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  1. The Resident Evil Series

    Play the 2nd and then the 3rd, the 3rd is a prequel for a reason, and enjoy because theyre great games.
  2. Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops Plus

    Yeah the second one sucks really, get the first one, I was amazed at how little Portable Ops Plus involved a story mode....I figured youd get a little bit of story here and there...but nothing
  3. XBox 360 Faults, Need Volunteers

    Hi Im doing a college radio show this year as part of my end of year CAs, and I was looking to do a special on Microsofts XBox360 faults. Its my aim to speak to Microsoft Representatives and Consumers alike so I was wondering if anyone on the board would like to speak about their experiences or horror stories. I could arrange to ring them from the studio and pre record an interview, which I will then obviously edit down and use on the programme. I am interested in hearing the truth and the facts so I will certainly not splice your words. You can respond to this thread or send me a PM. Thanks
  4. F*** You Microsoft!!!

    BBC Watchdog did a programme about this a year or so ago, when it recieved 248 complaints in a couple of months from the UK. You can find the results on YouTube, I urge you to check it out.
  5. Resident Evil 5

    Resident Racism I wonder? I dont believe all of this anti-African stuff I'm hearing against Resident Evil, I dont think people understand, its just a game. It does have an affect on young childrens minds, but its not marketed for them, and its a video game.
  6. GTA IV

    This map of GTA looks bigger than New York! How much are you going to fit into the game. I would say the free roaming aspect will just be too much, you could end up driving around for months.
  7. The Official MGS4 Thread.

    Metal Gear Solid on PSOne changed video gaming for me, and although I dont have a PS3, I still feel I must play this game. Im looking forward to a game that quite frankly allows MGS the platform its always wanted. MGS has been a 'blockbuster movie game' for many years now and this is exactly what it needs to represent itself.
  8. Save the Retro games - do your bit

    Im technically Irish, not actually Scottish, but thanks for the welcome and I love your country its never made me feel anything but at home. You know they've released a Wii version of that now?
  9. Save the Retro games - do your bit

    I had wondered why Gamestation had gone from cool retro stockists to piss poor Gamecube stockists, they had practically nothing the last time I visited them, and I was quite pissed. Thank god Fopp is coming back to Edinburgh or Id go completely mad.
  10. official rare gamecube game thread!

    As rare NGC games go I have the original Lego Star Wars, Metal Gear Solid and all the Resident Evils bar Code Veronica...so I suppose theyre pretty hard to get
  11. F*** You Microsoft!!!

    A few weeks ago I was turning off my little brothers XBox 360. The controller had froze on GTA and I was trying to restart the system. Holding down the power button i saw that red light and start panicing inside:shakehead Somehow the machine turned off and then when I restarted it a few moments later there wasnt a problem. I havent had a bother since then but Ill tell ya if that had of been the red light of death my brother would have certainly ended my life.
  12. The Official MGS4 Thread.

    This game will be fantastic, I can feel it!
  13. How many gamecube games you have left

    Resident Evil Resident Evil 0 Resident Evil 2 Resident Evil 3 Resident Evil 4 Lego Star Wars; The Video Game Tony Hawks Underground 2 Tony Hawks American Wasteland Metal Gear Solid; The Twin Snakes Super Mario Strikers Wrestlemania X8