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  1. Cube

    Just want to say, if you feel like any of my arguments in the Covid thread (now or future) are in bad faith, feel free to take any relevent action.

    1. Rummy


      Thanks Cube, it's not to shut down any voices or points per se; but certain ways things are argued can slowly escalate on both sides and I'm not sure how authentic they, or more so how much some posters consider the community(ie all our members, who are posting and conversving), and my 'bad faith' is along the lines of just stoking the issues and argument for the sake. As I said I'm not taking either side of the vaccine but I will be wary of the way folks are posting. Subjects and issues don't discount decorum no matter how sesinsitive or emotional they may be and it kinda just leads to division etc. imo.

  2. Just wanted to test....it seems that this is working now. Awesomeness.

  3. We have a dalmatian fur fabric.

  4. Thanks for the link - I'll tell my dad that he can get his HTC Hero updated (my one uses a custom ROM, so I've had 2.1 for a while).

  5. It is? I can't see.

  6. I must have clicked something wrong.

  7. Yes, there will be a review before launch.

  8. I've added your 3DS. Mine: 5198-2395-9664

  9. I don't have anything to do with the moderating of the forum, so I can't help.

  10. It's most visible in the blue around the text. It may just be the god awful monitor I have at work.

  11. Did you know that New Little King's Story was released on the Vita yesterday?


    Because it was. Completely our of nowhere. Half of the main online retailers didn't even seem to be aware of it.

  12. Yes, here in Europe. I remember it was given a US date of November a while back.