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  1. Processor AMD Athlon 64 1800MHz

    Display Card ATI MOBILITY RADEON X700

    Memory 512MB

    Operating System Microsoft Windows XP

    Free Disk Space 22.2GB

    Display Card Memory 128MB

    Display Driver Version

    DirectX Version 9.0c

    Optical Drive CD/DVD

    Sound Card Realtek AC97 Audio


    Your system is among the top 21% of all systems scanned by the Game Advisor.


    Not bad for a cheap laptop.

  2. im using a program called PC Inspector File recovery....so far ive got over 2.6GB of data back....just looking through all the chunks its found anr restoring what i want.


    I must admit i act too quickly when it comes to computers....


    edit: thanks for the tip...as i dont have money for an external HDD, ill just copy stuff to my desktop for backing up