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  1. Family Genes

    I dont see much similar between me, my brother, and my 5 sisters. (well, half-siblings though, only one is a "proper" sister. we have nothing in common at all.)
  2. Take the IQ test

    Monkeys have been known to generate high IQ scores by answering randomly...
  3. There is one....i think its revo-europe or something like that...cant remember it well though
  4. 7/10 looks cool, but the line glow makes it difficult to see.
  5. The craters, if filmed in black and white, would look a lot like the moon, would it not?
  6. Young Enterprise

    Well, the finals are soon, so we may as well have a thread. Is there anyone here taking part in the Young Enterprise company? If so, what does your company do. The company I'm part of is called Limited Edition. Prettey much all we do is make personalsed mugs for people, with a hefty profit. (but we're still cheaper than Boots, and we do some designing for people too). We also make special mugs to celebrate our school's 50th Anniversary, and the school itself bough 140 of them. A few hundred pound pofit for us. Naturally, as the one who failed art at pre-GCSE, im the graphics designer for the team, and many people seem to like my "simplistic" designs. I also made the company's logo animated.
  7. Young Enterprise

    Well, i found out today that my company is going through to the North Wales Final. And were starting work now. (the report and presentation that we had to hand in beforehand were done the day befor they were due in. we started sorting out the board on the day of the competition). And after robbing the good ideas from the winning company (and others), were gonna kick their arse in the next round.
  8. Young Enterprise

    Prestatyn - Denbigshire.
  9. Why dont they send "illigal" versions of their software all over the net, p2p and bit torrent, but FULL of spyware, viruses and not even include most of the program;s code...
  10. Young Enterprise

    Well, I went to the Denbigshire final today. Our company came a very close second. the winners won due to their product beign more "innovative and original". They sold Car Air Freshners. However, as the people organising the event strongly disagreed with the judges, they are goint to try and get both my company and the winning one into the North Wales final. Anyway, my company won the "Best Display" (people were impressed my the short repeating video that i made), and I won the "Best Individual Acheaver" Award (which i didnt know i was even entered for until i had an interview about it). So, a quite succesful night. (if we get through).
  11. 5/10 OKish for paint, a bit small. Nice font though /\ my new signature, forgot how small the allowed height is on this forum (strangely, the forum told my it was too big...i wonder why it doesnt notice the 600 pixel wide one a few posts above...)
  12. Only problem i have with multiplayer is the human opponents.
  13. Nintendo Revo= Nintendo GO?

    Plus, the "Ninteno GO" looks like it was made by some complete amature 3D moddeler...
  14. New Star Wars TV Show Details

    Well, if its good, it will last a few seasons, then be cancelled. (will porbably happen to BSG soon too, unfortunately). That seems to be the trend of all the great sci-fi TV series (happened to Futurama, Enterprise and Firefly). Anyway, filling the gap between prequels and the classic seems like a great idea. (they should do that with Star Trek).
  15. Windows Live Messenger Beta Invites

    The newest version is basically 7.5, but a LOT nicer.
  16. What MP3 player do you have?

    A 128MB ministry of sound crap thing. Twas given to me.
  17. PS3 screens

    As in a simple texture with a simple bump map applied to it?
  18. how about gaming as a medicine?

    OMG. I need to get my doctor to talk to my parents (who limit my gaming - making me MORE depressed).
  19. Your favourite TV theme!

    Star Trek: DS9 (latter version) Star Trek: Enterprise (IAMD version) Futurama
  20. Mp3 Audio ripping from a DVD

    You could use http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ to record your computer's sound output.
  21. Whats the best Antivirus program

    Linux. mac's can get viruses.... Anyway, i got norton free with my laptop. Uninstalled it about 20 minuites after installing and got the much better AVG instead.
  22. Vista Thread

    Its more of buying a car with out a stereo, but with the ability to drive around the corner and get a better one for free. Home Basic will do me, as you can get all the media/entertainemt software you need for free.
  23. It's ok with a patch that removes all the annoying "features". And as far as i know, its never been "fun" or "reliable". It looks a bit better, but it doesnt remember your display picture or colour preferance.