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  1. New TV

    Nah, there a waste of money.
  2. You could try Paint .NET http://www.eecs.wsu.edu/paint.net/ It required the .NET framework 1.1
  3. New TV

    Im English, i just live in this crap country.
  4. New TV

    I just want to be able to connect my cube to it.
  5. BBC Blooper :P

    Now to look at this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/4457404.stm X-Box 360 As far a im aware, using HD if up to the developer. Its even less a leap as from N46 to GameCube.... Um...the other 2 have those features... Right, so the 360 will connect to the PSP? Have they looked at any reviews? Replace "some" with "only" PS3 Right, so it has more power than supercomputers? Wait, wasnt HD the MAIN improvement from the current gen, yet now you talk about it as it doesnt matter that much... Like connecting to handhelds hasnt been done before... Revolution Finally, they're talking some sence. Um...Revolution offeres improved graphics and sound too... Other than that, the Revolution part is great. They even say that same but prettier isnt enough.
  6. New TV

    Well, its "I" and "We" as in family. And family as in Step-Dad. Who can only afford to by me a DS and one game for xmas.
  7. Put in a picture of my 3-yeat old sister (couldnt find one of me). She got: Elisha Cuthbert (66%) Shirley Temple (65%) Ingrid Bergman (64%) Emma Watson (64%) Katherine Hepburn (63%) Cate Blanchett (62%) Linus Pauling (62%) Jpdoe Foster (62%) Mertha Argerich (61%) Herbert Spencer (60%) And this got: Bob Dylan (64%) Tom Burke (60%) Stan Lee (56%) Nigel Short (55%) Elton John (55%) John Peel (54%) Orlando Bloom (49%) Baha'u'llah (49%) Maurice Chevalier (48%) Tupac Shakur (46%)
  8. 3D Modelling Thread

    I still cant model well, but im geting good at rendering. Heres the second one i did. The model was made for a computer game. http://img4.picsplace.to/img4/14/Relevant001.jpg
  9. *enters town* Not there *enters 2 closest towns* not there *enters town 10 miles away. Finally
  10. Firefox 1.5

    Its out. Complete changelog: http://www.squarefree.com/burningedge/releases/1.5-comprehensive.html
  11. ooh. this is hard 1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time - What more can anyone say. Its simply the best. 2. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes - Large, fun, exiting with a great story. Superb game, great graphics too. 3. F-Zero GX - Fast and furious witout all the crap like neons, just fun and futuristic. 4. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker - Not as great as OOT, but still amazing. Georgeous graphics too 5. Pikmin 2 - A masterpiece from shigsy's garden.
  12. Guilty Pleasures

    Mine too. Expecially when im cooking, ive normally eaten half of the food before its ready. Then after ive eaten that (1 large roast dinner = gone in less than 5 mins) im still hungry. And im still only 8 1/4 stone. Damn lightness.
  13. E-Bay ownage

    lol...even worse than the picture of a DS.
  14. No HD? Oh well...

    Then is probably IS 60Hz...or is it something like 15 years old? Even my 7year-old-cheapy-crappy-portable has 60H Also, i doubt ill be alowed to play games on the "families" HD projector or brand new (well, it arrived in a few weeks) £2500 HD Plasma TV. I still think graphics can get much better on SD. It just depends if games are optimised for HD or SD.
  15. What's your nationality?

    Im English, but ive lived in wales most of my life.
  16. Why Play.com are complete bastards.

    No poblems with play. When i got Eternal Darkness off them, the game wasnt in the slot in the case and got scratched to hell. Wasnt their fault. i Emailed them and they told me to send it back. I sent it back and they sent a new copy of the game and refunded the P&P.
  17. little britain

    Little Britain is one of the worst, unfunniest "comedy" programs i have ever seen
  18. Children in Need

    I played a teachers Vs 6th Form netball match (we cant do any contact sport due to someone breaking a teachers leg once). raised £60.
  19. Um....you need to rate the above posters sig...
  20. Favourites

    Band: Iron Maiden Film: Star Wars series Song: Run To The Hills Game: Star Trek: Bridge Commander (modded) Drink: Dr Pepper Book: Lord of the Rings Fav song of the moment: The Importance of been idle Fav TV show: Enterprise Fav sport: Squash Fav Biscuit: Cookies Fav Footie Team: None Fav Instant Messenger: Trillian
  21. Looks cool, love it. Nice. Simple. 9/10
  22. built in laptop wifi

    Whats the distance between the wifi router and laptop?
  23. What have you won?

    Ive won....um.....i cant think of anything...
  24. http://www.virgingalactic.com/en/default.asp Virgin will start sending "normal" (i.e. filthy rich) people into space from 2008 for a mere US$20,000. Hang on, thats the deposit...the full cost is US$200,000 Well..i wont be going anytime soon...unless people here want to donate money to the "Send Cube Into Space" find... The trip sounds quite exiting, and the views will be quite spectacular. First ship is VSS (Virgin Space Ship) Enterprise (i wonder where they stole that from...). Original (the second is expected to be called VSS Voyager...imaginative people these virgin folk. What do you all think about this?
  25. Seemlessly joined animated GIFs

    the balls are transrfered all over the place. none are made/destroyed. And it is possible to follow balls in complete circles...its just extremely hard when it goes of the edge