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  1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I was waiting for that! And thanks! Watching now!
  2. Netflix

    Anyone else watched Godless? I had it on my list for an absolute age but finally finished it last night and it's great. Think I enjoyed it more as I'm playing through Red Dead Redemption 2 right now.
  3. What Have You Bought?

    Fair enough reasons friend but DAMN that's expensive!
  4. Man this game is huge. Just hit 50% of the game, chapter 4. Still enjoying immensely, just wish I could spend more time with it! Really learning to appreciate how Rockstar built and fostered such a great world/community. The camaraderie between the camp, the interactions, the dialogue....not just in cut scenes but just in passing is astounding. I know everyone bangs on about the level of detail in this game but it truly is astounding. Rather than fast travelling, I actually prefer to journey through the game's world and see what dynamic events come up. It just all feels organic/natural. Up there with God of War for my GOTY right now (Smash Bros I'm hoping, will complete the Holy Trinity).
  5. So this whole weekend (apart from a dinner out last night) has been taken up by this game and I can safely say I'm fully absorbed/integrated into this universe and set of mechanics. And wow, this game has got me HOOKED. I just want to play, play and play. Gone are my initial reservations about the controls, the crappy bounty system etc. For me this game ramped up about half way through chapter 2 and now I'm in the early stages of chapter 3. LOVE IT.
  6. Spider-Man (PS4)

    Disappointed by the DLC. Finished it earlier this week and it was pretty short. A bit too short. Also experienced a bug where I was web swinging and ended up going through a building and being trapped in said building. Literally couldn't get out. Had to restart checkpoint. Not great. I'd hold off from this if you're on the fence about picking it up.
  7. Agree with others - production values are through the roof. Graphics are gorgeous, weather effects are legit amazing. However some gameplay mechanics are rage inducing. Bounty system is just stupid and kills my enjoyment immediately. Controls don't feel very tight (standard for Rockstar I guess) and hand to hand combat feels awful. There's still more than enough to chew on but I do think this game is slightly overrated. But then again, I thought BOTW was crap so ya know....
  8. General Switch Discussion

    Agreed, got the 200GB here too and that should be fine....for now Curious to find out if anyone else experiences really crappy wifi from their Switch? Regularly get drop outs on Splatoon/MK via wifi but as soon as I connect via Ethernet, it's pretty consistent. Being a portable console, having to rely on a wired connection for a stable experience really is not ideal.
  9. FIFA 18

    Day 1 for me here. Will most likely get it on PS4 too for OMP. On the go, single player (and local MP) shall be awesome via the Switch - high hopes indeed. Would love to have OMP on the go but the Switch's shoddy Wifi puts an end to that.
  10. Splatoon 2

    So I bought Splatoon 2 two weeks ago, have yet to play it and understand nothing about what is being discussed. But I still want in....:P
  11. General Switch Discussion

    Yeah I saw this earlier. Glad to see more games coming up for the Switch even if they are indies (I need Smash Bros in my life).
  12. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

    I enjoyed this game. Does anyone like the short length of the game or is that just me? I find games these days too long as I get older and have less time for gaming. Really thought the story, dialogue and graphics were very good indeed. Naughty Dog, I salute you.....(but please do something different next time!) P.S Nice to see my name in the credits....GUESS WHERE I WORK
  13. FIFA 18

    That video footage looks decent! Deffo picking this up on day one.
  14. FIFA 18

    That (limited) video coverage from Eurogamer look solid. A decent port of 360/PS3 is all I wanted plus the omission of The Journey single player mode doesn't bother me at all - didn't think it added much anyway! Would rather they focus on ensuring online is as smooth as possible.
  15. FIFA 18

    To be honest I would take FIFA 15/16. That would be good enough for me (besides 17 wasn't much of an upgrade IMO and ruined the game). I think expecting any sort of parity with the Frostbite versions (X1 and PS4) is unrealistic. Still pumped at this news. Hope there's video footage to come out of Nintys presentation.
  16. Nintendo Spotlight: E3 2017

    Just give me Smash Bros this year. That's all I want. ITS ALL I NEEEEEEED
  17. FIFA 18

    Good news indeed. A good version of FIFA on the Switch is right up my street.
  18. Pokemon Direct 6th June 3PM

    Part of me is disappointed but at the same time, expecting an announce of a full on Pokémon game for Switch is a little early. Heck, if Nintendo themselves can only release ports of older games than why expect other studios to churn out anything quicker?
  19. General Switch Discussion

    Not surprised about the FIFA news. I just don't want a cartoony FIFA....
  20. General Switch Discussion

    Anyone else picked up Thumper this week? I like it but its bloody hard!
  21. General Switch Discussion

    Sigh...opinions eh Loving the new neon joy cons but having already brought 2 pro controllers, I'm not buying until the need arises. Which is a shame. Quick little story for you guys....multiplayer MK8 sessions have started to become the norm in my office. I know at least 5 others who regularly bring in their Switch and it has now reached the stage where I'm actually booking meeting rooms to hold our sessions. Madness I know. Although yesterday all meeting rooms were booked, we decided to head to our local pub for some 4 player action. All the staff were just watching us play! It was hilarious. I like to think I will be responsible for at least 2 people buying Switches in the next month hehe. SWITCH 4 LYFE P.S Just re-reading and it's safe to say I've become a brand advocate. Hardcore. Kewl.
  22. 70 hours spent and I've finished off the final boss. Ending was so unfulfilling for me. I was just left there, thinking 'was that it?'. I was actually a little annoyed by the abruptness. 90 shrines done, 80 Korok Seeds found. A great game, don't get me wrong but I would have preferred a more linear experience with more narrative. I'm tired of open world games (IMO I preferred Horizon's to BOTW anyway - kill me now!) and while this sandbox of a Zelda iteration was fun it just felt a bit....less meaty, less substance-y (ironic I know, considering how much time I spent on the game). I just didn't really feel anything for any of the characters. I enjoy side quests and such - this alone can provide character, fleshing out NPCs as well as giving a feel for the town or whatever place you're in the game. I appreciated that. But aspects like finding all the memories - they contained some really good scenes which provide a sense of story/purpose/characterization. I wish such elements were integrated into the main quest more rather than another thing you can do if you wanted to (FYI I found all the memories). I get that people want the choice - they can either choose to tackle the game in a weekend or take their time and explore the world. I just personally feel that it dilutes the experience more. Its hard to explain. It's like the choice of going to a restaurant. You can go to a buffet restaurant and have everything in whatever order/quantity you like. Wanna go straight for the ice cream and skip the starter? Go ahead and do that friend. Or do you want to go to another restaurant and instead pick a set menu which is made in such a way to take you on a culinary journey? I fall in the latter category (HATE buffet places with a passion - I've had many bad experiences!). I don't really know where I'm going with this but those are my thoughts on BOTW. Also I have never compared a game using an analogy based on restaurant type/choice. Interesting.
  23. General Switch Discussion

    Had something similar happen yesterday in the office too. 3 other dudes and I bought our Switches in. I shared my Switch with a colleague (I've recently got her into it haha) whilst the others had their own screens. We must have played for at least an hour (on top of our lunch break) and so many people were coming up to us and wanting to have a go. Definitely did my bit in marketing this thing ha (although when I told them the price, they were slightly less keen). Safe to say, it was a very fun Friday in the office yday!
  24. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    Ah guys I've been having so much fun with this game, especially over this weekend. At first I was struggling to get anyone to play MP with me (locally) when the game launched. Then it all changed. Played this with a few work colleagues who have Switches on Friday lunch time and had a blast. Friends came over to mine on Saturday and had a bloody HOOT playing this. Then had a session with the family today and likewise, had a BLAST. So glad I got a Switch - times like these was one of the main reasons I bought it in the first place. For the nostalgia of old, evergreen franchises like Mario Kart and bringing people together to have FUN. It's what Nintendo is all about. Just hurry up and announce Smash Bros next and I'll be sorted for the rest of the Switch's life cycle : peace: