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  1. Something to think about

    I don't like multiculturalism. Multiculturalism destroys British heritage, culture and history. Multiculturalism makes Britain more politically correct, because people are afraid of offending other religons, races and cultures who live in this country. What I also hate is when the ethnics speak their own native language instead of English.. Excuse me, you are in ENGLAND now, SPEAK ENGLISH! When in Rome, do as the Romans.. I will always beleive in that sentence.
  2. http://artpad.art.com/?ithsoj18it04 Traveling through space on a bike.
  3. Yes. It's time to show our British identity instead of the far-left goverment trying to get rid of it. We are a unique country with our own heritage, we should be proud of it. And if anyone isn't proud of your identity and heritage, you have been brainwashed into thinking Britain is "bad".
  4. Have NOM UK broke up?

    Is this rumour true that the Nintendo Official Magazine UK team has left the magazine or summat?
  5. Doing anything tonight?

    Went to Leeds today 10pm till 11pm, crowded as hell, then went back home, drank lots and watched tv.. now it's 1:09 and i feel dizzy with the loads of alcohol ive consumed tonight.
  6. This forum = SLOW

    This forum is so S L O W. Fix it before you loose members, cos it's bugging the crap out of me when I log in and it's taking forever to load the forums up. I don't have any trouble with other forums either, so it's just this forum that's sluggy.
  7. adam & steve

    I don't really care tbh. But what I do care is when gay men are REALLY camp it pisses me off so much. Why can't gay men just act normal instead of pissing people off like flapping their arms around, screaming all the time, and talk with a fake lisp.
  8. I think we evolve into grey aliens, but we call them "aliens", I think grey aliens are actually really extremely developed human beings, but from another world.
  9. How would you like that cooked sir?

    I love steak, I like it best when it's well-done, nice and burnt. With fat chips by the side of it, add abit of pepper and salt to the steak and dip it in tomato sauce is lovely.
  10. Guys, he said only comment on the first choice you make.
  11. 1. The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time - Well, it's the FIRST EVER 3D ZELDA GAME, and it's probably the most adverturous Nintendo game ever, I was gob-smacked when I first played this game on my N64 in 98', it was just so huge for that time. 2. Earthbound 3. Banjo Kazooie 4. Paper Mario 2 The Thousand Year Door 5. Donkey Kong Country 2
  12. Happy Thanksgiving

    4/5ths of us don't celebrate Thanks Giving.
  13. cool christmas lights

    What are you, Muslim? Yeh, those Christmas lights rock. :awesome:
  14. Immigration. The UK is slowly looking like a third-world country. And our culture is slowy demolishing because of immigrants fleeing to our country, they're making OUR country look like India. That's my opinion.
  15. i have no more grandparents left

    I've never knew my dads side of the family, I might have more than 1 grandparent alive, but I don't know. The only last remaining grandparent of mine (that I know of) is my grandad, he is 71, my grandma died a few months ago (70), it's quite strange that my grandma died first than my grandad, because usually its the other way round. But I was very sad at her death, very sad.
  16. Rare talks on THE Revolution controller

    Guys, this is fake..
  17. Vote Conservative

    David Cameron is a clone of Tony Blair, he looks like a bloody pansey.
  18. STAR WARS, EH?

    Star Wars is huge, it's a huge storyline, there's so many characters, theres so many locations, there's so many alien species. There's just so much in the Star Wars series to know about. There's even alot of politics in Star Wars with the Galactic Empire and there racist attitude.
  19. What is your ethnic background? I'm English with a very tiny percentage of French on my mums side of the family.
  20. What is your ethnic background?

    You can't have an ethnical background as Australian unless you are a native australian, because all white Australians are Europeans.
  21. You know, I have been desperate to get a new RPG for the Gamecube, I have Paper Mario 2 and that was great, but I was wondering where the hell are all the RPG's? I came across Skies of Arcadia Legends, the original SoA for the Dreamcast is ment to be really great, so SoAL is just a remake with a few added bits. I've seen the screenshots of it and it looks very "Zelda-ish" ToS on the overhand seems very popular on forums and game review websites, but by looking at the screenshots for this it just looks.. cheap and crap. But everyone loves it. So which one, in your opnion, is the better game?
  22. I'm basing all my opinions based on the screenshots I have seen for both games, I havn't played any of them. I think Skies of Arcadia LOOKS better than ToS, but on the overhand, ToS gets more praise.
  23. This Month's NOM.

    NOM also hate RARE (Rareware) with a passion, they rated DKC 1 & 2 for the GBA way too low.