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  1. It's a 6km journey each way, need to work out how long it will take. Google says 20 minutes, buy it took me that long to do a shorter route. Although the route to work will have fewer roads to cross, as most of it will be along the prom. It'll probably get quicker as I get used to a bike more (today was the first time in over 10 years), especially learning how to use the gears.


    My legs are actually quite short, so I think a bigger bike would be too tall 

  2. Trek to Yumi


    A very stylish game, with a black and white grainy image and a samurai setting. Unfortunately, it’s kind of a style with little substance - and the style diminishes after chapter 3, too. The combat at its best feels a bit like the Lord of the Rings games on GameCube, with the addition of a huge focus on parries - which would be great if it didn’t feel unresponsive. The main issue seems to be that pressing the LB button (which feels a bit awkward when it’s one of the most used buttons in the game) causes the block animation to start, and it needs to be finished before the parry works, so the “shine” that represents when you should parry is misleading.

    Another issue is that, as nice as the style is, the odd camera angles and objects in front of the player can often make it difficult to see what is going on.

    Paradise Killer


    A game all about solving a mystery, it’s set in a world where immoral beings (one of them being you) lord over islands of their creation, in order to create a “perfect” island to appease the gods. People keep getting corrupted by demons, making the place corrupted and requiting it to be scrapped and a new island started. Only this time, the entirety of the council has been murdered and you have to figure out who. 

    You’ll need to find the answers to this mystery (as well as discover new mysteries) by exploring the island, solving puzzles and talking to the remaining residents. Everything is bright and colourful with a great upbeat soundtrack, which just enhances how dark some of the actual events are. Something I really liked was how the case is resolved: you make your case and submit evidence, with enough evidence, your answer is accepted. The game doesn’t tell you if you were right and wrong, as you can have evidence to accuse multiple people. It’s all about you being happy that you’ve got the right answers.

    Sleeping Dogs


    I felt like playing a favourite of mine. I think it’s strange how open worlds have taken off massively, but there haven’t been many games in the “crime city” genre, with the only decent ones after Sleeping Dogs being the Watch Dogs series, which in itself have a different focus on fighting the government rather than bring about crime. 

    The combat in Sleeping Dogs is still satisfying, with an interesting plot and some fun missions. Still a great game, I wish we could have another game like this.

    Umurangi Generation


    A photography game that has a very interesting setting (one that I won’t go into because it’s fun to discover what the setting is, as it’s not obvious from the start), but is ultimately fairly bland. The game looks straight up unfinished, with textures varying in quality massively, and some straight up missing. 

    The game felt much more like a “hidden object game”, where the focus is finding a list of objects rather than the actual photography. It’s quite short so if you have a bit of time, it’s interesting enough to see the setting, but that’s about it.

    Little Witch in the Woods


    A really nice little game. It’s a 2D pixelated quest game about exploration and crafting. One huge thing I enjoyed is that there aren't a massive amount of different steps, and no long wait timers and no combat. It’s a very relaxing game, with a fascinating world and characters. It’s only a “Game Preview”, so you only get the first few sections of the game, which is a shame, but I’m looking forward to trying the rest.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Dcubed said:

    The NES was designed to look like a VCR style machine instead of a contemporary 70s/early 80s game console (in order to avoid being associated with the past consoles that caused the US video game crash)... which it absolutely succeeded at doing.

    Speaking of designing a console to look like a VCR style machine:




    Although I don't quote understand trying to mimic 90s VCRs in 2013.

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  4. Chip n Dale was a ton of fun. I appreciated that it wasn't just entirely Disney. It feels quite genuine and not soulless recent attempts like Space Jam 2 and Ready Player One.


    Also, the "cameo" was amazing, and was there for more than I was expecting.


  5. For "heavily inspired by Zelda" done right, here's Tunic


    The design is clearly influenced by Zelda, even the in-game manual (which is a key point of the gameplay) is inspired by artwork from Zelda manuals.


    Yet it still has its own unique style and it's gameplay is also very unique. It delves into your knowledge and expectations of Zelda in order to do it's own twists.


    It comes across as a love letter to Zelda, one that fully respects it and builds its own things.

    (That said, the main problem with Tunic is that it's not available for the Switch).


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  6. I was thinking that perhaps Microsoft could focus on getting some big games on Xbox day one...but there doesn't seem to be that many 3rd party games they could do it with.

    Deathloop is a guarantee for Game Pass already (plus, has been out on other platforms for a while)

    Forspoken isn't on Xbox.

    Gotham Knights doesn't look great ,but could be a contender. 

    A Plague Tale: Requiem is a bit of a smaller title, but possibly.

    System Shock could have potential if our this year.

    The Lord of the Rings: Gollum doesn't look great, but again is a big IP like Gotham Knights

    Sonic Frontiers is something I'm looking forward to, but I'm expecting a delay on it. Plus while the game still sell well, it isn't a big an impact. 

    Hogwarts Legacy, I'm dubious about how the game will turn out, but it's probably one of the biggest games they could get on Game Pass.


    Really, getting a great deal with Warner Bros (Gotham Knights, Gollum and Hogwarts Legacy) is probably their best option.

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  7. EA have built up their brand over a very long time, including building relationships with leagues, clubs and even individual players. Which includes access to a lot of information and scans.


    From the FIFA pr release, it seems that FIFA don't have a developer in mind, and whoever agrees to pay the FIFA licencing fees will also need to negotiate with many other leagues and clubs. At most, I expect some kind of cheap mobile cash-in with international teams only.

  8. Bugsnax


    I wasn’t expecting that much from Bugsnax, but ended up loving it. It’s a game where you collect cute creatures made out of food. There are 8 regions to explore, each with its own set of Bugsnax. You’ll need to learn their behavioural patterns and catch them using various traps and equipment. Working out how to capture each Bugsnax is a lot of fun, and you can combine your equipment in a manner of ways, like launching your trap towards Bugsnax. 

    A lot of the game is focused on the small village of Snaxburg, where you’ll find the muppet-like Grumpuses that reside in this world. They all have fun designs and personalities, along with their own troubles to help them with. A lot of this involves feeding them live Bugsnax, which transforms their body. Some of their issues are surprisingly deep, too. It may look like a kid’s game, but what Bugsnax does is quite surprising. 

    Bugsnax is incredibly entertaining. If it were a Pokémon game, it would easily be my favourite Pokémon game.

    Life is Strange: True Colo(u)rs


    A visual novel game about a girl called Alex, who finally reconnects with her brother in a small mining town after going through a dreadful foster care system. She can delve into people’s minds and understand their emotions, so tries to help those around her.

    A lot of the game is story-related, so I’ll keep it short, but overall I enjoyed the story, even if the main mystery is fairly simple. I enjoyed the slow paced nature of the game and just wandering around the town, although I wish there were a few more locations you could enter. 

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  9. I enjoyed Picard season 2 for the most part, but some of the plot elements seemed to go nowhere and the pacing was annoying as the end of some episodes felt like they were in an odd place.

    Strange New Worlds episode 1 was a very strong start. 

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  10. Horizon: Forbidden West


    While I loved Horizon: Zero Dawn, I was dubious about the sequel. A big part of the first game was discovering what went wrong with the old world, why society collapsed and how things exist as they do, with robot dinosaurs roaming around. It was amazing watching them treat such a silly-sounding topic seriously, but also create a compelling reason for it all as you get more and more invested in the story. But where does the story go once the biggest mystery is out of the way?

    Thankfully, Forbidden West manages to make you much more invested with the game’s current events and challenges, while still having more to reveal about the past. In Forbidden West, Aloy is attempting to fix the world by finding lost parts of an AI system, and is joined by new and old companions, giving other characters a much bigger role. I really enjoyed Aloy’s interactions with everyone, as well as the new groups of people you encounter throughout the game. 

    The side quests also feel much more meaningful, the world feels much more alive and you can see Aloy’s impact on it much more, making the open world feel much more alive. Traversing also feels much less restrictive, as there was only one “correct” climbing route in the first game, while you have less restrictions and more tools. Some things return form the first, such as Cauldrons and Tallnecks, but the developers have found a way to make each one feel unique and a wonder to explore. 

    Combat remains a lot of fun, too, although I found that overriding machines was less effective than the first (which does stop it from being overpowered) and there are a lot of “Apex” machines that can’t be overridden. This encourages you to use the other weapons more, although hitting off parts of machines with a bow and arrow is still the most satisfying way to me. Melee combat has been overhauled significantly with combos you can unlock, too.

    The game looks absolutely amazing, too. And I played this on a base PS4. Guerrilla have done a phenomenal job getting this running smoothly on such old hardware, especially looking as wonderful as it does. There are some issues - fast travel loading screens are much longer, plus you will occasionally hit a short loading screen as the game world catches up to you, but they’re worth it just for how great the game looks, and how life-like things like plants and trees are, both in looks and movement. 

    Horizon: Forbidden West is an absolutely phenomenal game, and has become one of my favourites.


    Lost in Random


    A very whimsical game set in a world where dice have immense power, and imbue cards with power to help people fight. Except that dice are now banned and only the evil queen has one, and uses it to divide people into six cities. You play as Even, whose sister Odd gets chosen to be in the Queen’s region, setting off on a journey to help save her, encountering a dice companion along the way.

    While the synopsis is a lot like a typical young adult novel, the uniqueness of the dice aspect and how each regions are divided into numbers and have traits based on it, mixed with the style reminiscent of Henry Selick films, makes the story a wonderful one, with a creative array of characters and strange situations.

    The combat is a lot of fun, too. At the start of each combat, you are only equipped with a harmless slingshot. This is used to knock crystals off enemies to power up your Dice, drawing cards for you to use. Once you’ve drawn the cards you need (or reach your max), you can roll Dicey and spend the pips to buy cards. These can be weapons, traps, new abilities, health and other modifiers. Outside of combat, you can adjust your deck and buy new cards. It’s a really nice system, although I do wish that there was more variety. 

    My main criticism is that walking to and fro each section can be a bit dull in terms of the gameplay, especially when you’re looking for something. I do think that there could have been some platforming/puzzling alongside the story sections. Lost in Random is still a really fun game, though.

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  11. I'm a big Star Wars fan, but Yoda and Vader in Soul Calibur 4 just seemed incredibly dumb and out of place. 

    And the part that makes Soul Calibur 4 perfect for this thread: they weren't even available on the same platforms, so they couldn't even fight each other.

    The exclusive characters make sense when they're tied to the platform owners, but this was purely done for marketing.


    (I believe they later sold the other character as DLC for a temporary period).

  12. 18 hours ago, Hero-of-Time said:

    The first two games were something special, with the Rogue Leader still holding up to this day. 

    I thought that Rebel Strike was still mostly a great game, just spoiled a bit by terrible controls for the on foot sections.

    Something which was significantly changed for the unreleased Wii version, which has more traditional 3D shooter controls instead of the strange Robotron controls.

  13. The Medium was one of the dullest things I ever played. The twin world split screen thing was a nice idea, but even Metroid Prime 2 had more elaborate dual world puzzles than The Medium.

    Most of the problems in the game are purely because the main character is an idiot.

    It's a shame they patented the dual screen aspect, it would have been a cool idea for a puzzle game.

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  14. https://www-famitsu-com.translate.goog/news/202204/20258988.html?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en-US&_x_tr_pto=wapp


    There's a "Story Mode" which combines all four games, along with the animations.

    It clarifies that the bonus music is simply more music for the sound test. It contains 73 tracks from Sonic Spinball, Knuckles Chatoitx and Sonic 3D Blast.

    The "letterbox" thing is multiple different backgrounds. 10 from the deluxe, one from the pre-order (A Mega Drive theme)

    Mirror mode can be unlocked if you don't pre-order.


    Developer is Headcanon, who worked on the mobile ports of 1 & 2 plus Sonic Mania.


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