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  1. The pictures or the writing doesnt mean much to me...could have a bit more contrast. Animation looks a bit too jumpy (but thats probably due to the file size limit). Overall...ill have to hive it a 5/10. edit: a bit about my sig...well i made all of it myself. The....erm....thing was done in 3DS max and the backgroung done in photoshop. Took around 10 mins to do.
  2. First Wii EU prices for games revealed

    There just putting them the same price as PS3 games.
  3. Got a HD-TV now what?

    I agree. I still can't believe my step dad spending that much on something thats spends 80% of its time on CeBeBies (the TV must be on the channels HIS kids want). Lets see...we are paying for normal Sky, Sky Movies, Sky Sports, Sky + and Sky HD. Oh, and we have HDD/DVD recorder for when Sky + gets filled.
  4. What counts as completing a game?

    You complete the game when you get to the end credits You finish a game when you've got/unlocked everything you can.
  5. Got a HD-TV now what?

    If you don't want Sky HD (i just got it installed today - the detail is amazing, but theres only arount 10 channels at the moment), you will have to wait for a HD freeview box to come out. Other than that there will be HD-DVD (even more expensive than Sky HD), and Blu-Ray (more expensive than HD-DVD - cheapest thing so far that plays Blu Ray is £425). On top of that, you still need to buy the movies and a decent HDMI lead. One thing that may work is getting your hands on HD tv shows via the internet, putting one show on a DVD/SD card (if your TV takes them) in mpeg4 (i think) format and playing those. But i'm not sure it will work. I recon that 2008 will be the year for HD, when the disk format is decided.
  6. Post your desktop (56k time to Panic!)

    ^Click^ I never use desktop icons, so i got rid of them all. Wallpaper was made by me in 3DS max
  7. Cons!

    Don't care about lack of HD. DS-style online is OK for me, name is great...the only con i can think of is lack of online games at the start...but then, we don't know everything about online or the games...perhaps the TGS will focus on the online part of Wii...
  8. I would hate that - clones can still make for some variation, and theres no point having them if you can only unlock them with a SSBM save. Would be annoying. Now, downloadable clones (if free) would be perfect.
  9. NGC magazine

    You must have a crap postman, then. Mine were fine, i hated it when they just cut a large chunk off (which happened at the same time as a price increase IIRC)
  10. Wii Camera

    or one of the people who will print off a photo of him and take a photo of the photo using the Wii camara?
  11. Adverts That Blow 2006

    ARRGHH!! now i can't get the damn thing out of my head. its catchy and anoying. Hate it. (i suppose its supposed to be like that tho)
  12. Doctor Who

    Last night's episode was great (apart from the inconsistencies to RL - like the weather, date of first home video, buildings, etc). But still, great plot. Next on sounds ace, too.
  13. Reggie Getting Down

    OMG! He's a robot! (well, he dances like one)
  14. Coca-Cola has a very bright idea...

    but they've been OK for over 50 years... Heres a neat gallery of smarties tubes. http://hometown.aol.co.uk/northerntrumpet/SMARTIES.htm
  15. Coca-Cola has a very bright idea...

    yes, if you shake it enough. (note that the explosion is only the coke, and not the plastic)
  16. First box: Your Nickname Second: Theme of post 1) Comment, 2) char suggestion 3) music suggestion third: post
  17. Wii Domains

    Suprisingly, they don't seem bothered about wii.com (redirects to a company which make wood products)
  18. Wii Domains

    WiiBreeding? A mating game, possibly? (ok, its unlikely)
  19. Reggie promoted to president

    Apparantly he worked for: VH1 - Responsible for 30% ratings increase; and organised The Concert for New York City Panda Management Pizza Hut - Launched the Bigfoot Pizza and The Big New Yorker Guinness Import Co. and a few others.
  20. Coca-Cola has a very bright idea...

    Is it me, or does the World Cup on the label look like they spent 2 seconds in paint putting it on?
  21. Halogen Lights Confuse Wii! OH NO!!!

    Ah, so basically: The WiiMote will work better than TV remotes, but are both affected by powerful halogen lights. And as pretty much all halogen lights can be easily tilted anyway, simple pointing it away from the wiimote will do the trick.
  22. Has anyone got this yet? I decided to try it out yesterday. Most programs have a brand new User Interface, and i must say is fantastic. No more searching through a load of options to do simple things. Another thing it can do now (the only reason i used open office over 2003) is Formulas. Which is great and works wonderfully. Heres a brief guide to the program's i've tried out. Microsoft Office Word 2007 One of the programs using the new UI. I must say, its wonderfully set out. It seems that there are also many more features, such as a button to change the case of the letters. FINALLY! (also if you start a sentence with caps lock on and type "tESTING" or something, it fixes the case AND turn caps lock off. YAY!) It is now easy to set "watermarks" - both text and pictures, and simple tasks like changing from portrait to landscape is but a few simple clicks away, rather than hidden in an obscure menu. There are also many image effects, easy equation/formula and symbol adding. You can now easily create geat-looking hierarchical, flow and cycle diagrams (plus a few more). Spell check can now ignore URLs and E-mail addresses, and you can also save any fonts used within the .docx (the new file format - but saving as .doc is simple) file (you can chose to save none, just the characters included or the whole font). Formatting text is now extremely easy. Overall: A great Word Processer that is very easy to use. Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 Beta 2 To be honest, i havent really found much differece in Publisher - old UI, may be a few new features but i havent used it much. Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2007 Beta 2 What they've done to Word, they've done to this, but suited to the program (obviously). Much easier to use. Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Beta 2 Haven't used it. Googlemail is good enough how it is. Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Beta 2 Same as usual, much easier to use, fomulas easy to get to (all of them!) and sorted in good catergories. Charts/Graphs have much more customisation. Formatting cells is much better. Microsoft Office Access 2007 Beta 2 Same as usual, great UI, easy to use. Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 Beta 2 A form designer. Looks to be able to create very professional-looking forms, but will requite getting used to. Note these are just the basic programs - there are a few more you can get. Overall, a great package. And I've found no bugs in them at all yet.
  23. Microsoft Office 2007 Beta 2

    Office itself is 440MB and includes Word, Powerpoint, Publisher, Excel, Access, Outlook and InfoPath (you can only get the pack) FrontPage 2007 doesn't exist, but a much more complex html editor called SharePoint designer is 226MB.
  24. Halogen Lights Confuse Wii! OH NO!!!

    damn. I've got 4 in my room. (hopefully, my uni room won't have them). I hope they fix it - they are quite common now.
  25. Microsoft Office 2007 Beta 2

    http://www.microsoft.com/office/preview/default.mspx Beta is free.