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  1. The Star Wars Thread

    I actually really loved how they used the screen tech in Star Trek Discovery, it wasn't just for planet landscapes but also for some amazing looking internal rooms, which I think compliments the technology really well.
  2. The Star Wars Thread

    I think they did a great job with both Ahsoka and Cad Bane (I've seen people complain), it's just the Grand Inquisitor that looks odd.
  3. The Star Wars Thread

    Hopefully there's still more CGI to be done, particularly on the Grand Inquisitor - he looks so derpy in that trailer. Here's what his species looks like in live action: Thinking about it, Doug Jones would have been perfect if they didn't want to go down the CGI+voice actor route.
  4. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    Trailer looks great.
  5. The Star Wars Thread

    I wonder if they'll get Jason Isaacs back or cast someone else.
  6. Come on, Nintendo, add the F-Zero X Expansion Pak to this!
  7. The Android Thread

    I think Nokia phones are pretty good cheap phones. Built to last, unlike the Chinese brands.
  8. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    Nah. I just wrote down the wrong one by mistake, it's Norse.
  9. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    The Outer Worlds I never paid much attention to this before. I’m one of the few who thought that New Vegas wasn’t as good as Fallout 3 and 4. So I didn’t know a lot about it other than it was somewhat space themed. What I was not expecting was how much inspiration it took from Firefly.The Outer Worlds is set on run-down colonies in another solar system, although the rich still live in luxury. Mixes with the futuristic guns and armour are more western-looking ones, and there are Western riffs in the music. You ship in the game - the Unreliable even has portions which look like Serenity’s cargo bay and kitchen area. The first two companions you pick up are a naive, smiley engineer and a priest with the skills to fight, not too dissimilar from Kaylee and Book. This is the closest we’ll ever get to a game set in the Firefly ‘verse. Outside of the Firefly stuff, The Outer Worlds is set in a solar system with very loose communication from Earth (would take months for a message), and is led by corporations, which control the masses with advertising, slogans - most people come across more as indentured servants or slaves than workers. It’s a bleak view, but also not too crazy either. You start out being woken up from cryo, from a sleeper ship where everyone is kept in stasis - indefinitely it seems like - and help a crazy scientist to overthrow the corrupt corporations and free the people. Along the way you’ll encounter a lot of side quests and a few more companions, these quests often have multiple options you can take and will often have sides to choose from - although quite often it can be possible to come to a compromise that can benefit everyone. I personally loved The Outer Worlds, the quest stories were good and I really enjoyed the world that was created. The main story itself is a bit short, so a few more areas would have been nice. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Went into this completely blind and it’s definitely an interesting experience. It won’t go into too much detail, but the story is about a young woman’s quest to fight her way into Hel (Greek Hel) to save her beloved. Voices around her both encourage and discourage her at the same time. Senua’s journey is fascinating and troubling both at the same time, and the game does a really great job at making you feel uneasy. The combat of the game is…fine. It has heavy importance on timing your blocks to charge up your “focus”, which puts everything into slow motion. The gameplay features puzzles, most of which is finding runes hidden in the environment - which can be tedious at times, but I get the impression that it may actually be intentional. While the gameplay isn’t anything spectacular, it’s well worth experiencing for the story. Quantum Break I I loved Alan Wake, I didn’t have an Xbox when this came out, so I went straight to Control, which I also loved. I was always put off by the “TV show” aspect of this game, but I finally decided to try it. I absolutely loved it. Quantum Break is a time-travel story, one where it really, really respects the rules it decided to establish about time travel. The story is well thought out and extremely engaging, so much so that I ended up enjoying the four 20-minute TV show episodes. The gameplay is also a lot of fun. It’s fairly basic in terms of shooting mechanics but you have time-related powers for dodging and freezing enemies that make it hugely enjoyable. There’s also lots of emails and notes to find to delve into the background story elements even more. I feel bad for dismissing it, as Quantum Break deserves to be mentioned alongside Alan Wake and Control. Although Quantum Break does lose points for not having a new Poets of the Fall/Old Gods of Asgard song. Hydrophobia Hydrophobia has some nice looking water effects, ones that still look fairly nice even now (the game was an Xbox 360 game). Unfortunately, everything else is just bad. You play as a security engineer on a giant boat, which is supposed to be luxurious and grand. You wouldn’t know, as all you see are corridors. You don’t even get a good look at this ship in a cutscene. Terrorists attack and are trying to do…something. Another engineer, called Scoot, who is attempting (and failing) to do an impression of Scotty from Star Trek. Despite all the focus on water….the game doesn’t really do a lot with it. You have to swim through it and alter water levels a bit, but it doesn’t do anything that hadn’t already been done by other games prior to Hydrophobia. The gunplay is atrocious and not fun at all, and the hacking minigames are just annoying. I also didn’t realise that this was planned to be an episodic game. The game suddenly stops - pretty much mid-sentence - and that’s it. Due to poor reception/sales, the other parts were never made. Apparently the PC version goes slightly longer, but the 360 version was never updated.
  10. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    Two amazing episode of Star Trek on the same say is pretty astonishing!
  11. General Switch Discussion

    It's a shame these things can't be used for better rewards, such as Nintendo Switch Online itself.
  12. Home Improvement / DIY

    If you need to find me, my zip code is 40121.
  13. Home Improvement / DIY

    So, here's each room of my house, what I've done so far and future plans. We did have a few issues yesterday. The house alarm went off, possibly due to low battery, but the screen is dead so we have no idea. While attempting to disconnected, I cut power to the CCTV system by mistake and the hard drive died. Managed to disconnect the alarm panel so it won't keep going off and the person who installed it 10 years ago is giving it a look for us. Got a new drive (2TB so bigger) so the CCTV is back up and running.
  14. I remember spending ages on a shine where you had to get an ice cube past obstacles. Seemed impossible to get it where it needed to go in time. Then I realised the flaming sword on my back was melting it quicker.
  15. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    Fable Anniversary I was surprised by how much of a complete mess this game is. It seemed very highly regarded, but is just so clunky in all aspects. The story itself started all over the place, the two thirds of the game felt like no coherent story, with the last third being about the blank slate character’s family. It just felt really jarring. The menu systems are also a complete mess, using items was a massive pain, as was selecting quests or even trying to see the map. I really didn’t enjoy this game at all. Fable 2 Now this is much, much better. Gameplay is a ton of fun and the story has a structure. There’s a lot more interaction with other people, even if it is simple and Sims-like. The characters in the game - partially Hammer, Garth and Reaver - are extremely likeable. Quests are a lot of fun, too, with a lot of humour and some of the choices felt meaningful. Fable 3 The first half of Fable 3 is great, providing more of what Fable 2 gave us. Everything seems to take a back seat when you become king and have to rule over the kingdom. There’s very little in the way of adventuring and quests from this point, and the choices are quite boring. The game gives you enough money to make all the “good” choices. On top of this, while Reaver is an enjoyable character in Fable 2, he’s downright insufferable in this one. Hypnospace Outlaw A rather odd game where you’re a sort of moderator on a 90s inspired internet platform. You browse through looking for people who are breaking rules, while you are provided with certain tasks for important things that need removing. Using the right search terms, finding the right links to stuff and solving puzzles set by the people using the service is required to get past the tasks, while you may fall for traps like wasting money on scams or accidentally installing a virus (forcing you to buy an anti-virus) - although sometimes you need to purposefully do this to find the incriminating content. Telling Lies An interesting sort of “game”. Telling Lies is mostly live action footage, mostly one-sided conversations taken from phones or webcams. Using a computer, you use search terms to find videos and watch them to try and understand the story. Each search only provides the top 5 results, so you have to get creative with terms. You can rewind/fast forward footage, and when paused you can highlight text to search. One annoying issue is the footage always starts at the search term, you can’t skip to the start, just hold rewind for ages. The story that gets uncovered is interesting, and quite well acted - particularly when people are listening to someone else talk (that you can’t hear until you find the other side of the conversation). Destroy All Humans (Remake) A lot of fun, with some frustrations. I was surprised as to how much sneaking and stealth is involved. The controls are quite “busy” due to the amount of things you can do, which resulted in some annoying moments and failed missions. You can blast people on the ground, describe yourself as other people (via holographic technology) and read minds. The missions are pretty rigid, requiring you to do the exact thing, not much messing around or experimenting involved. That said, it’s still fun. The boss fights really drag on a lot, though (the worst part is that they’re not difficult, just long), and it would have been nice to have more missions focusing on destroying humans.
  16. House buying is the worst

    Going pretty well. I think we're pretty much sorted. The last big thing was sorting out the clothes, which we did on Sunday. Now it's just getting rid of empty boxes over time, but they're out of the way in the garage. I need to get some pictures and stuff. CCTV is also up and running, really impressed with the system they have in place (you can access via an app with alerts and stuff. Cats are all happy.
  17. The Star Wars Thread

    Watched the last three episodes if The Book of Boba Fett. Had no choice as it has vital parts for The Mandalorian. Those parts were great, Boba Fett parts not so much, the few parts I saw just seemed to be him wondering what to do and everyone else (particularly Melinda May) doing it. There was one sad moment
  18. I definitely used to play online games a lot more. Probably because there wasn't an extra cost. I'm surprised my two playthroughs of Wind Waker (one 100%) don't make it reach the top three. For the 3DS, a lot less time played overall. Interestingly, Smash 3DS and Triforce Heroes are both games I reviewed.
  19. Looks like Nintendo don't want people to talk about it.
  20. House buying is the worst

    There's a wall in the bedroom we're not too keen on, but other than that we like it how it is. There's some touching up to do, but handily all the leftover paint for all the different walls is in the garage.
  21. House buying is the worst

    Going well, getting there with the unpacking! It's a lovely house, bigger than I remember from the viewing. Previous owners left plenty of instructions for the appliances, CCTV and alarms. Even left us some money to get a take away. All the stuff went in in Thursday and slowly settings it up. No internet until Wednesday but not a huge wait. Still need to work out what to do with an outbuilding, one half is a proper office with lots of plugs, massive desk and its own toilet, other half is just a room. Probably have stuff in there for garden parties. Considering what we've seen on the market since we put the offer in early September, we've been extremely lucky.
  22. That makes it £62 for me (based on what MK8D is selling for). Plus an extra £18 a year if I want to play this version online.
  23. Nintendo sure love screwing over people that bought the Wii U. I imagine MK8 Deluxe plus DLC will be very expensive.
  24. House buying is the worst

    Today is so incredibly stressful. It's completion day, but still waiting for exchange of contracts. Edit: all done! Getting keys now.