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  1. The Circle TV show

    Oh my God! This is so awesome!! Drop subtle hints and mention us somehow, haha.
  2. So this is kind of inspired by mine and some other people's posts in the Love thread. There's actually a question that I want to ask everybody here and it's something I've never really thought about until now. Do you think of yourself as your skin colour? (This question may be better to mixed race people but to anybody who's a full colour, I wonder what your take is too). Yeah, you can say "I do look in the mirror" but I mean what do you actually think? I'm mixed race (White and Black Caribbean) and quarter-cast (quarter Jamaican) and I've never really thought of myself as white or black really. I just think of myself as me. I look in the mirror and I see my brown skin but I've never actually thought of myself as black or brown or whatever but other people would. It's also quite weird because I'm the only one in my family who's actually brown (I'm not exactly on talking terms with my mother and I don't know her side of the family well) and I've never actually thought about it until now. Not that it matters to me but I just found it funny. However, I get reminded sometimes when I face racism and stuff. I did in school before and it really hit me hard. I've recently faced it with one of my 'friends' and it really hurt as well. I live in a mostly white area so I'm in the minority but I've never really thought of it like that at all. So what I want to know is your experiences in this, your experiences of racism and other things too.
  3. General TV Thread

    It's truly amazing! It's one of my favourite shows ever! Watched it twice over lockdown. So much love and detail went into the series and it gets better!
  4. Ring Fit Adventure

    I had the full intention of playing this yesterday instead of going to the gym but my arms are absolutely aching so I skipped it! I'm absolutely gutted but I'm hopefully going to play it over the weekend! I really miss the game! It's great to see someone else still playing it. The game definitely deserves more recognition!
  5. PAC-MAN 99

    I'd really appreciate it if someone could explain how the power-ups work in layman terms. I can't understand what they do! "Stronger" seems to only make the ghosts vulnerable for the shortest amount of time but that's about all I've honestly noticed. It's fun to play but I can't help but feel like they could've made a tutorial for the power-ups or something.
  6. The Circle TV show

    They are the same flats all the time, apparently. I adored the reaction of Snakerika and Felix. She is so fucked off but hiding it and I was here for every second, haha.
  7. The Circle TV show

    Exactly. I feel the same! Maybe there could be another episode or something?
  8. The Circle TV show

    IT'S HAPPENING! MANRIKA IS ABOUT TO MEET FELIX SOON! I'm more excited for that than the final, not gonna lie! 😂 Andy or Syed to win, hopefully!
  9. good stuff thread.

    YAY! YOU DID IT! I'm so happy for you both and you look gorgeous, as always!
  10. The Circle TV show

    I really hope so! They've been great from the start and Andy's or Syed's speech was brilliant. Honestly, most of them were but I liked theirs and Manrika's. Who do you think Andy's gone to see? I think it'll be Alice...but at this point of the game, considering nobody will know until the very end, Manrika might be the way to go but I think his conscience would kick in.
  11. PAC-MAN 99

    I am stupidly addicted to this!! I'm not exaggerating! I was already addicted to Pac-man but this has really taken it to new levels. The only thing is that I wish it was easy to understand the power-ups and stuff but I guess that will come with time. Has anybody become the Pac-One yet?
  12. The Circle TV show

    It's so weird because when they said about Manrika, I thought it was dumb about what they said regarding Gemma. I'd have said something like "It's so obvious Manrika is a snake" as she has crossed a few people in the Circle and it wouldn't exactly have given them a timeframe. She could also have doubted Andy by thinking he held a grudge, Felix with playing with her emotions all along or even Syed. I do not like Alice. I don't know what it is but I just feel he's trying too hard to stir shit up and whilst that's a good tactic, it's far too late to do in the game and has focused on that rather than focus on personality. I also thought the priest could've held a lot of potential- especially given the fact they found out about Manrika but they just entirely wasted that opportunity. I think Snakerika has won it, personally. She's played a good game, I'll give her that, but I just hated her commentary. It was way too cut-throat and I did feel bad that Natalya played with her emotions at the start but now, I really don't. It could all be fake but it just didn't go down too well with me. It was nice to see a little bit of her feel guilty for playing everybody when she apologised to Andy but it's far too late. I wouldn't want to be her friend in real life if she behaves the way she does in The Circle and according to her, she used to be "manipulative and nasty"...maybe she hasn't changed too much. I would like Andy or Syed to win. I've been fans of them from the start and they seem like nice, genuine guys and Syed switching accents to get into character made me laugh. WHAT THE BLOODY!
  13. PAC-MAN 99

    I am a massive Pac-Man fan. I clocked about 150 hours on Pac-Man 256! This is something I could absolutely rot on for hours! I need to update my Nintendo Online when it comes out!
  14. The Circle TV show

    I know, right?! I'm glad Lurker Mode exists though and I'm in love that Femi and Pippa can finally see Snakerika for who she really is! Neither can I! This is crazy! I would've said Andy would be safe but after Billy and Tally...it's so unknown! I'm hoping it's Dot, honestly. I like Andy and even though I'd have wanted Felix gone, I doubt it'll happen.
  15. General TV Thread

    You have just made my night!! I just finished watching the Chucky collection the other night. I'm so fucking hyped for this! Any release dates??? 😭
  16. The Circle TV show

    I agree with everything here. Regarding Syed, I'm starting to think that maybe this whole debacle has planted a seed in his head about Manrika...well, I hope it has!
  17. The Circle TV show

    I think that as well. I think it's a bit of a crap twist though considering it was already done two weeks ago. I'd rather them fight for their place in the Circle or something. The Assassin concept was quite an interesting twist as was the Tale of Two Tallys but this just seems cheap at this stage in the game. I think it's possibly because they're two newbies and I can't seem to get away from the fact they would have done this anyway. A good pairing for the Vicar would have probably been Felix and Dot ironically. I think they would have got it in the bag.
  18. General Movie Thread

    I love my horrors. My collection is in genre order because its the only way to maintain a bit of order and find the movies I want. I still need to put them in alphabetical order. Overall, I have 585 blurays (I've got rid of some I didn't want) and scanned them in the Bluray app to keep track. I have most Disney blurays (bar 5 and this does include Disney animation, Disney Pixar, Disney Channel Original Movies and Disney Direct-to-DVD but I'm only going on what's available in the UK and its scarce compared to the US). The genres I'm going through are horrors, boxing, crime/gangster, drama, romance/romcom, Christmas, action, family, comedy, fantasy/sci-fi, music/Musicals, Disney, Star Wars and Superheroes (Marvel and DC). Actually, a question if anybody knows as I'm not massively familiar with them but want to be: There's a watch order of how to view the MCU films but is there one of the newer DC films?
  19. General Movie Thread

    SO MUCH AWESOMENESS! Space Jam was one of my most watched movies as a kid. I feel like I owe it to my 90s self to watch this!
  20. General Movie Thread

    Same. I absolutely loved it. The Next Karate Kid isn't too bad. It's just cheesy and feels a lot like a direct-to-video movie sequel that has one of the stars from a successful franchise in but tries to do something different. Hilary Swank was bad in it but it's just 90s cheese and nothing more. The Karate Kid Part III is also my favourite as well. It felt like Daniel had grown up, they successfully branched away from the romance routine but still remained faithful to the series and its formula of good people vs. arseholes, which is why I love Cobra Kai so much. I've set myself a challenge to watch my entire blu-ray collection this year (not counting TV series but just movies). So here's what I've seen so far... Scream- 8/10 (a classic horror for me) Scream 2- 9/10 (best one for me) Scream 3- 5/10 (worst one for me) Scream 4- 7/10 (when I have a kid, I'm going to tell them this was Scream 3) Prometheus- 5/10 (some great scenes but why does almost every character have zero common sense?) Alien: Covenant- 7/10 (surprisingly really good and had a lot of fun with this) Alien- 7/10 (a classic sci-fi with a great tense atmosphere) Aliens- 9/10 (thoroughly enjoyed this one) Alien3- 6/10 (it's a good end to a great trilogy) Alien: Resurrection- 1/10 (like I said...a great end...to a great...trilogy...) Alien vs. Predator- 7/10 (a lot of fun and just enjoyable) AVPR: Alien vs. Predator Requiem- 0/10 (ew! why is it so bloody dark?!) Predator- 6/10 (I know people love this but apart from the last 35 minutes...it was a bit bland with no tension) Predator 2- 6/10 (I just felt like I jumped in the middle of the story but a great thrill ride nonetheless) The Predator- 7/10 (I was very surprised at how good this was after the last two. Very enjoyable and definitely the best of the Predator series) Predators- 6/10 (It was a good concept and I enjoyed the 'game') Child's Play (1988)- 6/10 (I love the practical effects used in this and the Chucky revelation scene) Child's Play 2- 8/10 (I just love me some Chucky and this has always been my favourite one) Child's Play 3- 6/10 (Has a few good kills and one-liners but Andy was quite boring) Bride of Chucky- 7/10 (A lot of fun and Tiffany makes a great addition to the series) Seed of Chucky- 4/10 (Glen/Glenda is okay but I think it would've been better if he wanted to kill but didn't know why or how to stop or something) Curse of Chucky- 7/10 (Iconic return to the series and definitely turned up the gore as well as adding an interesting backstory) Cult of Chucky- 8/10 (Very close second favourite because of returning characters from the original series as well as the gory kills and interesting twist to the story) Child's Play (2019)- 7/10 (I think a lot of people were way too harsh with this) The Lost Boys- 8/10 (CRRRRYYYYYY LITTLE SISTER!) The Lost Boys: The Tribe- 3/10 (ew! The vampires looked way too weird...it reminded me of a cross between the Buffy vamps and 30 Days of Night vamps) The Lost Boys: The Thirst- 6/10 (a great end to the series with some flaws) A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)- 9/10 (a near enough perfect horror film for me) A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge- 5/10 (It lost it's scariness for me but it's also not a terrible film?) A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors- 8/10 (Love this and it's the best out of the sequels) A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: Dream Master- 6/10 (not bad, not good...it just exists) A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: Dream Child- 1/10 (not even worth the view) Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare- 1/10 (ew!) Wes Craven's The New Nightmare- 9/10 (my favourite of the lot. It's very unique and very dark) Freddy vs. Jason- 7/10 (Just a lot of fun) A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)- 5/10 (I liked the new Freddy. Unpopular opinion but he felt more realistic) IT (1990)- 6/10 (I loved Tim Curry as Pennywise but the constant flashbacks were a little annoying even though they were needed) IT (2017)- 8/10 (I love the book and I loved this. I love the characters and Pennywise was absolutely brilliant) IT: Chapter Two- 7/10 (Although it's not as strong as the last one, I still loved it nonetheless and I loved the finale) The Conjuring- 8/10 (great scares, great story and just an overall different feel to the usual 'haunted house' shit we seem to always get) The Conjuring 2- 7/10 (A strong sequel that gives me hope for the third) Annabelle- 3/10 (No) Annabelle: Creation- 5/10 (It's alright) Annabelle Comes Home- 5/10 (What is it with characters having no common sense?!) The Nun- 5/10 (I expected better, honestly. She was great in The Conjuring 2 but this felt off the mark) The Evil Dead (1981)- 7/10 (I love practical effects but everything else was lacking. It felt more like a showcase of talents over anything) Evil Dead 2- 8/10 (I appreciate the effects more in this and the humour is definitely in this more but again, it lacked everything...maybe I missed the point?) I'm now on Army of Darkness so I'll probably update this next Sunday and go from there! haha. The quest continues!
  21. The Circle TV show

    I kind of understand that, to be honest. It just felt like Vithun wasn't there for the money but more there to make friends. I wouldn't believe that about anyone else but him. I was sad to see Billy go but unfortunately he did the same thing. I never understood the Billy thing when Gemma bullshitted about Billy making blunders about football? Like, why didn't Andy or Syed ask him footie questions before the Ratings?! Femi is the worst. He comes off as the type of guy who would be angry at everything and wouldn't be able to take constructive criticism and tonight's task with the bitchy book had shown a very ugly side to him. However it was made better when he still thought that Manrika would be on his side. She's quite annoying now that you guys have pointed it out! Damn you both, haha! crying laughing emoji. I didn't mind Geezer Gals or Circle Siblings but it was the fact that it's obviously Manrika's way to lull them into a false sense of loyalty to then just turn on them. None of the Geezer Gals are now there and now she's after the only 'Circle Sibling' and now she's got a new Triple Threat. However, I did love the sweat-on they got when Andy done that hashtag! The twist is a bit stupid at this point in the series now but I'm wondering if Manrika will question the #TripleThreat hashtag as they eliminated them. Either she may be thinking Andy has got to the others or someone has spoken to Andy. It will be interesting to see if they tell Manrika but we all know that she will only use this as leverage to Block them.
  22. The Circle TV show

    I'm so looking forward to tonight's episode! I get what you're saying, @EEVILMURRAY regarding Vithun. He was quite quiet but I guess that could happen because of the big characters in the game. I think even the Tory dad/daughter combo (Penny) was a bit more outspoken even if they were bloody bland! I don't mind the quick quips but like you and @Josh64 have pointed out, it's the parts where she shouts! "TONIIIIIGHT!"...bitch, no need to hype me up this way, I'm already living for the next episode! haha. I just really hope Snakerika doesn't win!!! I really hope Andy and the others realise quick!
  23. The Circle TV show

    Hell YES! I need my Circle fix. It's the only thing that's helped me this lockdown, honestly! 😂
  24. The Circle TV show

    "Circle, please take me to Newbie Chat" Yaaaaaaaaaaay! Welcome to the #NECircleChat! We are all Circle Siblings here and we have your back! 😂🗡 I think @Josh64 and I kind of dominated the TV thread for days talking about The Circle, haha. Snakerika is nasty but it was satisfying to see Hunter throw down like that! @Josh64 linked a video of an interview with Hunter about the Circle and its interesting because he spills about what goes on behind the scenes and stuff. It might be something to consider if you apply (which is something I've considered). As I said in the TV thread, it's not so much Snakerika's chats with the contestants but it's what she says "offline" that puts me right off. Like you say, I can't wait for the Felix reveal! As well as Manrika, I don't like Femi either. He seems too aggressive over the most mundane things. Pippa seems like a chilled out Tally but like Tally, she's getting caught up with the wrong people. I really want Syed or Andy to win. Josh and I were big Vithun fans and felt he got totally played! I get he was quiet but Manrika voting him off because "he snaked her" genuinely had me laughing after all the shady shit she pulled. Also, has anybody noticed that she's now gunned after her "geezer girls" and now her "circle siblings". She's making groups, gains their trust and then annihilates them. It's well shady! The Circle US is on its second season. The first season was in the same building as our one but I think its in a different location for its second season.
  25. The Circle TV show

    No way! That's mad! See, it's crazy because he wasn't surprised when it come to his reaction to Felix! Also, me to Andy now Manrika is snaking him: https://ibb.co/nm2xvhk EDIT: The picture won't show for some reason