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  1. General Movie Thread

    I'm not surprised. Creed 2 says it all. I heard Drago might be getting a movie/series too. Is this the Rocky universe about to try and shake up the MCU for the amount of movies? 😂
  2. Eurovision 2021!

    This. This quote! That's what I'm talking about! The song wasn't the greatest at all but zero points? Come the fuck on! Half of the shit that was higher than us should've got less points! Also I agree with @EEVILMURRAY, Germany was a bop! Even now, I'm humming it! Catchy af and quite accurate.
  3. Eurovision 2021!

    For sure. This year was quite solid but for me, there were some songs that had me questioning how they got more points. Germany's song wasn't bad either. I liked the other rock song better than Italy's (I want to say it's Finland?)
  4. Eurovision 2021!

    But that's the thing, to get literally NO points though? Load of crap- honestly won't be tuning in next year. It's such a joke.
  5. Eurovision 2021!

    Am I going crazy? I genuinely thought Switzerland were awful. UK deserve some points! It's insulting! Germany deserve to be way higher than they are! Some of them that are in the top were quite rubbish tbf!
  6. Eurovision 2021!

    I actually like it 😂
  7. Eurovision 2021!

    100% without a doubt! It's definitely one for summer!
  8. Eurovision 2021!

    The UK was strong. We have a decent chance, I think.
  9. Eurovision 2021!

    Same. Nil point! 😂
  10. Eurovision 2021!

    What do you guys think of Portugal?
  11. Eurovision 2021!

    Wife and I were doing the hand flippy dance along with it. SO WAS I! 😂 😂 😂 😂
  12. Eurovision 2021!

    That sounded like a song that will be in the next Just Dance and I'm here for it! Je Me Casse will probably win it, to be fair.
  13. Eurovision 2021!

    Thats weird you say that, I was thinking more Alejandro by Lady Gaga but now I hear bits of Bad Romance too!
  14. Eurovision 2021!

    Belgium is a bit shit, honestly. I'm not a fan... (also, my friend from America wants to check this out. Does anyone know how I can show her?)
  15. Eurovision 2021!

    Do we even stand a chance of winning? Cyprus is a banger tbf
  16. Disney+

    Whilst that's true for the time, it's a cult classic now. The amount of fans dying for a sequel with the original Sanderson Sisters (including myself) was unreal. I think if anything, if done correctly, this could make big money. I'm so bloody excited!!!
  17. Eurovision 2021!

    Yes, me! Honestly, it completely blindsided me! I only found out about it last night! It's normally pretty heavily advertised but this year was very quiet. When my friend told me it was on, I thought it was a special but she said it was the actual event! Who do you think will win? Have you heard anything about it?
  18. Spiral

    I actually liked SAW V, haha. From best to worst, mine is: SAW 2 SAW SAW 3 Jigsaw SAW 5 SAW 6 SAW 4 SAW: Final I'm a bit disappointed in that because the star power behind it made me think it had potential. I mean, Samuel L Jackson!!!
  19. I'm not at all stating I'm unlucky. However, I'm just saying that some people like myself can get confused. I have a tendency to overthink things and fret way too much due to other things. I became obsessed to the point I wouldn't leave my house at one stage. So because I'm not clear, I didn't bother having a social bubble and all that stuff. I just stayed away from people and stayed in. But yeah, I was just saying that there would be others out there who think the same but would just not bother with the rules. But it's cool. Everyone has their minds made up anyway.👍🏾
  20. Honestly, I found everything confusing to the point I've stayed away. It's bloody annoying me. Like, my friends and I aren't sure if I could see them or not because they live in a house of 11 (9 taking away the kids-they're a big family) and I said that "two houses can meet of any number" but then remembered there was a certain amount of people that could only meet. So does that mean I could only see a few at a time or I can actually see all of them? I don't care what anyone says. Call me lazy or what have you but to someone like me, and other people will be in the same boat, this shit is confusing. I'm just thankful for things like Simple Politics because they've explained it simply but even then, they wrote it down and it says the same. And because I don't know, I don't bother. But confusion of the rules can play a part of it. There's no disregarding anything as I believe we should be safe but people just still don't fucking sanitise their hands but wear a mask (not covering their nose, might I add) and it drives me mad.
  21. Spiral

    I adore them. They're one of my favourite horror series. The first three are awesome and although the later Saw movies go against the principals and rules of the earlier ones, I still love them too. When I saw the trailer to this last year, I was so excited! Cinemas should be open to plan next week in the UK and I'm so eager to watch it!
  22. The Circle TV show

    Honestly, the Australian one is awesome. So with Australia, there's two tasks every day as well as an eviction in every episode. The two tasks are rewards for the House and the other gives power to the winner of the task to nominate three people up for eviction. On the night, the host brings the housemates together where they openly discuss about their thoughts and honestly, sometimes they are brutally honest to the point it makes for awesome viewing but there are people in there who will openly say they're playing a game. It's tactical and it's brilliant. Best of all, the viewers don't get involved until the final night where they vote for their winner.
  23. The Circle TV show

    And let's not forget Bake Off too! Seriously, The Circle was fresh and a great idea. I really enjoyed it! I say bring Big Brother back and make it like Australia! It would be bloody brilliant!
  24. The Circle TV show

    They were on YouTube but they got removed! As soon as I have found a way, I'll tell you. Its been so good!! Also, guys...did you hear that The Circle has now been cancelled?! WTF! 😔
  25. The Circle TV show

    Interestingly, I'd do the same thing but with a male. My friend is a good-looking bloke and could easily pull if he wanted to but he's a disastrous flirt...but I'm not. He's geeky and clever and has been hit on quite a few times but can't flirt to save his life. However, I have a bit of a flirty personality and I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to films and games too so I'd probably flirt my way through it, have a bit of a laugh and that. If I went in as a woman, I'd definitely be fine with any "female chats" because most of my mates have been female and I used to work for a health store (and now training to be a PT) where we had to study and talk about the menstrual cycle. However, if I was to go in, I'd probably be myself. ==== I still need to watch the US version of the show! I started watching Big Brother Australia (which is 10x better than ours if you're a fan of Big Brother, by the way). Is US Circle any good? I bet you all miss the "TOOONAAAAAAAAIIT!" haha.