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  1. Funny videos, flash games, etc

    Completed level 2. Got bored.
  2. IGN E3 Awards are up.

    Wow..the award is just...shocking.
  3. How do I dump a girlfriend?

    "I think we should just be freinds"
  4. NGC magazine

    Actually, they did that free gift twice. (i got both of them). Yea, the best thing about N64/NGC was the humour. But i stopped getting it (had every issue since 24) when they took around 20 pages out, put it in a cheap cover and filled 10 more pages with rubbish posters.
  5. 3D Modelling Thread

    Wow. It looks ace.
  6. I had my 6th Form Leaving Do last night. Had my camcorder with me too. Lets just say. lots of drinking and dancing. (watching drunken teachers trying to dance is quite funny - expacially one of the Religious Studies teachers smoking and drinking at the same time). The whole night was fun (well, after a load of alcohol). Only thing i regret is trying to hit on one of my friends (didnt work as she has had a boyfriend for over a year now)...im not looking forward to talking to her on monday. But then, i am looking forward to showing the teachers the videos.
  7. Like Futurama and South Park?
  8. Your favorite "Bad" game?

    Yea, its an ace game Pity I didn't get to finish it (i can't do the darn DK arcade for the second time).
  9. Wii boxart?

    They don't even have the publishers, developers or the seal on them....
  10. piczo

    Because 80% of them basically say: "im young and single so rape me now"
  11. piczo

    I hate piczo. However, Google Pages seems good. Great interface, best customisation, easy to use and quick to publish.
  12. Doctor Who

    Part 2 tonight. Can't Wait.
  13. SOLVE MY MAZE! Pokemon Stadium was pretty shit, worst 64 game i played.
  14. Playstation Discussion Archive

    UK Price confirmed to be £425. pick your source: http://news.google.co.uk/?ncl=http://www.bit-tech.net/news/2006/05/18/uk_playstation_3_425/&hl=en
  15. Chocolate Hobnobs

    Anyway, chocolate caramel digestives are the best.
  16. Wii drums

    Im guessing that all these "tech demos" (Tennis, Golf, Baseball, Orcestra, Drums and Aeroplane) plus a few more will be bundled with or in the console. Well, i hope so anyway. (would make sence with nintendo's stragegy - much simpler for non-gamers to start if you don't need to by seperate games to start off with).
  17. Chocolate Hobnobs

    Hobnobs?? Never heared of them.
  18. last 3 look a bit fan-drawn. First one looks cool though. edit: They are even a completely different style to Minda riding Wolfie.
  19. A Piccy of one of my characters

    Great Bender quote. Anyway, looks good. Shoes could do with touching up a bit.
  20. Anoying dancing emoticons and a wierd sentence... 3/10. Sorry.
  21. Wii release date?

    The website is registered to "Go Daddy Software, Inc"...
  22. Actually, some sections of the trailer are in-game with the camera angle changed and HUD removed. (you can tell which ones by the movement of the characters). Nintendo's press screenshots even has parts of the trailer in a "game" folder, with others in "movie"
  23. I read in an interview somewhere that Iwata thought about a lightsaber game, and had the idea for the speaker in the Wiimote from it. edit: not quite http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/businesstechnology/2002990889_ethree13.html
  24. Why is Europe always ripped off??

    599 U.S. dollars = 316.85 British pounds PS3 in uk: £425. £108.15 more expensice.