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  1. I have decided to set myself a challenge: try to play as many Sonic games as possible. This will be between different games and not non stop after each other. I will be playing the best versions of games rather then the very original ones, although vastly different versions will count separately (16 bit and 8 big Sonic the Hedgehog, Console and DS Colours and Generations for example). Some will require emulation as they haven't had releases since, or I have no platform to play them on. I have also added a few select ports as I think they deserve mentioning. Instead of release order, I have randomised the order I will play it in. However, Series of games will be played in order (So if Sonic 1 is #23 and Sonic 2 is #19 they get swapped around). There are some games which I may not be able to play. There seem to be some old mobile games which don't exist anywhere online, and Sonic Free Riders is probably a bit expensive to play considering it's quality (requiring a Kinect...I don't even know if my 360 is compatible with it or if it needs an update as it doesn't have WiFi). This will probably take ages, but I'll update this thread for each game. I may not be good enough to complete them all but I'll try my best, as long as I put a decent amount of playtime relevant to each game.
  2. First update in ages, progress is very slow as I don't have the same setup in the new house, plus other things being sorted in the house having a higher priority and some gaming stuff still in boxes. 69. Sonic the Hedgehog (Retro Engine) Original Platform: Mega Drive Versions Played: Android and Xbox Series S The best way to play the original Sonic the Hedgehog. Originally only playable on mobile phones, then later on other platforms. It works wonderfully in widescreen. On the mobile version, the touch controls aren’t great, but thankfully you can plug in a controller, which makes it play beautifully. 70. Sonic Unleashed (Java) Original Platform: Java Mobile A 2D version of Sonic Unleashed. I tested out the “touch” and “non-touch” versions of this. The touch one looks nicer and supports higher resolutions, but the button version is just so much nicer to play. Despite its choppiness, it’s not a bad game, probably better than what I expected from a Java version of Sonic Unleashed. 71. Sonic CD Original Platform: Mega Drive CD Version Played: Retro Engine (Xbox Series S) Sonic CD has two separate soundtracks – both of them great. Unfortunately, that’s really all the positives I have about Sonic CD, as everything else I think is a complete mess. The level design is completely chaotic (from both a visual and layout perspective) and the time travel mechanic is needlessly confusing and completely disrupts the flow of the game. Sonic CD is really not fun to play at all, and I was glad when it was over. 72. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit) Original Platform: Mega Drive Version Played: Retro Engine (Xbox Series S) The true successor to Sonic the Hedgehog, refining the gameplay and adding in Tails, with a sort of co-op mode which brings back a lot of good memories, and Chemical Plant zone will be forever one of the best levels in a Sonic game (especially with that music). My biggest issue is that the final boss is a bit ridiculous, in that it’s two bosses that you have to figure out a strategy for, but with limited lives. 73. Sonic 3 & Knuckles Original Platform: Mega Drive Version Played: Retro Engine (Xbox Series S) Originally released in two parts due to time constraints, Sonic 3 & Knuckles is the final part of the original Mega Drive series. While the gameplay has some great new features like the elemental shields and plays really well, I don’t think the levels are as good as the first two games. It could be purely because of nostalgia (my initial experience was the Sonic & Knuckles Collection on PC, I never had them on Mega Drive), but some of the levels do feel a bit like rehashes of previous ones (a problem Sonic has a lot of recently). That said, it’s still a brilliant game. 74. Sonic Colours (DS) Original Platform: Nintendo DS The DS version of Sonic Colours is sort of the third Sonic Rush game, featuring gameplay similar to them both while adapting elements from the console version of Sonic Colours, mainly the wisps. Boosting is gained from wisps and damaging enemies, which I think is a downgrade from the trick system, but the various wisp abilities translate really well to 2D and compliment the level design really well. One interesting thing is that it has its own slightly different take on the story, with fewer jokes and an extra part at the end of the game, with a final boss that isn’t in the Wii version.
  3. I Was Saying Boo-ris!

    It's nice that things are falling apart, but these are only doing it to save their own careers. They've been fully responsible for the entire mess and corruption, supporting it every step of the way. They want to replace Boris, but they still want to continue doing the exact same thing he's doing now.
  4. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge A new classic arcade beat-em-up. Played through it in local co-op and it was a ton of fun. Enemy variety was great and had their own tactics to figure out - although flying enemies are as frustrating as ever. Even with two people, I did think the screen got a bit busy at times, I can’t really imagine it with the full six. Assassin's Creed Unity The Paris in the game is stunning to look at, even now. Unfortunately, that’s the best thing about the game. The climbing/parkour is one of the worst in the Assassin’s Creed games. You would think that having the “up” and “down” buttons would make it easier, but I was constantly fighting the controls. It was especially bad near water or hay carts, as Arno would jump off the building at the slightest touch. The amount of interior sections was great (even if building layouts made no sense), but the process of getting into a window was painful at times. Combat was simple, but enemies with guns just made it annoying. Stealth also seemed very broken, with lots of enemies that spot you no matter what. The ending is also hilariously bad. Sonic Origins Three great games and Sonic CD. These versions are wonderful to play - bringing the mobile versions to new platforms while giving the same treatment to Sonic 3 & Knuckles. The mission mode was a lot of fun, too. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim First playthough in a while. It’s great that you can get some mods on console now (most important to me was a music replacement mod), although I didn’t go too crazy with them. You can definitely feel the age of the game, but it’s still mostly good. House Flipper Saw it on Game Pass and figured “why not?”. It’s a game where you buy houses, do them up and sell them, along with completing jobs for other people. It’s surprisingly very relaxing, even doing basic tasks like cleaning and painting. A few of the properties are pop culture references (my girlfriend liked the amount of detail in the Friends apartments). I would have liked the ability to build more of a house (you can modify internal walls, but that’s it, but I still liked my time with this game.
  5. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    There's a month trial with Xbox Game Pass if you want to watch Discovery, Prodigy and Strange New Worlds.
  6. There's also Genital Jousting.
  7. 2022 - Halfway through hell

    So far I've played 55 games. Platform distribution: Xbox Series S: 54. PS4: 1 Service distribution: Game Pass: 50 Purchased: 4 Games With Gold: 1 Some highlights for me: Sunset Overdrive: You can see where Spider-man started out here. It was massively overlooked but is a really great game. The Outer Worlds: A great space RPG. I ended up enjoying this more than the likes of Elder Scrolls and Fallout. Guardians of the Galaxy: Fun combat, extremely likable characters, great soundtrack. Tunic: Even though I turned the combat off, the puzzles were so good that I still enjoyed the game Horizon: Forbidden West: Even better than the first. Bugsnax: So much more than what I was expecting. Paradise Killer: A mystery game, not much gameplay other than walking around but still extremely interesting. Supraland: A puzzle metroidvania. I tried it because it looked dumb and wanted to play a silly game, but this was genuinely amazing. Sonic Origins: Three great games in widescreen. Plus Sonic CD. Some disappointments: Hollow Knight: I'm sure there's a great metroidvania here, but I couldn't get into it. Weird West: You can see the potential, but it felt like an early access title with unfinished quests and gameplay And some bad games: Pupperazzi: A terrible photography game. Hypnospace Outlaw: Tries to be Papers, Please, but with immensely annoying and convoluted minigames. Trek to Yomi: A combat game with bad combat. Black: I couldn't play more than a few levels
  8. Finally has a release date. Also includes some animated shorts. They seem to have replaced the lives system with "coins", with classic versions still having lives. Edit: More detials: https://origins.sonicthehedgehog.com/ Looks like features are stupidly split across different versions/additional packs. Xbox pricing is live: Standard: £32.99 Deluxe: £36.98 Deluxe has extra animations on the menu and extra remastered music. Some other features (part of the regular game) - Mission Mode (objectives to complete on levels). Extra hard missions in deluxe version - Boss Rush mode Coins are in-game currency, looks like Mirror Mode can be unlocked using them (but automatically unlocked with a pre-order), no idea what else its used for.
  9. Sonic Origins (23rd June)

    Finished the sorry mode, cutscenes are awesome and it was an absolute joy to play. I did have one issue where I fell out of a bonus stage and had to quit and continue - although what was nice about that was that it actually saved the rings I had at the checkpoint instead of being a normal respawn.
  10. Sonic Origins (23rd June)

    Started playing last night, half way through Sonic 2. It feels great to play, and the cutscenes are really nice. Only main issue so far is that Sonic CD was never a good game.
  11. Sonic Origins (23rd June)

    https://www.sonicstadium.org/2022/06/brad-buxer-clarifies-details-of-sonic-3-soundtrack-development-in-new-interview/ There's also that, Brad Buxer saying that he wrote most of it, and that MJ did one musical cue.
  12. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    Katamari Damacy Reroll Considering how this was ported to a new engine, I was surprised as to how little they did to try and improve it, even with some simple QoL changes like autosave. That said, it’s still a fun game of collecting objects and growing in size. The sense of scale is great, going from collecting tiny objects like dice to collecting cruise chips. Ryse, Son of Rome The gameplay in this is pretty fun. Good hack n slash action, although not a lot in terms of combos. The graphics are also still amazing to look at. The problem is that Ryse does not seem to know what sort of game to be. It starts off trying to be fairly serious in its story (despite some major inaccuracies), but then goes completely crazy half way through and feels more like an attempt at Pirates of the Caribbean in Rome. At some point you become a gladiator in the Colosseum (before it was actually built), and the colosseum is some amazing technology where the ground is made up of squares that move up and down and change to different layouts. You also face Boudicca near York (well before York was York and before the Romans even colonised it) and she later attacks Rome while riding an Elephant. There are also some funny moments later on, but it’s difficult to tell if these are intentionally funny or just so terribly written that they come out as funny. The gameplay is also often interrupted by terrible turret sections where you rapid fire at waves and waves of enemies. I think this could have been a better game if it either remained serious the whole game or just embraced its insanity from the beginning. Donut County A silly but relaxing game. The concept is a bit similar to Katamari Damacy in that you control a hole, and as objects fall through, it gets bigger, letting you consume bigger objects. It’s very short, though, and could have done with some more puzzles. Chorus A space fighting game. Starts off a bit slow, but picks up once you relocate your character’s actual ship (which has an AI), as it opens up more abilities and movements such as the ability to drift your ship and jump behind enemies. Combat is a lot of fun due to these mechanics and I was really enjoying it. That was until a big difficulty spike where you have to defend a bunch of ships while taking out others. Assaulting the big ship is actually quite easy, but the useless people “supporting” you kept dying - the game highlights ships that are attacking, but unfortunately due to my colourblindness, I can not see these markers, which meant I couldn’t prioritise the ships that were a thread, so I couldn’t get past this part. Hollow Knight I tried to get into this but really couldn’t. The frustrations I had reminded me of Ori and the Blind Forest, where enemies blended into the background, and were made even harder to see due to foreground elements and particle effects. I’ve heard loads of great things about it. I got past one boss and then a dungeon (with a second boss), but decided to drop the game not long after that.
  13. The most annoying thing is that the Online Club thing could have been easily adapted to a singleplayer mode, where you work through it and unlock the customisation options.
  14. Sonic Frontiers

    Looks like a bunch of places have played it for an hour or so. General consensus seems to be that it has some rough edges from a technical standpoint, but it feels great to play.
  15. Highlights - High on Life. Looks like a lot of fun. - A Plague Tale: Requiem. Curious how it goes after the first. Hopefully the combat is much better as it was dreadful (making the final chapter of the first awful) - Flintlock The Siege of Dawn. Looks interesting. Mainly due to magic cat thing. - The Last Case of Benedict Fox. Looks a bit like a Metroivania - Starfield. Gameplay looks good. Concerning that they showed no dialogue choice stuff. Also put off by the scale of the game. The bigger it is, the less depth it usually has.
  16. Here will be 3, 4 and 5.... starting with number 5.
  17. Although a massive bait and switch with the graphics. Looked lovely then... mobile graphics.
  18. Some kind of Fable-like world with a magic cat. I'm sold.
  19. Slightly more curious about Red Fall now they've confirmed a singleplayer option. High On Life is interesting. There's been nothing since then for me.
  20. Sonic Frontiers

    Unfortunately, that part is heavily misleading. Its a quote from an interview and IGN were the ones to mention a possibility of another Adventure. People don't often say "no" to questions like that.
  21. Sonic Frontiers

    Its crazy how much different editing of footage can make it look so different. The biggest information here is that there are multiple islands, each with multiple linear stages within it.
  22. Sonic Origins (23rd June)

    Definitely the best alternative, I was expecting just the pre-release tracks from the PC version, so new renditions of those so they work better is an improvement from that.