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  1. So, who wants to buy a sea monster?

    He sends them what is in the pictures - i.e. dead fish cut up ans stiched together in various ways.
  2. Monopoly: Nintendo

    The boots and koopa shell need to go. Instead you need stuff from other Nintendo games. (theres already a Mario and Zelda one there). Perhaps - Blue Falcon (F-Zero) - Metroid (Metroid) - T-Block (Tetris) - Arwing (Starfox) - Flower Pikmin (Pikmin)
  3. 24: The Movie

    Because the total running time for the series is approximately 18 hours?
  4. So, who wants to buy a sea monster?

    Who would want to buy bits of dead fish sewn together?
  5. Check out my new 42" Sanyo PDP-42WV

    I've got: HD 38" Panasonic Plasma TV (with built-in freeview, SD card slot. We also have Sky HD connected to it) HD-enabled Sanyo Projector (the screen automatically comes down when you turn the projector on).
  6. Random Opera Errors

    Sometimes on Opera, some css stylesheets for php works fine in windowed, but not on full-screen mode (it just turns into plain text). Any idea why? (and, i use Firefox, i just need opera for the "full screen" feature for an offline website..unless theres something similar for firefox)

    Damn, why do they put so few of each item on there? Anyway...Parfect Dark CD. Don't Rare hold the copyright for that music. Hmm....perhaps it's a hint as to the second game for DS that Rare are working on (they announced ages ago they were working on 2 DS games). Or is that just hopeful wishing?
  8. It on the way to "photorealism", but its still a few billion miles away.
  9. Growing long hair

    90% of boys below 6th Form in my school seem to have long hair. Oh, and about skirts, thats a problem in my school. Its not that girld have to wear them (they dont), its the lengh that a majority of them have (school doesnt allow it THAT short, but the little shits dont listen).
  10. Doctor Who

  11. Beatiful EDGE Wii cover

    Can someone reupload the cover image - shitty imageshack have taken it down?
  12. http://officelive.microsoft.com/ free domain name (.com .org or .net), free hosting.
  13. Nice size, nice top/bottom border, nice left and right. Shame about the middle. 7/10
  14. Rate the last film you saw

    The Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy Missed it in the cinema, didn't get it on DVD, so today i finally got the chance to see this film. First of all, the quality of the image was simply amazing (due to watching it in HD). But, the movie itself seemed a little....lacking. It was still entertaining, but why did they get rid of the best part in the book (where Marvin talks to a ships computer and it commits suicide). Still, it was quite good, so ill give it 7.5/10
  15. Essential Programs

    Firfox has an extension called AdBlock. Also, go to http://www.apatch.tk to get rid of msn ads. One program i reccomend is Google Desktop http://desktop.google.com Great search speed, sidebar and widgets. Edit: http://free.grisoft.com/doc/1 for AVG free
  16. AOL Trouble!

    If you are using AOL's browser, go here: http://www.getfirefox.com
  17. AOL Trouble!

    What browser?
  18. Pokemon cartoon chat

    I used to like the pokemon cartoons (well....first one or 2 seasons). Then I played the game. Was enough to put me off pokemon forever.
  19. Like kids? Me too.

    And it doesnt sound like they just support sex with children (sickening), but it seems they support sex with animals...
  20. Humanmetrics

    Was conclusive for me... Oh, and if your not bothered about what we're talking about, then why post...just makes you seem.....inadequate snd useless.
  21. Humanmetrics

    INTP. Basically, im a thinker. First possible career on the list: Scientists - especially Physics, Chemistry So, its very accurate. Im doing a Physics and Astrophysics degree next year at uni, hopfully getting a physics-based career after that.
  22. Ubisoft hint at Wii specs

    Already mentioned. Everyone knows it fake.
  23. Pandora.com (try this shit out)

    Tried: "Angels and Airwaves" and "Angels & Airwaves".. its neve heared of them. Stupid thing.
  24. 3D Modelling Thread

    Nice work, the shield could be touched up a bit tho (looks like the details ant attached to the shield). How'd you do the grass?
  25. Yea...chosing the font is always something i find impossoble to do. Any suggestions? Anyway, your sig looks ace. Unique size, and nice thick border (looks good on yuor sig for some reason). Lovely font, too. 8/10....only problem is the right side seems a tad bit...empty.