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  1. Wii Hardware Discussion

    Has anyone noticed changes in the controller? - Looks longer - Start/Select replaced with +/- - Power button chanded to circular. - Speaker added - a/b replaced with 1/2 - port altered. edit - those holes on the bottom to attach attachments securely? Classic controller:
  2. Nintendo Conference Disscussion

    Classic Controller http://uk.gamespot.com/news/6149763.html "Classic" controller revealed.
  3. Wii Sports

    Table Tennis is basically Pong Wii. This game sounds ace. I hope they add other bat/racket sports to the game. like Squash, Badminton and Beating up monkeys with baseball bats.
  4. New EGM

    Wrong mag.
  5. New EGM

    Do you happen to have a scanner?
  6. New EGM

    Well....the Zelda and MP3 news contradicts other sources...
  7. Galaxy or Dairy Milk????

    I'm just stating that the only difference between Dairy Milk and the Bubbly varient is that they replace some chocolate with air in the bubbly one...
  8. The 2006 GCSE Thread

    Heres a tip about revision*: If you only revise for subjects you enjoy/are good at, then you will mess up the exam for that subject (i got around 50to60 percent in the 2 IT GCSE papers - reducing my grade to a low "A"). If you don't revise for something you hate, you'll to really well (like my A* in maths) note: tip may not work for most people
  9. Google Mars

  10. Galaxy or Dairy Milk????

    The one where they charge you extra, and give you air instead of half the chocolate?
  11. Google Mars

    Seen it ages ago. Just waiting for them to put it into Google Earth.
  12. Doctor Who

    As in most people who watch it arn't kids.
  13. Don't eBay only "look after" transitions for 14 days?
  14. Wii Nintendo is Online!

    But is unfurtunately exactly the same
  15. Galaxy or Dairy Milk????

    Around here, theres around 1-2p difference in most shops...(and galaxy is normally the cheaper)
  16. Galaxy or Dairy Milk????

    Galaxy by miles.
  17. Doctor Who

    It's as much of a kids show as Star Trek....
  18. Just seen MI3....

    So, basically, this guy is rubbish at directing films (but good with TV shows). I just hope he does better with Star Trek 11 (although, as he planning to set it just before TOS, it doesnt even sound interesting to start off with).
  19. Do you shut down ?

    I ususally put my laptop into sleep mode (i.e. i just close the lid)
  20. So, instead of a free once-in-a-lifetime holiday, you'll rather have pizza every week, which: 1. Most people can buy anyway 2. Is nothing special 3. You'll get bored of it having it every week. I take it you'll also say no to a free 2-week holiday to spain, italy or florida just so you can buy a new DVD, or something like that...
  21. Casino Royale Trailer!

    If the bond films had a set timeline, wouldn't Bond be in his 60's or something?
  22. Nice images..although Falco looks a bit lika it was a quick C&P. still...design is quite nice. 7/10 because its not great
  23. Doctor Who

    Well, the storylines (in my opinion are strong). Also, (even tho i havent seen a Dr Who before the 10th Dr) i dont wee how the continuity errors can be bad. But then...i watch Star Trek. Also, after a 10-second search. There seems to be a few continuity errors in the old series 1 and 2, and i cant be bothered looking further.
  24. New Red Hot Chili Peppers Album!

    I'm not, but this is miles better than most of the rubbish in the charts nowadays.
  25. Google makes 3D sketcher

    You mean "buys, and gives a slightly simpler version of the main one out for free". Like they did with Keyhole (i think that's what it was) aka Google Earth. Useful for simple models.