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  1. Questions

    It's saying I can only upload it for 600x150 (or something) but everyone else has a bigger signature.
  2. Old NE Members

    Nah, fair enough. I know that Mike1988UK changed his name to @LegoMan1031 too. What happened to the Playground here? Has it been deleted? I miss Mafia games! That would've been awesome to do during lockdown tbh. We missed a trick!
  3. Old NE Members

    Woah, you have a very good memory, haha. Although I had a genuine reason why I changed it from my actual name to Animal. My 'friends' back then were shitty people and this was the one place I had. Worst thing I did was do that. I changed it to Beast this time because I wanted something fresh. Wait, really? No way. I always put it under my signature for a few months (just like I have now but I've come to realise on a mobile, it doesn't show your signature). Ha, no way! Give me some credit, I had genuine reasons, lmao! Well...not this time but I did before! Thats what it stood for??? No way! 😂 Thats brilliant!
  4. General Movie Thread

    SERIOUSLY?! Woah! It's £8 for Cineworld but that's it. Anything above a tenner, unless it's Gold Class or something special, is bloody crazy! Most I've paid for as a cinema ticket is to see Metallica live and I think that was £15.
  5. General Movie Thread

    SERIOUSLY?! Woah! It's £8 for Cineworld but that's it. Anything above a tenner, unless it's Gold Class or something special, is bloody crazy! Most I've paid for as a cinema ticket is to see Metallica live and I think that was £15.
  6. Questions

    Hey guys, Just a couple of questions: Can I change the "N-Europe Forum Aficionado" under my name and how come everybody's signatures are bigger than mine? Is there no way I can make it slightly bigger?
  7. General Movie Thread

    WTF! My Vue is only a fiver and you can bring your own food and drinks in too. I'm dying to go back! I really am! Out of the whole lockdown, this is the one thing I've been missing so much. However, I'm not going to go back just yet!
  8. Old NE Members

    Oh my God! @soag, @My Buttons are Magic! and @Raining_again!! This is exciting! So cool seeing these names! I wonder if @Dannyboy-the-Dane, @Slaggis, @Coolness Bears, @Diageo and @triforce_keeper might make an appearance! I know @Josh64 is kind of active but I hope he's cool too! (by the way, for those who don't know. I was Animal...I recently changed it to Beast)
  9. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Tried to look for the definition of this on Google and yet again, couldn't find it. What is that?
  10. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    I watched it. Honestly, I found myself relating to the mixed race girl so much. Like, she was finding it hard to find her identity and didn't know where she fit in or whether she had to be one or the other. I felt that. It hurt my heart seeing her and the ginger lad be torn from this. I also found it interesting because when the groups happened between white people and other ethnicities, all the black students were together and laughing and stuff, I actually noticed the Asian students finding it difficult to join (which they noted in the second episode). I also noticed the white student asking the black student about what was and wasn't appropriate when asking questions and how she was scared of asking genuine questions because of labels and stuff. See, my stance on that, just like with anything, is its fine as long as you're not disrespectful with it and use it in a derogatory manner. It's been interesting.
  11. Old NE Members

    Sorry, this was what I meant. Like we all come up with names in here of who we remember or spoke to a lot back then.
  12. Old NE Members

    So why not compile a list from the still-active ones and maybe contact them individually if there is such a way of doing it easily?
  13. Job woes/wins

    I've been told I'll have to go back to work in one of my jobs on Monday (4 hour job at the shoe shop) but if I'm honest, I don't want to. It's not because I want more time off or anything (because I'm an outdoor person and I've honestly hated staying in...although I've managed to more or less do my fitness courses so bright side and all that) but it's because I genuinely do not feel like it's safe enough. I know it's just 4 hours but I just don't trust the customers enough and honestly, a lot of the time, people tend to come in when they're not well so it makes me wonder if they'll do the same now? When there's a sale, the customers usually just don't give a shit. I've had a couple of staff tell me that I've missed the rush and it's okay but I don't know. It's just messed with my OCD a lot. Sure, people have gone back and they're fine but the screen is so small that it's pointless to have even installed it but all I got told was "it meets government guidelines". They must have met it to an absolute minimum. In my other job, they have a huge screen and has gone out of their way to make sure I feel safe enough and I have more confidence in returning there than I do to my 4 hour one. I'm considering not going back. I'm probably overreacting, I know, but I've literally more or less stayed inside for months and not really been around anybody. Maybe that's why I feel this way?
  14. I personally didn't but I know quite a few who did and most of them were effected pretty badly from it, which scared the daylights out of me. I also know some people who have had relatives die from it due to health complications.
  15. Old NE Members

    This is weird you say this because I was genuinely thinking the same thing last week. I found myself scrolling through my old posts from years ago and wondering where Dannyboy-the-Dane, Coolness Bears, Haggis, Paj and Diageo had gone. I thought of other ones too. It's crazy because I've literally gone through my teenage years through to adulthood with you guys and it's like you're friends I've never met and yet when someone goes, they go. It's mad. I find this forum a little harder to use but I've been trying to find the Mafia games and stuff we used to play. I miss the playground days!
  16. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    This is a good point and is something I've brought up myself IRL. Everyone who is saying stuff like "YOU'RE A RACIST!" or "SACK THE RACIST!" or what have you is not being progressive. Instead of rowing, try to level down and ask why they think this is. There's no clear ending to this and to me, I feel it's more divided than ever. Personally, I'm starting to feel people think it's black v white and not everyone v racism.
  17. So I've lost 4lb after doing a week of Wii games and eating healthy. Good start!
  18. Name Changes

    Do it, haha.
  19. Name Changes

    I know but I'm more of a Disney Classics nerd, haha. I love Muppets and obviously Animal is my favourite but I thought about changing my name and decided to make the jump. Besides, I kind of wanted a bit of a change and Beast is my favourite Disney character so it's a little personal.
  20. Questions

    Thanks. Might be changing it soon if my name change goes through, haha.
  21. Name Changes

    I wanted to change my name to Beast because...y'know...Disney nerd. Would this be okay?
  22. Questions

    Thanks @S.C.G
  23. Questions

    How do I edit my signature? I can't seem to find it anywhere?
  24. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Yes! I hate this too! It's like saying "You don't have my view, you must be this!" and it just doesn't work that way!
  25. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    @Nicktendo, I'm glad you've decided to carry on with the discussion. Genuinely. It's been quite interesting to me to read everybody's points because I'm actually getting a lot of different people who I've discussed this topic with saying the same thing as you (of black and white colour) saying they're all for anti-racism but against Black Lives Matter as a movement. If I'm speaking freely, I really don't see the point of the marches because there's no unified voice, which I believe is something I spoke about before here. I shared stuff such as anti-racism stuff for all races and stuff about injustices and what have you but when it came to the marches, I didn't believe in them because I didn't believe it was the way to go. The marches needed a unifier- a strong, solid voice stating what should be done and how to be better and from that, you can agree or disagree. The many people I spoke to who went to these marches didn't honestly know why they went. All they said was "I'm going because your life matters too" and when I asked them to elaborate, they just said "We want equality". I asked "Ideally, how would you want that to happen?" and they couldn't answer. And that's my problem. People want equality and people want justice but don't know how or what to do to enable that. As I've stated, for me, it's more the people than police or businesses (I'm not stating it doesn't happen but I'm talking through experience) and you can't change people through marching aimlessly. You change them through open, honest and respectful dialogue. I think the issue for me is something @Nicktendo brushed on earlier. Everyone is very quick to "cancel" everyone because of something they did years ago. I'm talking shit that happened 20 years ago, not shit that happened in today's society, which I think is so fucking stupid. The person you were 20 years ago could very well be different to the person you are now. The thing that I keep seeing is people bringing the same shit up from the past and people apologising for the same shit again and again and not letting it lie. For instance, Shane Dawson, a well-known YouTuber, has apologised quite a few times for making really offensive jokes (like using blackface quite a few times) and for saying "nigger" in a few videos that contained Shanna Malcolm, a black Jamaican YouTuber (which, I may add, she had encouraged him a lot to say it to her and she had even addressed it recently saying she didn't see it as an issue and still doesn't). Now, the issue I have with this is that he's apologised quite a few times before in the past for doing it as people keep bringing it up and it's now got to the point where people have actually slated his constant apologising for his past. For me personally, I was fine with him apologising the first time because it seemed he was genuinely sorry and that's fine. The majority of people who had an issue with it was fine with it and moved on...then it's brought up again...and he apologises again...people accept it and move on....then it happens again...you see where this is going. I always do wonder about cancel culture and just how damaging it really is. How can we expect people to grow as a person and learn if you're constantly placing them in a category of them being a bad person because of the stuff they done in the past? Was it shitty? Yeah, it was. Did he recognise it and apologise? Yeah, he did. Should it be brought up constantly if he's already recognised his faults and apologised? Absolutely not.