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  1. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    Fable Anniversary I was surprised by how much of a complete mess this game is. It seemed very highly regarded, but is just so clunky in all aspects. The story itself started all over the place, the two thirds of the game felt like no coherent story, with the last third being about the blank slate character’s family. It just felt really jarring. The menu systems are also a complete mess, using items was a massive pain, as was selecting quests or even trying to see the map. I really didn’t enjoy this game at all. Fable 2 Now this is much, much better. Gameplay is a ton of fun and the story has a structure. There’s a lot more interaction with other people, even if it is simple and Sims-like. The characters in the game - partially Hammer, Garth and Reaver - are extremely likeable. Quests are a lot of fun, too, with a lot of humour and some of the choices felt meaningful. Fable 3 The first half of Fable 3 is great, providing more of what Fable 2 gave us. Everything seems to take a back seat when you become king and have to rule over the kingdom. There’s very little in the way of adventuring and quests from this point, and the choices are quite boring. The game gives you enough money to make all the “good” choices. On top of this, while Reaver is an enjoyable character in Fable 2, he’s downright insufferable in this one. Hypnospace Outlaw A rather odd game where you’re a sort of moderator on a 90s inspired internet platform. You browse through looking for people who are breaking rules, while you are provided with certain tasks for important things that need removing. Using the right search terms, finding the right links to stuff and solving puzzles set by the people using the service is required to get past the tasks, while you may fall for traps like wasting money on scams or accidentally installing a virus (forcing you to buy an anti-virus) - although sometimes you need to purposefully do this to find the incriminating content. Telling Lies An interesting sort of “game”. Telling Lies is mostly live action footage, mostly one-sided conversations taken from phones or webcams. Using a computer, you use search terms to find videos and watch them to try and understand the story. Each search only provides the top 5 results, so you have to get creative with terms. You can rewind/fast forward footage, and when paused you can highlight text to search. One annoying issue is the footage always starts at the search term, you can’t skip to the start, just hold rewind for ages. The story that gets uncovered is interesting, and quite well acted - particularly when people are listening to someone else talk (that you can’t hear until you find the other side of the conversation). Destroy All Humans (Remake) A lot of fun, with some frustrations. I was surprised as to how much sneaking and stealth is involved. The controls are quite “busy” due to the amount of things you can do, which resulted in some annoying moments and failed missions. You can blast people on the ground, describe yourself as other people (via holographic technology) and read minds. The missions are pretty rigid, requiring you to do the exact thing, not much messing around or experimenting involved. That said, it’s still fun. The boss fights really drag on a lot, though (the worst part is that they’re not difficult, just long), and it would have been nice to have more missions focusing on destroying humans.
  2. House buying is the worst

    Going pretty well. I think we're pretty much sorted. The last big thing was sorting out the clothes, which we did on Sunday. Now it's just getting rid of empty boxes over time, but they're out of the way in the garage. I need to get some pictures and stuff. CCTV is also up and running, really impressed with the system they have in place (you can access via an app with alerts and stuff. Cats are all happy.
  3. The Star Wars Thread

    Watched the last three episodes if The Book of Boba Fett. Had no choice as it has vital parts for The Mandalorian. Those parts were great, Boba Fett parts not so much, the few parts I saw just seemed to be him wondering what to do and everyone else (particularly Melinda May) doing it. There was one sad moment
  4. I definitely used to play online games a lot more. Probably because there wasn't an extra cost. I'm surprised my two playthroughs of Wind Waker (one 100%) don't make it reach the top three. For the 3DS, a lot less time played overall. Interestingly, Smash 3DS and Triforce Heroes are both games I reviewed.
  5. Looks like Nintendo don't want people to talk about it.
  6. House buying is the worst

    There's a wall in the bedroom we're not too keen on, but other than that we like it how it is. There's some touching up to do, but handily all the leftover paint for all the different walls is in the garage.
  7. House buying is the worst

    Going well, getting there with the unpacking! It's a lovely house, bigger than I remember from the viewing. Previous owners left plenty of instructions for the appliances, CCTV and alarms. Even left us some money to get a take away. All the stuff went in in Thursday and slowly settings it up. No internet until Wednesday but not a huge wait. Still need to work out what to do with an outbuilding, one half is a proper office with lots of plugs, massive desk and its own toilet, other half is just a room. Probably have stuff in there for garden parties. Considering what we've seen on the market since we put the offer in early September, we've been extremely lucky.
  8. That makes it £62 for me (based on what MK8D is selling for). Plus an extra £18 a year if I want to play this version online.
  9. Nintendo sure love screwing over people that bought the Wii U. I imagine MK8 Deluxe plus DLC will be very expensive.
  10. House buying is the worst

    Today is so incredibly stressful. It's completion day, but still waiting for exchange of contracts. Edit: all done! Getting keys now.
  11. Grand Theft Auto VI

    Hopefully it's a smaller scale than GTA V, but with more building interiors, with more "side jobs" (ambulance, taxi, police, fire, etc). GTA V just felt bland and empty.
  12. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    I'm currently going though the Halo games with my girlfriend. Currently on Halo ODST. Halo 3 is the best, although Halo 2 was really disappointing. Nobody Saves The World Nobody Saves The World starts off looking a lot like a 2D Zelda game. You’ve lost your memories and a calamity is happening, the bigwig wizard has gone missing. You manage to find his wand and set out to save the world yourself. While Nobody Saves The World has some Zelda-like elements, it is much more combat oriented. The combat is done through the magic wand’s shape-shifting abilities: throughout the game you will unlock different forms, both animal (like a rat or a horse) or various human forms (like a sword-wielding guard or bow-wielding ranger). After the first major dungeon, you will unlock a key ability which makes the combat extremely interesting: you can customise the abilities that each form has with passive buffs or attacks from other forms, leading to some interesting combos. Levelling up each form requires completing challenges, some of which will require these different abilities or require you to do damage of a different type to what that form usually does. The regular dungeons in this are prodecudally generated, although the modifiers will always be the same for each one, as are the ward types you’ll find (these protect enemies until you hit them once with that attack type). These will be the main way of levelling up your forms, and they’re actually optional for the most part (although you’ll want to complete them for quests and levelling up). One of the biggest issues I have with Nobody Saves The World is changing forms. There’s a quick menu, but once you get more forms than will fit on the wheel, you can no longer keep track of where each form is (it changes when you pick a form not on the wheel), and will have to go into the pause menu each time. Furthermore, it also doesn't slow or pause the game, meaning that in combat you’ll definitely want to use the pause menu. I think if you could pin forms on the wheel, and the wheel paused the game, it would create more combat variety even greater. Another great option would be to have tapping the button swap to the last used form. Nobody Saves The World can feel tedious while grinding, but the different forms and the humour of the story and side missions help to alleviate it. It’s a really fun game with lots of ways to tailor the experience. Hitman 3 The third game in the new Hitman trilogy, and also the weakest. This instalment doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, it’s just more of the same, and unfortunately it retains the same issues: the levels just take too long to complete. I loved replaying levels in the previous games, but I find the length of them in this new trilogy to be extremely off-putting. The progression (which is online-only, you’ll lose it if you aren’t connected to the internet) just feels pointless, too. You unlock new things to use in the specific levels, but it doesn’t feel as rewarding as unlocking equipment in Silent Assassin. Out of the new levels, Dartmoor is pretty good, although strangely the main appeal of the level (the murder mystery) is completely optional and not actually relevant to the objectives in any way. The China level I feel could have been two great individual levels, I don’t see why they needed to be merged together. The Vinyard level is probably the best level, while the final level is the worst in the trilogy: a linear corridor shooter. I really hope Hitman can return to the “lots of small varied levels” like Silent Assassin some day. Death's Door Death’s Door has some beautiful graphics, an interesting setting…but the gameplay is just really dull and tedious. This is the kind of game that I find difficult to talk about because it’s not exactly bad, just boring.
  13. House buying is the worst

    Looks like the 9th February will be the completion. Chan is now agreed (due to negotiator using our mortgage date), insurance is in place and funds have been authorised for release. Got a removal company booked for the 10th Feb. Need to sort relevant services and stuff.
  14. At 00:03 today, I finished Donkey Kong 64 for the first time, with 101% completion and everything found. Incidentally, the single most frustrating part in terms of camera and platforming was in the first level, so a lot of the rest of the game was a lot more enjoyable.
  15. good stuff thread.

    I was thinking "Square".
  16. As long as they don't add Tiny Kong and turn her into a tall teenager like the DS version.
  17. I think, legally, Activision needs to remain acting independently until the deal is finished (so can't do anything to purposefully favour Microsoft), so they can potentially make new deals with Sony up until the sale.
  18. I'm saying Microsoft chose not to spend money on a font for an XBLA title on the 360 (one that was also given away for free with a game) when a similar one was available for free.
  19. Comicrazy (the font in the N64 Banjo-Kazooie) is a licensed font, so they probably didn't want to spend the money on relicensing it (around £750 for using it in an app, probably similar for a game - an emulated version can likely work off the original license). The new font is Andy. Incidentally, it's also the text font used in Terraria.
  20. House buying is the worst

    It's to do with when someone can sort out removal companies. It may end up being less of a delay than we thought - the negotiator is using our mortgage expiry date (even though an extension is extremely likely) to push them forward.
  21. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye An add on to Outer Wilds, a brilliant time loop game. This adds a new area to the game with its own mysteries, giving you a bit more context to the events of the game. The new area is more in depth than any previous areas, with really intriguing mysteries. It also has a few bad points: as with the DLC you’ll be focused on one destination (instead of moving between), the time loop can get annoying as you have the same journey at the start of each one. There are also a few “stealth” sections that are annoying (although some puzzles related to them are really well done), especially as some require a good amount of setup and failure means setting it all up again. That said, it’s a great addition to the game for the most part. Mass Effect Trilogy My second playthrough with the legendary edition, doing for a renegade playthrough. In terms of choices, I feel like it improves over the three games. Mass Effect 1 contains a fair few moments where renegade is the same as paragon with more shouting. Mass Effect 2 you see more of the results of those choices, particularly people’s view on humans seizing power in background conversations. The choices in Mass Effect 2 can be a bit more over the top, with murder for the sake or murder and stuff like that. Mass Effect 3 feels more like meaningful choices. The choices are more grey and with the situation of the galaxy, some of the renegade choices seem like the better choices. I love these games, but I think the biggest weakness is assigning importance to your level of paragade/renegade, as it discourages you from picking each choice individually. Pupperazzi A cute game about taking photos of dogs. Sadly, it fails on one of the most important parts: the controls. There’s a very significant input lag - you can move the stick, let go and then see your character move. This makes lining up shots a massive pain. There’s a few locations, and most of the tasks have requirements like the dog needs a hat, or using a certain filter, or needs to be friendly (done by stroking them). It wears thing really quickly, but it doesn’t take long to reach the credits.
  22. House buying is the worst

    Had a proposed completion date. I should have a house in just over a week. Edit: Nope, they've changed their mind and it will be a few more weeks.
  23. The Star Wars Thread

    Other publishers have already announced Star Wars projects. Ubisoft's Massive Entertainment (The Division) are making one, and Aspyr are remaking Knights of the Old Republic.
  24. I'd gladly take a glitch that you pretty much have to go out of your way to trigger (I've played it every year for around 8 years with no issues) in other to get the better camera, smoother controls, better graphics, the game remembering notes, widescreen and better framerate that the Xbox version offers. Looks even better with the auto HDR on Series S.