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  1. Dissertation Questionnaire

    Hey guys, I'm doing some research for my dissertation topic 'female representation in videogame culture' and it would be a massive help if anyone browsing the forum could take the time to fill in my questionnaire to aid my research. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DBSD2JY It shouldn't take too long to complete and where applicable detailed answers will be appreciated. Thanks for reading. Start/Select.
  2. Dissertation Questionnaire

    Thanks to all those who have filled it in. I really appreciate it. The questionnaire is still open so if you know anyone who would be interested in contributing please send of link them this questionnaire. Thanks again!
  3. Wii Sports Resort

    Just posted a review of this over at the site I write for. http://www.thatgamingsite.com/article/249/wii-sports-resort-review/ Hope you enjoy the read. It's a really great game that I highly reccomend to anyone who who enjoyed the original. Oh and for those who can't be bothered reading through five pages, I gave it a 8.5
  4. Wii Sports Resort

    Got my review copy through the mail this morning. No Frisbe sadly.
  5. I see what you mean. For example, I wouldn't expect the next Zelda game to include voice acting because I think we all have our own interpretations of how Link would talk but then again Zelda doesn't exactly have a heavy emphasis on reading and conversations whereas Another Code: R does. I think it depends on the gamer and I just felt AC:R could have benefitted from it.
  6. I guess the original EU trailer for the game set me up for a game with voice acting so I was dissapointed to not see it in the game. Glad you enjoyed the read
  7. Let's Tap

    Awesome, I don't think I still have the Wii Play box (it has been about two and a half years since I bought it) but I do have my DSi box so I might use that.
  8. Let's Tap

    I got a review copy of this from Sega today. I'm looking forward to trying it out. Any tips on what I should use for a box?
  9. Hey guys. My review for Another Code: R just went up. http://www.thatgamingsite.com/article/232/another-code-r-review/ Hope you guys enjoy the read. Also, I noticed someone asked about the reversible cover. I've had a look and no there was nothing there. It was a press copy so there is a chance that retail copies will have the reversible cover but I doubt it.
  10. I'd had a lot of time with Another Code R, I think I'm near the end and I've put about 15 hours into it give or take two for mindless wandering and being stuck on puzzles. I'll be posting a review of the game in the next 48 hours or so.
  11. For those interested. http://www.thatgamingsite.com/blog/10/another-code-r-unboxing/
  12. 1: I haven't actually checked... I didn't realise the japanese version had that. When I get a chance I'll have a look see and snap you guys a photo 2: I've been playing this on my 32inch Samsung and I have no real gripes with the graphics at all. Nothing looks jaggy persay, it actually looks good and is visually quite nice for a Wii game. What I will say is that when in conversations, the screen in split in half for each character just like Hotel Dusk on the DS. It's nothing major it just makes me feel like I'm playing on a DS Played about 5 hours of it yesterday, looking forward to spending some more time with it too.
  13. I'm a good three hours in but only on chapter 2. So far so good. Visuals are quite nice of the Wii but some of the character animations are hit and miss. A lot of dialogue and sadly no voice acting. The story so far is pretty decent too.
  14. Just got this through the mail. Nice boxing I must say. If you have any questions about the game, feel free to ask me and I'll get back to you with them
  15. Punch-Out!!

    http://www.thatgamingsite.com/article/212/punch-out-review/ My review =]
  16. Captain Rainbow!!

    Captain Rainbow for the next Smash Bros anyone?
  17. N-Europe Wants YOU!

    I just sent my application in. Can I get a confirmation that you've recieved it? thanks!
  18. Top 10 cancelled games

    I feel silly that I shoudl be blabbering about how much the world needs Shenmue 3 but let us not forget, Metroid Dread for the DS? I was excited for this after how much I enjoyed Metroid Fusion and hated Metroid Hunters. Shame they cancelled it -p
  19. NGamer Detail Animal Crossing Wii & Punch-Out Wii

    I'm suprised people actually care about Punchout so much, I really hope Nintendo haven't been saving it as their big E3 suprise and or reason to play wii this christmas.
  20. I saw this in someone elses post, but I'd seriously love to play Ocarina of Time of the DS, or even better Majoras mask.
  21. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    I used to be a pro with Samus in melee but they've made her much heavier to make Zero suit Samus much lighter, my new main character is Young Link, mainly because he's much easier to control and up and down sword attacks are sweet.
  22. official rare gamecube game thread!

    Don't really know how rare it is but I found Zelda: Four Swords in Gamestation today for £12. I think it is a pretty good deal.
  23. “Wii Breath” (US/EU) / “Wii Kikou” (Jap)

    It's gotta be a fake. If it's not then I think Nintendo have completely lost the plot...
  24. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (100% Spoiler-Free Topic)

    Game.co.uk - Order being processed - WHOOP WHOOP!
  25. official rare gamecube game thread!

    I sold about 90% of my GC collection after the launch of the wii, god knows why =[ I still have... Zelda Collectors edition - managed to snag a copy for the starts catalogue years ago, worth it just for Majora's Mask Pikmin Pikmin 2 - up until a while ago this went for bucket loads on ebay, I'd always wanted to get back into the Pikmin spirit and one fateful trip to my local gamestation, i found it for £17 =D Zelda Wind Waker -Limited Edition with Maser Quest Second Sight- Wouldn't really call it rare, or that great either. Killer 7 - Probably the best game on the system, pretty rare i'd say, atleast for the GC it is Resident Evil (REmake)- Best resident evil ever, couldn't let this go, not very rare mind. and finally Smash Bros. Melee - Not rare but goes for a mighty price still =]