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  1. So true, I remember that Never again!!! Two games have really made me mad because of something: Manhunt 2 on insane mode Resident Evil Code Veronica But I still play RE:CV all the time
  2. Fatal Frame 4

    Them graphics look awesome! I'm gonna get this game when it comes out!!!
  3. Guess the Quote

    I'm not 100% but didn't The Oracle say that? EDIT: BTW, never cheated, I don't believe in that! It's just not fun
  4. Britain's Got Talent

    Sorry, should've been more specific. It was the guy who was in the auditions with the wacky blondish hair-do.
  5. Britain's Got Talent

    I'm glad George won. I reckon he was great. Signature were too but they promised a 'surprise on the next dance' at the end of every dance and, when the next dance came up, there were no surprises, just dancing. I still liked them though but not as much as their first dance. I wanted George or the dog to win The comedian kid and the musical guy (from the first semi-final show) should have been in the final IMO.
  6. Musical Instruments

    I play the keyboard and I really want to learn to play guitar (wished I did when I was younger, lol)
  7. The Resident Evil Series

    I love Resident Evil. I own every single one of 'em (including RE Raiden on the GBC) Best one: Code Veronica Worst one: Gun Survivor (if you don't count Gun Survivor then None) I would love JUST RE2 and RE3 only to be released on the Nintendo DS, that would be just awesome. I'm still playing Code Veronica for the Dreamcast and RE1 for DS. Would anyone play RE2 or RE3 for DS if it came out? I certainly would!!! =D
  8. Street Fighter IV

    I hope it does come to the Wii, I think it'd be awesome but don't use the nunchuk and remote controls like they did in MK Armageddon (didn't like that at all)
  9. Rate the last film you saw

    Watched This is England last night. Loved it, everything about it was brilliant. No wonder it won awards. 9/10
  10. Do you do anything... weird?

    People who say 'You should be publicly lynched' should be publicly lynched, rofl, jk. I said I say it sometimes which is once in a while, I probs say it when I don't find something that funny but everyone else does. Dunno why, but anyway, I suppose everyone has something weird they do.
  11. Do you do anything... weird?

    I peel the banana upside-down too. I dunno why, I just do, rofl. I tend to say 'lol' or 'lmao' sometimes randomly. I can do the eye thing with my right eye but not my left. I can also do a disgusting thing and actually pick my nose with my tongue and touch the bottom part of my chin with my tongue. I can move my ears, smiling or not. I can wink with both eyes separately and fast or slow. Ermmm...I can't think of anything else at the moment, lol
  12. DEFINITELY Charlie's Angels! That was so crap! lol
  13. The One Word Review

    Redsteel - Great