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  1. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    I agree with @will' on not dropping out of discussions. I genuinely find them interesting when people have different views and opinions and it was what I wanted in the first place when I created this thread- to discuss such a sensitive subject with respect for each other, with no fear of judgement and no insults being thrown around. @Nicktendo, I would honestly like to know your views.
  2. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Okay so basically it's like having one thing in common but being treated differently? Okay, I think I get it. So a black gay man and a white gay man would face different issues but both could face homophobia?
  3. I am in love with my Wii Balance Board. I've just bought a ton of Wii games for it and I'm loving them all (well, not Jillian Michaels, that sucks a little). The Biggest Loser USA- I love this one because it's quite simple and I can just switch on the board and crack on with what I want and create routines. The Biggest Loser Challenge- I love the fact they've added equipment like resistance bands but it's not as straightforward to do workouts and play games, which annoys me Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum- This SUCKS! It's not that great and doesn't at all respond well. My Fitness Coach: Cardio Workout- It's mainly a boxing one that teaches you how to box. Honestly, it's great. It responds well. My Fitness Coach: Get in Shape- It's great but you may as well get a fitness DVD and do that instead. My Fitness Coach: Dance Workout- It's like a low-grade Zumba/Just Dance game. It's not bad...but it's not great. Wii Fit/Wii Fit Plus: I love the games and the muscular exercises and yoga exercises BUT I'd have liked a workout regime instead of having to singularly pick the exercises.
  4. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    I'll be honest with you and say I was entirely against Blue Story in the first place because of that reason. I had watched the YouTube video before and knew what to expect and I thought it would be problematic. I was all for banning the film because I thought the message wasn't clear at all. I just believed that it would depict people of colour in such a bad light- and it did. I believed in the message it was trying to send but after seeing it, I felt like it glorified that kind of lifestyle. Same with 1 Day. They tried to take an approach saying "this world is dangerous" but I didn't think it did it so well. I honestly feel like progress is being made with movies like Us and Get Out, showing it's possible to make an interesting movie without having to depict black people as thugs or involved in street gangs in anyway. I wouldn't mind seeing a rom-com involving black people or what have you but I also think that this would be the way forward too. I end up rolling my eyes every time I see a movie like that and I always wonder why they couldn't do it. Even with comedies such as My Wife and Kids, they're a black family that hardly (if at all) bring their colour into it and it's a funny show. I don't know why the UK can't do that and take a chance on it- I'd want to see a musical or something like that where gangs aren't involved because that's just a minority in itself. And even then, weren't they a kind of gang themselves that went around stealing stuff? (I haven't seen the film in years but I'm sure they were commiting crimes or something). I'm going to take my leave at this point. Thank you to everyone for allowing me to freely express my views. Thank you for disagreeing and sharing your concerns. Okay, I'll freely admit I'm not exactly the sharpest tool in the box. Can someone explain, in layman's terms, what that actually is?
  5. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    I agree with this but I do think that there may be judgement based on people's names too. I'd like to see this go though. It would be so nice to finally be rid of it and not tick two boxes and be questioned about it. I totally agree. I think we shouldn't abolish history at all and we should, in fact, do the exact opposite and tell the good, the bad and the ugly and dissect it. I find that to be far more interesting than to forget it all by scrapping it. We learn more and grow more as people and as a country by doing this. With this one, I'm completely split because of seeing the effects it has. Whilst I do understand absolutely the points you're making, I don't think it's as simple as food vouchers and living on the bare bones of your arse. More would come in to it. The people I know don't like being on welfare systems as it is but also struggle on finding a job whether it's through lack of qualifications or lack of experience, which creates a big problem. Although there are people who are genuinely disabled and rely on disability money to entirely live on. I've never been on benefits but admittedly, nobody would hire me until I lied on my CV and trained myself to be believable. Nobody would hire a guy who sold underwear on a market stall so I pretended to work in a clothes shop. After a couple of attempts, I got the job. The problem isn't so much being dependant (although there are people who are) but just not getting the chance to be hired in the first place. I do disagree entirely with this last paragraph though. Situations happen where the father can't really support their family due to job losses or purely because they don't earn enough, which makes them turn to crime. You could expect a baby and be stable and then suddenly lose your job when you have a baby. I think help should be there when you need it. I do agree with this. I feel like we need to be taught things like how to pay tax, registering to vote, how to pay bills, fix everyday household things, etc. I believe it would be more useful than doing something you absolutely hate. For me, I never understood Geography at all (mainly learned about volcanos and not about other countries) but I think there should be at least a choice to change one of the lessons that aren't Maths, English or Science for something they don't necessarily click with. I do think that people need to learn how to take responsibility and that things have repercussions, which is something I fear the youth of today don't necessarily understand and think that prison is seen as something cool to add to their reputation. I agree with this too because you don't see newspapers describing a white man as "white". Though I did notice that they seem to do the same for gay people as well I agree with this but with absolute extensive training to make sure they are absolutely correct for the job with no bias. I'm not saying there would be or that there is but the last thing you would need is for this country to end up the way the U.S. has in that respect. The lack of respect for the police right now is bad and youths run riot everywhere, stabbing people, carrying knives, filming abuse on TikTok and Instagram, threatening people, robbing people, etc. A presence from police officers would definitely stop it but right now, I think there's no respect for them. ===== Another thing I would love to add to this discussion to throw it out there is something I've noticed today. Why is it, in the UK, black movies are seen to be hood films where they talk street slang? Blue Story, for instance, is about two rival gangs and features a black-oriented cast. Same goes for films such as Kidulthood, Adulthood, Brotherhood, etc. You never see a black-oriented UK cast doing a comedy or horror film. Recently, the U.S. have done it through Jordan Peele doing Us and Get Out so it's possible. I would love to see more of that because every time I see films relating to gang wars and street crimes, they always seem to mostly have a black cast.
  6. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    I think it can exist but maybe it's not as bad here as it is in other countries. Like I stated, I think "officially" it may not exist using the Equal Opportunities form but being hired to avoid trouble because of your skin colour and to add to the diversity count within a company is another thing and it's not even with white people either. There are people about who truly do not trust others outside of their colour/race and is more seen as a threat and that's honestly kind of terrifying. I think it does exist because you can find other people who will think the same way. Most friends will find something to have in common. I would hang out with mainly geeky people and I would see it as normal. Racists can find the same thing too. When you hear a racist talk, the way they are against you and how they judge you, it's so normal to them. I do think it exists but maybe not as massively as it does in the U.S. Honestly, this. Like, it's starting to become a thing for me where I feel a little...annoyed? It's great that people are finally wanting to do something but this falls back on what I originally said: I would want to get a job fairly from my "ability, ideas and intelligence" but I don't want to use my skin colour as an advantage because it's not. It just so happens that the colour of my skin is brown. Same can be said for white people. I would want them to get the job fairly judging from their "ability, ideas and intelligence" but I wouldn't want them to use their skin colour as an advantage. I'm not asking people to "not see colour", I'm asking people to not judge me from it and give me extra benefits from it. My skin is not a Morrisons More card.
  7. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Yeah, it's so weird. It's like I never actually sat down and thought about it properly before until very recently. I was talking to them and I was like constantly saying "Oh and there was this other time when..." and "Oh yeah, then there was this time when..." and I kept remembering more stuff. It was like a box in my head just suddenly opened and I sat there like "Oh shit, this is a lot, really". I actually really like this place. Everywhere I talk, whether it's social media or in real life, people are very quick to jump and defend and you find yourself saying "It's not an argument, it's an open dialogue" but you can tell by their tone that they're so fast to be offended and they feel the need to defend. But here, I do actually feel like it's very different and I'm actually grateful for that. Like even with BLM, I was talking to one of my white friends about it and he was wondering if I was going to the BLM march and I said "No because Covid is a thing and I honestly don't think it would solve anything at this current moment in time" and he was saying stuff like "You, of all people, should be going!" and basically preaching to me how I should be marching alongside him for change and stuff, basically making me feel bad and I'm like "Look, there needs to be a unifier, a spokesperson with a clear message on how to change things and there isn't one. There's no Dr. Martin Luther King, for example, who lead peaceful marches. This is just holding a banner saying Black Lives Matter with, let's face it, what feels like people are doing it because it's different, because they've spent months cooped up in their house with nobody to interact with and it's a day trip. No doubt there's people there for genuine reasons but you'll find that people marching will be like "We want change!" and when they get asked how they could do it, they're stumped. Also, I haven't stayed indoors for months to then go out and risk my health alongside people who may not follow social distancing" and then he just carried on by saying I should fully support it and commit to marches. We also had a big disagreement with Bo Selecta and Little Britain. He didn't understand why I wasn't offended. I'm like "Humour is subjective and it was different 20 years ago to what it is now. For me, I like humour that takes the piss out of stereotypes. I like White Chicks too, why is nobody mad about that? I'm not offended at all. Bo Selecta is taking the piss out of celebrities, there are black celebrities. If they were black, how can he portray them as a white, ginger man? In that respect, I don't completely understand why he should feel like he has to apologise. With Little Britain, they took the piss out of absolutely everybody including the lower class, fat people, etc. I'm not offended at all." and he said "Well, I'll be offended for you", which is my absolute pet hate. I know people will say he means well but it pissed me off because it made me feel like I can't have a brain or an opinion of my own or something. I think it's getting out of hand a little, for me. A couple of my friends say "All Lives Matter, including Black Lives" and for me, I honestly feel that's fine. People tend to disagree with me on this but it's purely because they're being equal. They don't dismiss anything that has happened and they want a change too. I think, for me, it's about listening to other people's perspective on things. If they come from a good place, I'm all for it. If they started arguing saying "We have it bad too" and "This is false" and stuff, then I can see there's a problem and it's their choice whether they'd want to discuss it or not. But even like you've said, people pointed you in the right direction through discussion, showing that dialogue can change people's minds, which is something I think would be far more effective than defacing and destroying statues. Exactly. There's good and bad in history but no matter what, it's history and we are here, in the place we are now, because of history. Are we going to stop learning about Henry VIII for his sexist attitudes towards women because he killed two of his wives for being bored of them? No! Are we going to stop learning about Adolf Hitler because of the stuff he done? No! Shit rolled like that back then and it's important for us to learn about how everything had happened, why it happened, how lives were lived back then, etc. I think shaping and changing the future is one thing but to try and change history is another and can be dangerous.
  8. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    OH! Okay, that would've made my life a thousand times easier, haha. I was like "WHY CAN'T I SEPARATE THEM?!" and getting so mad, lmao. I'm too used to the reply boxes from before! Thanks for telling me!
  9. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    I find this reply thing hard to use because I don't know how to separate the quotes to talk about the different parts of it nor do I know how to put this text on the top because it won't let me so I'm just going to label the points as clearly as I can for each line. This is going to be lengthy but I also believe it's important and didn't want to completely ignore the points and posts being made so if you don't want to read this, I totally get it. There's simply no offence meant to be caused by this so don't read it that I'm writing this in an angry or defensive tone because I truly ain't. Also, I'm going to try and explain myself as best as I can so forgive me if you can't understand it too well. "This is nonsense. Class, culture and work ethic have far more to do with how well you do in society, not colour." I agree and disagree with this. I think it depends entirely on where you do, it's a grey area. I don't know if you've read it before but I have genuinely worked in a place where a staff member higher up than my position treated me differently because of the colour of my skin. To be quite honest with you, even though I've said I've always had a fair chance at everything, it is quite possible that the reason why I never got the promotion to assistant manager was because of my colour (referring to "GOT YOU, YOU BLACK BASTARD" incident) mentioned above as I was quite dedicated to the job (as I am with any job- even though it was a crap job) and I was the best in my shop at selling stuff and training the staff whilst the other guy, who was white and the racist one I was talking about, who got it even admitted he wasn't as good and didn't understand why. Now I'm not saying that this is true, which is why I simply dismissed it, but I am saying it's a possibility but then it could also be a possibility that the manager wanted me to focus more on sales. I don't think there's a clear cut reason for anything but it's under a grey area and I think it's that grey area that needs to be addressed- as in I think it's the fact that there's even a possibility of it in the first place that needs to be addressed. "Institutional racism in the U.S and the U.K has been over for years. That doesn't mean that people can't be racist, and many certainly are. But compare that to the 50s. Progress is being made, and there is still a long way to go, but you can't end it in a day. I think this whole movement is going to end up having the opposite effect that it desires" I wouldn't say it was absolutely over. Is it better than the 1950s? Yes it is but that doesn't mean it's entirely over. Some parts of the country are worse than others. These things can go on in secret. You can hire a POC because of the whole "Equal Opportunities" thing to make it look official but then be treated completely different when you have the job, off-the-record. "Maybe before handing out a special day to people to make them (and white people by proxy) feel good about themselves, we should actually get to the root of the issue of poverty, be it white, black or any ethnic group. Of course that would require undoing 30 years of telling people to "just do whatever you want, screw personal responsibility", rewriting marriage and benefit laws and would most certainly be absolutely, 100% racist. Just like celebrating people because of the colour of their skin." I'm going to try and explain myself as clearly as possible but I'm afraid of coming across this the wrong way. I'll give it a shot. I totally agree that we should get to the bottom of the issue when it comes to poverty as I think it's very bad for someone to live under such conditions. However, I do think it's important to celebrate our skin colour and also different cultures because that's what makes us us. I'm not saying to celebrate my skin colour but if I were to have a different belief or culture and I had the choice in celebrating it, I don't see the harm in it because it's where you can learn. It's like I've always said, I don't want people to celebrate my colour, not because I'm not proud (because I'm White and Black Caribbean and I love it and I believe everyone should love themselves too) but because it's literally part of who I am. It's like getting a medal for being something I can't help being. However, I do 100% believe that people can learn more and grow more and I do believe that talking it out with other people about their experiences and their past and listening to them is the way forward to change their views. You won't change everybody but even if you change a few minds, that's better than changing no minds. This is why I think it's important to have things such as Black History Month or spread awareness for anti-racism. "I would say the issue you run into is having a massively wide definition of what racism is, with a huge overlap on prejudice and I’m not sure you can easily work on either of them like this. By putting power on the other side of the equation you get a clearer delineation between the two and don’t have racism being something any joker can pull up as something they’ve suffered from" This is the thing- there has to be a fine line of balance. I know several black people who don't trust white people at all because of slavery just like I know some white people who don't trust black people because of stereotypes that have been spread about such as selling drugs, being nothing but troublemakers, they all carry knives, they're on the rob, etc. I honestly think that there is racism around and it shouldn't be like that but it's going to take a very, very long time for that to be completely gone. Dare I say I won't even live to see true equality. "Wouldn’t it be better to acknowledge these differences but for that to be totally OK and not something to judge the character of your person by? If we wipe out recognition of all the differences we have we may as well all go about wearing grey suits being totally boring. At the extreme end I think it would marginalize people even more to get to a point where we just ignore all differences and consider everyone the same" This, entirely! I think it's good to acknowledge differences and be okay with that but we live in a world where people judge others very easily. For instance, I've had people ask me about racism, my encounters with it and what they could do to help. Whilst it's good that they're interested in anti-racism, as I had stated before, I can't help but feel like it's this latest fashion thing. I see hashtags floating about everywhere, especially on a few people's pages where they "jump on the latest trend" to do with changing the world (you know, like if there was suddenly a month dedicated to saving the whales, they'd set up a JustGiving page even though they've never mentioned anything about it before) and I can't help but wonder if they are authentic. I think, with something like this, it should be handled correctly. Whilst I do think Black Pound Day can be beneficial, I also do think it can create issues in diversity in such a way that people would see it as unfair and would want a day dedicating their small businesses due to their skin colour and would be seen as "handing money to someone based on them being black and not because of their skill", which I understand. The way forward, for me anyway, is to talk and to actually give a shit about their experiences. At least, for me, that's all I want. For people to listen and see I'm the same as you. I don't want special treatment. "Sorry to hear about how you feel over the past month, @Animal. Do you think the current highlighting of these issues is at least working in a positive way?" For me, honestly, it's just absolutely highlighted my skin colour more to a point where it's hit home. This sounds super weird, I know. I knew I was mixed race and that I had different skin colour and I've been through a few incidents but I've somehow always managed to put it to the back of my mind and not focus on it until now. I've actually sat down and spoke to people about racism and it's hit me hard. I remember the first time talking about it about a month ago when the protests started and it was to my friends on Xbox and we were having a talk. I remember saying "I've been lucky because I haven't really had a lot happen to me" and they wanted to know what I experienced. I started talking about it and I was halfway through it and they said "Wow, you've really been through it, haven't you?" and I remember sitting there for a silent minute and then answering "yeah and the weirdest thing is that wasn't even all of it or even the worst of it" and I carried on. After I finished, they asked me "I thought you said you were lucky?". The problem is that I could bury my head in the sand and forget this but I couldn't and I shouldn't. I agree with some things that are happening and I disagree with some things happening. It may be seen as attention-seeking, like "if it's affecting you, why talk about it on this thread/post about it sometimes/etc", but it's because it's just as hard for me to not acknowledge it as it is to dismiss it when people want to know, if that makes sense. I don't want to deny people communication because they're engaging in a dialogue with me to learn and that's a positive thing as I believe it's the way forward. So yeah, I've grown up in a white family who have treated me no different, been taught in a mostly white school where the majority haven't treated me different (it's been a handful of white kids and a black teacher who have) but it's when I left school is where it all started. I believe it's positive for people to talk about this and have different views, even if I do disagree with them. (This is NOT an attack on anyone but) a controversial thing for me is when people say "All Lives Matter" because they don't understand "Black Lives Matter" because they're not understanding the meaning behind it. Obviously some understand and hit back with "White Lives Matter" meaning it in a different way. I've had several friends who have purely seen "BLACK Lives Matter" as only black lives matter and nobody else does, which is obviously not the case. All it takes is to calmly and rationally explain to them and 9/10, they'll understand it. The problem I see, and it's common, is people are very ready to shout "RACIST" to anybody who disagrees with a view to a point where the word will lose it's proper meaning. I understand I'm in a minority here but I don't really agree with the whole Winston Churchill thing either and the removing of the statues thing. I may strongly disagree with their views back then but at the end of the day, you can't erase history. Edward Colston did make money from slave trading but he used the money to start schools and hospitals- the schools are still here today. Will parents who disagree with Colston now take their children out of the school and stop teaching about him? Also, Churchill was a man who led the country to victory in World War II and yes, he may have had racist views, but people are forgetting the era of when it was. I think to erase it and possibly not learn from it is dangerous. People would learn from this. If someone looked at a statue and saw Edward Colston, they may Google it and read up on it. Same goes for Churchill. Whether you like it or not, this country was full of men like this back then and they changed the country. "I think this is quite a common view, but imo wrong. Things were easier to ignore before because things were “fine” - now we’re talking about it and realizing everything isn’t “fine” and it’s quite difficult for a lot of people to come to terms with. All of the initiatives taking place are not about driving divisions. It’s about highlighting differences, educating people and allowing everyone to live together no matter their background or choice of life to lead. It’s very easy to say “I’m not a racist” or “I don’t see colour” or “I don’t judge you by your sexual orientation”, but actually working towards a society where these things don’t matter is not as easy as that." This is something I agree with. Whilst I understand what I have said is a bit baffling, it's also good to highlight a difference but realise that in the end, we are all the same. I might have different skin to you but I eat, drink, piss, shit, shag, breathe, speak and have thoughts and opinions just like you. The best thing everyone can do is to treat other human beings the same and base them entirely on their personality. If you hate me, hate me because you think I'm a cunt, not because of my colour. . Back to earlier stuff @Jonnas appreciate much of your response - but to clarify I was talking a bit lightly(no indians have really about faced me after finding out :p) and I had framed a lot of my post lightly conversationally to aim it towards @will' in part but also for other 'privileged white folk who feel they dont understand/see it'(as it were :p) - I imagine the bits of subtle racism both within and between ethnicities may not be something often seen/experienced by those in such a position." It's weird you say this because some of the racism I've faced has been from minorities. It's crazy how it happens. You'd think that they would be more understanding. "I don’t think anybody should be too proud of the progress that has been made on this. Personally I think if you take the 50’s as the example then the fact we’re as we are now, 70 years later, is pretty shit to be honest." It really is rubbish. The fact that it's this long is awful, especially when we're living in a world where things are more accepting now. You'd think that it would be a Hell of a lot more different to what it is now. "I think you’re just ignoring the issue. Just because we’ve got laws to stop these things doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I also think you’ve misinterpreted your data as for the most part it’s quite clear there is a huge advantage in being white in western society. It’s not about some particular race doing well, it’s about always feeling safe and having whatever opportunity you want - something white people benefit from every day." I do agree with this. As I've stated, all I really want is for people to see me as me and not as a brown person first. I don't think that will end any time soon though as I do think that there are people who will judge me for my colour before judging me as a person. Like I've stated before, I don't think (to my knowledge, at least) I've lost out due to my colour and I think I've had a fair go at most things but it's the way people are that I'd like to change. I get judged for being mixed race and because I sometimes get mistaken for being Asian, I get judged on that too. I just want people to not see a walking stereotype and to just see me. I expect everyone else feels the same way too. It's just a weird world. I totally agree with this. It's crazy how things are, isn't it? I think it's good to open dialogue and hear different views but only if they are respectful. I know people who agree and disagree with BLM and the way it's going and I respect that. If I'm honest with you, this conversation has been one of the few where there's so many different opinions but everyone is respecting it rather than shouting over each other or trying to "cancel" each other. I'm genuinely enjoying people's viewpoints, even if some do differ from mine. I genuinely do think everybody here in this discussion is coming from a good place and means well, which is such a welcome change. I agree that there isn't so much of a head start but I think everything goes back to different times. The times back then have paid for how it is now but I think change is coming. It's a slow burner but it's coming.
  10. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    And this is exactly how I feel about the whole situation right now with everyone making up different things. At the very core of it, I don't want people to see my skin colour as different and to not have a constant reminder that it is. Quite honestly, this past month or so has made me feel more different than ever before and honestly, it's depressed me a little because I've thought back on a lot of stuff that's happened to me over the years and realised how much people see my colour before seeing me. It's genuinely put me a little on a downer, which is not like me. (Also, by the way, one of my best friends who is a gay man hates Pride month with a passion because he finds it cheesy and, in his words, "overly stereotypical" so you're not alone). I am so torn with the whole Black Pound Day thing because I find myself agreeing with everyone's point. Personally, I find Black History Month and "Black Pound Day" to be two different things (although I haven't heard an awful lot about Black History Month in recent years). As @Ronnie has stated, one is educational and can be used to teach people and it would surely make more sense to have Black Pound Day in Black History Month (although I've just heard it's supposed to be happening on the 27th of every month?). Although I think it's great that local and small businesses would be getting exposure, I can't help but feel it's almost like it's out of pity because of what's going on or charity to make others feel good about themselves as opposed to helping a small organisation owned by a minority. I like the fact that people are starting to become more interested in anti-racism, of course I do, but the thing I fear (and the thing that has already happened) is that it's more of a fashion thing than anything. I mean, look at "how you participate" in Black Pound Day. You buy from the business, post a picture of the purchase on social media and hashtag "Black Pound Day". Whilst I understand that social media is made to share and spread the word and can help the business, I can't help but feel when I read about hashtags and stuff that it feels very much like a fad. It feels like one of those posts that says "Like if you're not a racist" or something. Maybe I've been reading too much into it or what have you but I just can't help but feel like it. I do also agree with @Goafer where he said about checking out black authors and such to support the community because I do believe it's important to get everybody's perspectives on different lives and how people feel. I'm not saying I'm against the whole "look for a black business" thing but I am against someone buying from them purely because they're black, if that makes sense. I don't know what to think. What I do know is that you're both coming at this from a good place, which genuinely makes me happy.
  11. Classic comedy movies/series

    Absolutely hilarious! I love it so much. I've seen it countless times along with Only Fools and Horses. I love Harry Enfield and Chums. My favourites were always the randy old ladies and Wayne and Waynetta. Oh and the rich Brummies.
  12. Classic comedy movies/series

    I would say the following are my favourites. I kind of like my comedy to be a little bit blue. - Gimme Gimme Gimme (Kathy Burke is an amazing comedian. She's just hilarious) - Harry Enfield and Chums (Harry Enfield, Kathy Burke and Paul Whitehouse making sketches. I love it) - The Inbetweeners (Follows the lives of four schoolboys. It's quite relatable- well, to me anyway- because you can normally find at least one of the lads who acts like one of your friends) - Only Fools and Horses (My absolute favourite. I love it so much) - The Royle Family (Definitely second favourite) - Phoenix Nights - Car Share - Citizen Khan - Little Britain (Controversial nowadays but I find it funny) - Come Fly with Me (Again, controversial now but I like it) - Peep Show - Friday Night Dinners - Gavin and Stacey - Fawlty Towers - Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em (My third favourite comedy series. Frank Spencer is a legend) - Bottom - The Young Ones There's so many to recommend!
  13. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    It's weird because I didn't actually know this was a thing until I saw it on here. I'm in two views about it but mostly leaning on it being kind of counter-productive. Whilst I think it's a positive thing, as @Goafer indicated, I can also see @Ronnie's point of view too. Obviously it would be great for businesses to have a bit of a boost BUT I wouldn't want anyone to hire me as a Personal Trainer purely based on my skin colour, I personally don't think that would be productive to what I want out of this world. I would rather them hire me because they want to, I'd want them to hire me because they may see my results and see that I'm capable and skilled in that area and I could possibly make an impact in their lives. I don't know, it just feels a little bit like people are participating in it to feel good about themselves rather than doing it because it would benefit them (if that makes sense...I really am trying to word this as best as I can). Basically, I just want to be treated equally by everyone with no special treatments. If a white/Asian/Indian/Chinese/Japanese man was better than me at doing my job, I'd fully expect you to go to him. I do think the same thing as @Ronnie in the respect that this whole thing can cause more division, which is honestly something I said could possibly happen since the protests happened here. Hopefully I made a bit of sense, lmao.
  14. bad stuff thread.

    I second this!!!
  15. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Here's the craziest thing: they did. It wasn't the first time I've had incidents like that. The manager, admittedly, was a one-off but she stood up for me when a customer started being racist towards me when a guy came in saying he didn't want to be served by my kind and didn't even want to acknowledge me. She said that if I wasn't good enough, nobody else in the store was and he would stand in the queue and wait until someone served him but then was about to leave. Before he left though, the guy demanded head office's number to file a complaint about the shop. The manager denied him the number and told him to find it himself but the assistant manager, standing next to her, overrode that and gave it to him (but she didn't really like me anyway). The worst I had in the shop was the supervisor that I worked alongside of. He was terrible. He used to come out with nasty things like he would line Muslims up and shoot them, he thought black people and white people should stick to their own, nicknamed me Sandy (which I never understood until much later) and was saying how black people are unattractive. I mean, don't get me wrong when I say I did nothing previously, we had words. I even pointed out that I couldn't believe he was saying this stuff to me, of all people, and he was like "Nah, you're alright, you're one of the good ones" and I'm like "Oh wow, thanks(!)" but the sarcasm wasn't detected. One day I just completely snapped and grabbed him by the throat and threatened him because it got bad and told him about himself. I'm really not at all a violent person but he got to me badly. He apologised then and even apologised later. Thinking back now, I should've reported him but then what evidence did I have? Only one other person saw this happen and one other person knew he was the way he was and she was Black too but she shrugged it off because she didn't see how bad he got. Sounds weird but he isn't actually a terrible person- he's just completely uneducated when it comes to stuff like that (but then I suppose most racists are). We both say hello when I go into the shop and stuff but very recently, I didn't actually acknowledge how really bad it was until now. Don't forget, this was only 5 years ago as well. At the same time that happened, I had a bit of a racist incident happen in a card and gift shop. My two friends worked there as the manager and assistant at the time and I applied for a job as I had worked for the company previously. She came out and said something along the lines of "I had to keep my eye on you, I thought you'd rob the place because...well..." and then looked at me. Now, bear in mind, that I was wearing a smart shirt, smart trousers, hair was neat and black shoes as I had been trying to look for another job (funnily enough to get out of the one above) and I was acting completely normal so because my mind was already insinuating everything, I left it. My manager friend insisted I went out with him to the shops so I did and he said "I just witnessed everything she has said just now. Do you want me to report it?" and I said "I wasn't sure if I was being a bit sensitive" and he said "No way, we don't condone that. Do you want to take it further?" and I said I did because I was genuinely disgusted. Anyway, after about a week, she spun the tale of we all tried to get her out so I could have her job and two other members of staff WHO WEREN'T THERE backed her up and then put in a complaint about my friends over something completely different and turned out to be false. So what happened was my friends, doing the right thing, got warnings for something completely different that turned out to be false, and the girl, who said that to me, got nothing and is actually still at her job to this day. I phoned up head office asking if the matter had been resolved and all I got was "It has been handled, we can't tell you what has happened". As a stand on principle, I've never gone into the shop again because I'm not supporting a company who would brush it over so easily. It's weird because over the last 10 years, I've faced it an awful lot and just never clicked on to how much I've seen it. I've had little incidents and then I've had blatant incidents. Even my mindset has changed. Like, I went through a moment where, because of the forms and had nothing to tick, I considered myself as White even though I knew I wasn't. It wasn't until I was older where I thought "Why should I only tick this box when it's not who I am? Why am I even thinking like this?" and ticked them both. I'm obviously mixed race, I knew I was mixed race, but because of my friends always telling me they never saw me as brown and thought of me as white (not in a nasty way), I kind of started believing it. Sounds so strange now I say it but it's true. But I think it was due to the fact I never really had a connection to my mother's side of the family and the fact I grew up in a predominantly white area that I never even saw myself as that. I call myself mixed race now though because it's been brought to light so many times over the last near-10 years.
  16. I've just got myself a Wii Balance Board with The Biggest Loser because I've decided I'm not going back to the gym until late September. I've just tried it today for 15 minutes and it's really cool. I can't wait to try it when it's not as hot!
  17. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    I have been having big discussions as of late about everything and I think this has been the time where I have actually realised just how much I've faced and put to the back of my mind and it's taken me by surprise. I'm speaking solely on my experiences when I say this but as far as I am aware, I have been given a fair shout at most things such as jobs and schools and colleges. For me, it's been more personal experiences than anything and I've found that my tolerance over the years have changed because of them. For example, on a personal level, I dislike it when anybody uses the word "nigger" and I hate it when white people use it and then use the argument that black people use it too so it's okay. It's not too bad in a joke that isn't derogatory but even then, I sort of cringe a little inside. I don't necessarily say "HOW DOUBLE-DARE YOU!" but at the same time, I think they kind of realise I feel a little uneasy about it. I've had a couple of black people even approach me about the subject on how I feel and when I say I don't like it, I got the "Oh, you're that type of guy", which kind of bugs me and makes me feel a little odd- kind of like I should be okay with another black person saying it. Personally, I just think that it should be something that should never be said by anybody. The word and its meaning is derogatory and I don't really like it. The whole "We're taking the word back" is something that annoys me too. Again, I don't judge anybody using the word in a non-derogatory way (I know it sounds like I do but truly, I don't) but I can't deny my feelings behind it. Another thing I've kind of faced over the past few weeks is the whole "us vs. them" attitude, which I believe is something that was touched on earlier. I've had to explain it to people that it's not directly aimed at them whatsoever but I even had a friend be truly mis-informed and say that black people want it so they overrule everybody. I just said "All it is is nothing more than to be treated equally. I don't get what's so bad about that". My worst experience was in one of my work places where I worked for over a year and a bit and I was hearing some disgusting comments but I was too afraid to say anything and believe me when I say this, it's one of the biggest regrets of my life. I mean, some of the things they came out with were absolutely foul to the point it made me an angry person and I almost came to blows with one of the head staff in the shop. I remember the last occasion where the manager brought me and two other supervisors into the CCTV room to find a Black man robbing make-up, which is very obviously wrong and I was about to call security so they could find whether he was a police alert and the manager shouted "GOT YOU, YOU BLACK BASTARD!" and then looked straight at me and said "No offence". I just replied "I'm not going to lie, that's made me feel awkward" and she just dismissed my comment and carried on. I looked at the other two supervisors and none of them really batted an eyelid so I just clearly said "I can see this place clearly now" and I left. For me, I just think that people are not going to change their minds so easily. Don't get me wrong, it's great to see people be against anti-racism but it is getting to the point for me where I'm hoping it will stay that way but I'm not holding my breath. It's weird you say this because a lot of my experiences has been from non-white people because I'm mixed race. With white people, it's the usual derogatory racial slurs but with non-whites, I'm not black enough/an abomination/race traitor/watered-down black man/fake black/etc. I also get it a lot from Indians who think I speak their language and then, when it turns out I don't understand it, they look at me in disgust and carry on talking in their own language. Depending on how I have my hair or my facial hair, I apparently look Indian or Turkish when in actual fact, I'm white and black Caribbean. I think if I'm truly being honest here, apart from the obvious shit that I've had over the years, the thing that truly bothers me is the "Equal Opportunities" forms. I understand them but it's quite rare to actually find a box for "Mixed (Please specify). I ticked "White" and "Black Caribbean" for my job at the shoe shop and she asked "You've ticked both?" and I said "Yeah. Nothing against you but I'm tired of not being able to choose "Mixed" because it's not in there. I'm a mixed race man. I'm not just White and I'm not just Black Caribbean either" and she actually smiled, laughed and said "Ha! 'Equal Opportunities' my arse" and years later, I'm still there and the new forms have been updated to include Mixed people. I doubt it had anything to do with me but it's just nice to see it finally being recognised.
  18. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    I've been talking to a lot of my followers who are American and were describing their experiences and telling me what they went through with the police and its crazy. Compared to over there, our police are tame. The thing is, racism exists absolutely everywhere but the police brutality over there is on another level of madness. I think, in a way, the Central Park incident that happened on the same day highlights the racism very much in the US and also paints it in a worse light. This is worse because she actually weaponises his race to try and get him in trouble even though all he does is tell her to follow the rules and leash her dog which, by the way, she is strangling the shit out of. "There's an African American man threatening the lives of me and my dog"...the only person threatening the dog's life is her by hanging the poor thing!
  19. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Basically, this. I didn't mean physical training. I meant in everything else top such as what Jonnas has listed and has explained far better than I ever could.
  20. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Man, that was horrible to watch and honestly even worse. I knew about everything but the calls and the actual number of incidents but hearing the commentary with it was helpful. I understand the video but seeing him on the pavement looking so lifeless with no officer helping just pisses me off. The thing is, it's hard to know what to believe. The Floyd family got an autopsy out saying he died due to asphyxiation caused by pressure to the neck and back but then there's one saying (and this isn't an exact quote) cardiac arrest with no signs of strangulation while being restrained by a law enforcement officer. Either way though, it's disturbing to see this happens. Officers need to be trained a lot more. Not all officers are that bad but even so, more training needs to be done.
  21. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    And I'd find that wrong. Like if someone had a knee on your neck that way, you're not exactly going to find the right words and say "I'm struggling to breathe". If you can't breathe properly, then you can't breathe. The man sounded like he was struggling to me. Also, I'm finding it hard to believe the reports whether it's true or not. I mean, it's not exactly going to say "died due to asphyxiation caused by an officer" because that would be admitting fault. He may well have died in the ambulance (although did anyone else notice the blokes dragging Floyd unconscious wore bulletproof vests. Is that a thing in America?) but I find it hard to believe when you have kept applying pressure on someone's neck for that long. I don't know, it just honestly seemed fishy to me. But yeah, he is absolutely vile and it's scary to see a man abusing the power of the law like that.
  22. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    That is what annoys me too. In no way should that ever even be third degree. How do you put your full weight on a man's neck for near 10 minutes and expect him to live? Even when he was saying "I can't breathe" and even when civilians were telling Chauvin to ease off before and after Floyd lost consciousness and died on the road, he still didn't. The man knew what he was doing and if common sense never came in to play, he has no business being a man of the law and having that much power. To treat another human being like that is despicable enough but also, when the coroner/whoever came along and dragged him on the stretcher--disrespectful. Also, an autopsy report has shown that Floyd did die of asphyxia due to compression on the neck and back. When I watched the video, I genuinely thought he died so I'm not at all surprised. Chauvin's charge needs to be second degree and charges to the other three officers on the scene involved in the arrest need to be charged with accessory to the murder.
  23. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    So I'm sure you've all heard of the devastating news about George Floyd. I watched the whole video before fully knowing about it and it being reported properly in the UK and I was mortified. It actually made me cry. I don't usually cry at things but this had me crying through sadness, anger and frustration at how one human being (especially one in power) can treat another human being so disgustingly. It's very sad but the amount of support on anti-racism has been tremendous. I've been posting once a day on my INSTAGRAM Stories, just raising awareness and hoping to open dialogue and the amount of followers who have spoken to me about their experiences of police brutality and racism in the US (and a couple of instances in the UK) have been overwhelming. I feel powerless but I just felt like even talking and listening is the least I could do and it's worked. It's opened up dialogue and got people speaking. It's just a shame it's taken a life. Chauvin needs to be charged with second degree murder. I also can't believe the stuff that Anonymous posted about Trump too!
  24. I agree with this. I'm seeing someone tomorrow but we are keeping a distance away and won't be near each other. I'm wearing my face mask and bringing my hand sanitiser, still. It's like someone has already said, even though I don't have it, I'm keeping the mindset that I'm bringing Covid on so I won't be touching anyone or anything. I think we need to start going back to normal. Although personally, I think it's too soon, things are going to be opening as normal again in two weeks. We have to ease ourselves back into society again.