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  1. MSN 8 Beta leaked

    Tools -> Options -> Security -> Tick "This is a shared computer so don't display my tabs"
  2. Msn buggered?

    theres nothing wrong with msn, i have no stupid features in minde, no ads either.
  3. Favourite Film Quotes

    Star Trek: Wrath of Kahn - Kirk : KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Star Trek: Generations - Data: Yes. I hate this! It is revolting! Guinan: Another round? Data: Please - Data: You could say I have a... magnetic personality. - Data, after being told to scan for life-forms: (sings) Life-forms, you tiny little life-forms, you precious little life-forms! Where - are - you? - Data bracing for a crash landing: Oh... shit! Star Trek: First Contact - Borg Queen: Watch your futures end - Data: Resistance is futile
  4. HL2 Lost Coast - Out now! 56k

    please do it. wibble
  5. If i dont classify as a noob (ive been at CE for years), then put me in for Luigi's Mansion
  6. Revolution In May?!?

    http://www.gamespot.com/news/6136453.html it will be releases after april 2006.
  7. HL2 Lost Coast - Out now! 56k

    Not from my comp, the game was played at a constant 60fps. [click for 1600x1200 versions]:
  8. Ep3 out on Monday

    I've got it. Cant wait to watch it on my projector.
  9. HL2 Lost Coast - Out now! 56k

    I think he means 1600x1200
  10. HL2 Lost Coast - Out now! 56k

    Its short but sweet. btw, the graphical requirements are for everything on high. I have a 1.8GHz processor, 512MB ram and a redeon X700 pci express 128MB. Runs fine with everythng on medium (exept reflections and HDR which are on high). Heres some screenies of what its like on my laptop (click to enlarge to 1280 by 800):
  11. Ep3 out on Monday

    Mine was dispatched from play.com this morning. Usually takes 2 day - so it will probably arrive saturday.
  12. Ep3 out on Monday

    Ive had it preordered for months. And we get it 29 hours before america.
  13. Cel shaded Counter Strike mod!

    OOH..someone removed all the detail from the textures. The HL2:DM GoldenEye mod is much, much better
  14. Nano Car - Smaller than DNA

    WOW! that is tiny.
  15. Media Players

    http://www.winamp.com ITs ace, but i only have to explain that cos of the post limit
  16. Conspiracy..?

    Well, they would of had to sneak in explosives to a load of different places (of which they would have to work out exactly), without been noticed. Also making shure that noone noticed them (Public or not). Also, the buildings had some design flaws, which was the cause of the collapse The pentagon is a different story tho...
  17. Created Games

    I modfy computer games, but i dont know how to create them from scratch.
  18. [Video Game] Wallpapers here! (56k)

    Also, im prettey shure its "goddess" not "goddesse"
  19. 3D Modelling Thread

    Started working on a scale model of the solar system (im planning to do 10 planets), so far ive done earth and the moon. Heres some renders:
  20. SIGN Petition For Pokemon MMORPG!!

    l'll sign a petition to stop any more pokemon games from been made.
  21. University Applicants.

    Im appplying for astrophysics at manchaster, liverpool, sheffield, durham, cardiff and leeds just need to write the darn personal ststement
  22. completely deleting MSN profile

    I wanted to do that. I just deleted all my contacts and emails. Opened notepad and typed in a load of random letters/numbers/symbols and copied and pasted as a new password.
  23. Best PC gaming case

    if you want have the best PC, dont get a stupid case with clear parts, led's or neon.
  24. The world in your hands

    Years old (well, keyhole is)
  25. What media type will the REV use ?

    Panasonic are part of the Blu-Ray team. Panasonic make GC disks.