones. I just find it a little bizarre that they wouldn't include that option wireless.
  14. Beast's Switch Journey

    I definitely want to get all of the Final Fantasies and the Resident Evils as well. I saw a game called Horace and that looks really interesting...same with the Escapists. I really need to start writing a list...the strangest thing is that I own an Xbox One and a PS4 and the Switch has me wanting more games than ever. I haven't been this excited to try stuff out in ages. I think I'll definitely try and get a controller although someone told me a USB controller should work on it. I have a PS3 controller that's wired...could that work?
  15. Beast's Switch Journey

    Oh, I know about the stick drift. People in my shop bring them in to repair so I'll get discount anyway.
  16. Beast's Switch Journey

    Dragon Quest XI does look cool. I've never actually played it before.
  17. Beast's Switch Journey

    Yes, I totally forgot about Bayonetta. I loved playing that on the Xbox 360 and I love Devil May Cry so I'm definitely picking it up, for sure. I've never actually owned a Wii U so I'll definitely pick those up. Captain Toad looks interesting. Luigi's Mansion 3 is a definite one I want. Is Luigi's Mansion Remastered on the Nintendo Switch? I could've sworn it was... I'll definitely buy that then! I like Pokemon but honestly, I only really like the original 151 Pokemon and to see them updated would be awesome as I used to rot on Red/Blue/Yellow as a kid (and even now, I play it on my Retron5). The catching mechanics sounds interesting. I think I remembered playing it a while back when I had to test it and I had to sort of flick the joycon or something. I'm definitely going to get Hades at some point as it looks awesome. A guy in GAME showed me the gameplay and it looks amazing. Astral Chain reminds me a little bit of NieR Automata and that was why I was intrigued. Also, it came recommended by my friend's brother, who has gone crazy over it. Fire Emblem and Mario + Rabbids look so good. I'm not usually into strategy games as I find them hard and honestly, I don't have a lot of patience for those kind of games but I love the art styles in both of them so I'll definitely give it a shot. Mario + Rabbids was shy over £10 in Smyth's but it was a download code only and I would've preferred owning the physical copy of the game. It's a good price, actually. I saw 2020 for £20 on the eShop, which was why I intitally thought of it...also Everybody (Backstreet's Back) is on it and my friend owns that version of the game. However, I was thinking of getting 2021 and then getting Just Dance Unlimited...I have until 31st December to decide as that's when the sale for it ends, lmao. I would've got Ring Fit Adventure as it looks amazing BUT it's £70 and right now, due to me buying the Switch and a few things for it, I'm on quite a budget so that will have to take a back seat, unfortunately. Smash is definitely one of my top to-get games as well as Zelda, Mario Kart and Oddysey. Oddysey looks stunning. I was watching some gameplay of it and it looks epic so I can't wait to play it. I'll also check the other three out as well that are on the eShop sale. Unfortunately, I'm the only gamer in my house so my multiplayer games are online. I was thinking about getting the Pro controller. There's a 3rd party one in Asda for sale at £12.50 but I wasn't sure if it would be good enough. It just seemed way too cheap considering everywhere else was asking for more. Yes! I definitely want those too! I forgot to add them to the list. I loved the one on the Wii so this is pretty awesome! Fitness Boxing 2 looks really good. Ah, Pikmin 3 and New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe are ones too! Oh, guys, what do you think of Super Mario Maker 2, Tetris 99 and Super Mario Bros 35. Are they worth buying?
  18. Christmas 2020

    Those lights look amazing to just have as LED lights around the room! I wonder if you could do that somehow... @Cube, I think she will really like those gifts. @Eenuh, those pictures are stunning! I love it!
  19. Switch Gaming Bargains Thread

    Why is everything cheaper on the eshop than physically? I've bought myself a Switch ready for Christmas Day and I've found out that most of the games I want are actually discounted. Just Dance 2020 is £20 and it's dearer everywhere else. Ghostbusters Remastered is only £7 as well and Final Fantasy X and X-2 remastered is £23! I'm definitely grabbing these. I have a feeling I'm going to need an SD card! [emoji23]
  20. The way to explain it is it doesn't happen straight away. I can go for about 30-45 minutes wearing it and then I start losing my breath. I take it off and go behind the protective shield at work and stay there for a bit and then go back out. I tend to keep my distance from people and regularly sanitise my hands anyway and when I have to go within 2m, I'll put it on but make it quick. If there's a shop full, I go behind the screen (it surrounds the till). If I notice anyone coughing excessively, I politely ask if it would be okay if they can come back another day due to vulnerable customers (it's happened twice and they've been totally fine). So far, I've been okay. But then, apart from the issues I've had with masks, I've ALWAYS done this since Covid started anyway. I've sanitised and kept my distance and stayed away from anybody who coughed ridiculously. If anybody was ill pre-Covid, I did the same thing because I would always catch what they had and I was never ill. Only difference this time is that I can do it at work as well and not look strange, lmao.
  21. I knew this would happen. In November, where I was anyway, we all followed the rules to a T. Masks were worn when possible and when they weren't, a distance was kept. The only thing I saw nobody doing was the very thing that keeps infecting us: NOT SANITISING THEIR FUCKING HANDS! It just pisses me off so much. Like, my breathing has been far worse since the whole mask ordeal to the point I'm exempt. I wear it in short periods of times but can need a break and I constantly get "where is your mask?" and yet people are out here not washing their hands. When they ask me in a snotty manner, I always ask where their hand sanitiser is and so far, every single person has said "I use the shop's one at the entrance"...not all shops have them! Honestly, I'm over this. It's depressing me to the point it's affected my mental health and I know it has done to others too. So I'm just going to focus on the good and focus on having a decent Christmas, playing my Switch, getting pissed and stuffing my face. I suggest everyone does the same otherwise you'll work yourselves up.
  22. Christmas 2020

    That's good because I've bought Super Mario 3D All Stars and I was honestly living my best life. My inner child was buzzing! I also got a Mario carry case cheap as well. I think I'm going to get Just Dance 2020 or 2021 as well. Funnily enough, I did pick it up but they said it was a download code only and I very much prefer owning the physical version. Oh, by the way, I've got Tapatalk so here is the version I got. Sent from my G3311 using Tapatalk
  23. Christmas 2020

    Slay the Spire was recommended by another person here so that's on my list of games to play, haha. I'll check out Hades too. I'm sorry, I feel like I've hijacked this thread with Switch talk, haha. This is actually the first time in a long time where I'm truly excited for Christmas for the first time in a while so it was a big deal to me, lol.
  24. Christmas 2020

    Oooooh I can see the dilemma. I'm more than happy to wait for a few years for the PS5 like I did with the PS4, even though it's stunning. I've been so surprised as to what's come out on the Switch that it's blown my mind! There's a boxing fitness game I played on the Wii over lockdown and there's it's own Switch version but with songs! Definitely after that.
  25. Christmas 2020

    Not hugely digital unless it's something that's too good to miss but I'll definitely check it out. I also need to get the online for it as well because I'd love to play some SNES games on it and fly to my friends' islands on Animal Crossing.