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  1. what a stupid idea So they propose milking (presumably they'd need herds of) women rather than cows who, I'm pretty sure, need to be milked anyway, when at the same time I'm popping down to burger king and buying an Aberdeen Angus burger. They're kind of missing the big picture here.
  2. No I mean 1000+ pages. But Hey, no-one else on here seems to be worrying about work so I won't either. Just go down and get drunk
  3. @ English suckers. I got sent a letter at the beginning of Sept saying I had to read 2 novels before I arrived. Together it's over 1000 pages I'm not even nearly finished and I leave saturday. My plan is to use a plot summary off Wikipedia. Hopefully I won't be the only one who hasn't read it
  4. okay I hate pot noodle...but I WANT that fork
  5. ^ah alright the updated caption reads as follows: "As a topless girl walks past MoogleViper ends up spilling his lunch all over the floor" *when choosing the winner note that, though I can't see your face, you're obviously a dashing young man *
  6. As a topless girl walks past Bob ends up spilling his lunch all over the floor *maybe if you're using images of people on the forum you should give their name as well (for those of us who can't connect a name with the face)*
  7. That's good. The thing that's worrying me is who I'm gonna be living with; will we get on etc. Out of the thousands of people going to uni there's bound to be some really annoying or nasty people and they could all end up living with me
  8. Garry Glitter hires 4 acomplises to help him lure the nieghbours' children
  9. To the annoyance of adults everywhere a doctor happened to be on site to revive the teletubbies after a hit and run attempt
  10. At that moment Bill saw who had turned up the gauge on his sunbed
  11. Nice entries everyone and special props to MoogleViper & JimBob : peace: . However the winner is Skunky: Post away
  12. My mate's registered to get tickets to shows. Apparently it takes ages for anything decent to come up but we've seen Have I Got News For You, The Armstrong & Miller Show and Tonightly. It's worth going as before hand you get a comedian on to warm up the crowd as well.
  13. I dunno if this'll be okay - it's a clip from a movie - but I thought it looked kinda funny
  14. I can't belive I'm having to defend an advert in which a gorilla plays the drums to Phil Collins It speaks for itself as one of the greatest things eva!!! yeah the new one isn't as good but it's still a highlight in any selection of ads
  15. Seeing as it clashes with the start of me going to uni I'm probably not gonna see it but it does sound great. Are you an actor or director etc.?
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