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  1. Blackfox, did you just decide against P2Cl6?
  2. Future consoles: Big step-up to be 4D?

    Thats a Cube with an added dimension, in essence - a 4D cube. Just one of the theories on what 4D is, one of them beign time, another beign God/Heave.
  3. Mug Shots!

    Thats boring. now this is a mug: (click to enlarge) Only problem is its a bit hard to drink from...
  4. Best thing i've got is a Pac-Pix stylus. I may actully be able to use it when i get a DS tomorrow...
  5. Smash my xbox360

    Just the PS3 and Revolution to go.
  6. NGC Mag #115

    the wierd page may be a teaser for NRV (Nintendo Revolution) Magazine...
  7. Revs final secret Revealed?

    Pattenting Displacement mapping is like pattenting the wheel. It can't be done. Its something already used by many people (i've used it myself), and to patent something, im sure you have to prove that it was originally your idea. However, pattenting a method to do it real-time may be allowed...
  8. Which side of your mouth do you use?

    No idea.... *eats a celebratiom" mmmm......galaxy caramel I use both (if any..sometimes it jsut goes strasight through).
  9. what are your mobile phones?

    Motarola C651 and my sisters old V500 (she gave me it when she got a crappy V220..one of the worst phones ever...hehe)
  10. Nintendo making a MMORPG?

    Anything except pokemon will be great.
  11. Evolution mainly happens through mutations, and if the mutations are benificial, the specimens with the mutated DNA will usually pass on the DNA more likely than those without the benificia; DNA. For example, if on bacerium forms a protection against anti-biotics (through a genetic mutation), it will be allowed to reproduce where no other bacteria can survive. Thefore the amount of anti-antibiotic bacteria will increase, and the "normal" bacteria will decrease. At least, thats what i gather from GCSE biology and a bit of logical thinking.
  12. T-shirt ideas?

    This sounds similar to the Young Enterprise business i'm in. Except we do peronalised mugs.
  13. Superman Returns

    Its got a lot to live up to, with the amount of good-to-great superhero films released lately. ATM, this doesnt look that special.
  14. 3D Modelling Thread

    I said im good at rendering: ie setting up the scene to make other people's models look amazing. That ship was made by someone else for a computer game.
  15. ah man i want this so badly!!!!

    I perfer a Master Sword...
  16. New TV

    Well, i got a new TV the other day (to go with the projector) cos we needed a widescreen. So we decided not to spend too much money on it and so got a Panasonic 37" Plasma TV with High Definition and built in freeview. Only ost around £2700 And yes, there are 3 DVD players (a £700 one, a £500 DVD-Recorder and a £300 one with progressive scan) there. Plus an expensive surround sound system (around £2000). And Sky +. Not to mention the 100+ DVDs. And the projector cost around £1500, and the screen comes out of a box on the cieling automatically when you turn the projector on. Its only around £5000 (rougly, including "proper" cables). And thats not even mentioning all the DVD's
  17. New TV

    Nah, there a waste of money.
  18. You could try Paint .NET http://www.eecs.wsu.edu/paint.net/ It required the .NET framework 1.1
  19. New TV

    Im English, i just live in this crap country.
  20. New TV

    I just want to be able to connect my cube to it.
  21. BBC Blooper :P

    Now to look at this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/4457404.stm X-Box 360 As far a im aware, using HD if up to the developer. Its even less a leap as from N46 to GameCube.... Um...the other 2 have those features... Right, so the 360 will connect to the PSP? Have they looked at any reviews? Replace "some" with "only" PS3 Right, so it has more power than supercomputers? Wait, wasnt HD the MAIN improvement from the current gen, yet now you talk about it as it doesnt matter that much... Like connecting to handhelds hasnt been done before... Revolution Finally, they're talking some sence. Um...Revolution offeres improved graphics and sound too... Other than that, the Revolution part is great. They even say that same but prettier isnt enough.
  22. New TV

    Well, its "I" and "We" as in family. And family as in Step-Dad. Who can only afford to by me a DS and one game for xmas.
  23. Put in a picture of my 3-yeat old sister (couldnt find one of me). She got: Elisha Cuthbert (66%) Shirley Temple (65%) Ingrid Bergman (64%) Emma Watson (64%) Katherine Hepburn (63%) Cate Blanchett (62%) Linus Pauling (62%) Jpdoe Foster (62%) Mertha Argerich (61%) Herbert Spencer (60%) And this got: Bob Dylan (64%) Tom Burke (60%) Stan Lee (56%) Nigel Short (55%) Elton John (55%) John Peel (54%) Orlando Bloom (49%) Baha'u'llah (49%) Maurice Chevalier (48%) Tupac Shakur (46%)
  24. 3D Modelling Thread

    I still cant model well, but im geting good at rendering. Heres the second one i did. The model was made for a computer game. http://img4.picsplace.to/img4/14/Relevant001.jpg
  25. *enters town* Not there *enters 2 closest towns* not there *enters town 10 miles away. Finally