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  1. Doctor Who

    Good point. "decent" is far below the standard of the eposides of his that I have seen, which have all been "great". So, making one thats only "decent" would be very rare.
  2. New Red Hot Chili Peppers Album!

    25 great songs. 3 so-so songs. I'd reccomend it.
  3. Total BS. The FACT is this: the FHC was partly designed to be used like a NES controller, using 2 hands. Comment on thew controller, yes, but you can't comment on ts ergonomics until you try it out. I love how you seem to hate whatever Nintendo think of, without giving it a chance. Genious? A 3-year-old could think up that. Its just so simple... Anyway, i hope this Racing game is something like F-Zero, or something totally new. Unless its a GT clone (but then, they could pull it off). Perhaps they're just finishing off Donky Kong Racing...
  4. Doctor Who

    http://www.deffryvaleschool.org.uk/index.shtml A website "about" the school the episode was filmed in.
  5. Game's Revolution Update email.

    Nope, just the only one who thought it was funny enough to mention.
  6. DVD recommend?

    I reccommend: (oh and have you checked play.com?) Firefly Serenity Futurama 1-4 Star Wars 1-6 (or wait for the complete box set) Lord of the Rings trilogy Extended Editions War Of The World Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Ware-Rabbit Sahara King Kong (Peter Jackson's)
  7. Doctor Who

    Cool box. But a bit expensive (£10.99 on play). But then, most TV DVD's are
  8. Game's Revolution Update email.

    Wiimail...i naver knew game actually had some humour.
  9. Does that mean...

    I'd say wait until E3 is over.
  10. Newspapers

    I dont see any point of newspapers...i get all the news i need for free on my homepage.
  11. Doctor Who

    It was a TARDIS malfunction. Or perhaps it has a mind of its own at times.
  12. 3D Modelling Thread

    I made a few samples of the grass, then used the "scatter" tool in 3ds Max.
  13. Basically, JavaScript has recently just stopped working. In FireFox, it simply does nothing, and it causes IE 6 & 7 Beta 2 to crash. I've checked the security settings in FireFox, IE, plus the Jave settings in control pannel. Don't seem to be any problems there. And while im here, problems with the latest version of FireFox - The bar at the bottom is 5 times larger than it should, so it reduces size of the viewing window quite a lot, also sometimes it either: - Doesn open, and i hace to ctrl-alt-del, end prodram and start it again - Forgets my bookmarks completely (luckily i have them all on my Google Homepage) - Forgets to load the extentions. But sometimes its fine (except the bottom bar). I've reinstalled it a number of times. Anyone got any ides on how to fix any of these? Thanks in advance
  14. Problem With JavaScript

    Strangely, it works in Opera.
  15. Doctor Who

    Their aim was to take control of Queen Victoria - not assassinate her.
  16. Is he blind? Its much easier to see the top-most window in Vista. XP - Very slightly lighter on unselected windows Vista - Huge Green "X" Glowing on top window. Now, the big green close button is much better, as it only takes a 1-milisecond glance at the screen to find it.
  17. Heres the thing about the government. They make 1000s of good choices. Noone notices. They make one mistake, and everyone is against them. Now, 1023 in 6 years...thats 170.5 a year, and just over 14 a month. Now, it doesnt say anywhere that they didn't finish their sentence. Basically, the whole news story says "14 foreign people a month are not considered to be thrown out of the country when they finish their prison sentence." The media just makes it sound like "OMG! 1,023 Killers and Rapist were just freed in their first week in prison for no reason. WERE ALL GONNA DIE!!" edit: Also, monitering people costs a lot of money. For a system where all these people are monitered, taxes would have to be a LOT higher.
  18. A sony revolution?

    Even if the 4th Dimension IS time. For something to be 4D, it should technicaslly be able to traverse the timeline as it can x,y and z. So it would have to be able to go backwards in time too. Think TARDIS.
  19. The font in mine is called "minimal hard"...i like it because its stylish and square-ish, even if it is the same font as the "PS2" logo. And the ball and grass are all rendered 3D objects. 8/10 Love galactica, and its got a nice top/borrom border.
  20. Nice image. Just a beutiful screenshot. Not too fond of the text, tho 8/10
  21. 3D Modelling Thread

    Time to bump this. Heres my latest attempt at moddeling: [Click on the image for a 1280x800 pixel one. (size of my desktop)]
  22. Virtual Console Wish List

    Depends massively on the pricing.
  23. DVD Playback On Revolution

    I think the dongle will probably be region-free. For the same reason that HD DVD and Blu-Ray players are - theres no point manufacturing different ones when its easy for people to modify to make them multi-region, plus the gap in releases in different countries is just getting smaller - so importing will probably take longer than waiting
  24. A sony revolution?

    Noone knows what 4D is. When people say 4D is time, it is one of the many theories. Anyway, one thing to note is for now, standalone Blu-Ray players are going to be rather expensive...as in $1,000 is the cheapest one announced.
  25. DVD Playback On Revolution

    Ugliest fake attachement i have ever seen.