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  1. Sexism

    The other night I was out with some friends and we wanted some food. it was nearly closing time and one of my friends(a boy) wouldnt get served even though he had money. So, two of my other friends(girls) went in, with no money, and got us laods of food.
  2. Weight Loss 2009

    Eating 6 smaller meals aday is far better then 3 larger meals. it keeps your metabolism high so you use more energy and therefore burn calories, that and exersise wont do any harm either
  3. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Thanks alot i will enojoy playing it. oh and well done Gizmo with your Exam results
  4. Would You Give Your Life?

    Very Well put. Its all down to morales I guess. but i guess whoever said you will only know if you are in that situation is right.
  5. Football Season 2008/2009

    O well No Riots from rangers fan. can only be a good thing. teach then a lesson or 2
  6. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Sorry quick question if anyone can answer. Ive started playing Mass Effect and it seems so hard Because i keep getting bombarded with information and there isnt really a tutorial to let you know how to work the characters(Eg fighting tactics and learning skills) Do you get used to this soon or am i guna have to listen to the codex and look everything up loads of times? Thanks
  7. Exam Results 2008!

    Thanks. Had really good teachers. Sarka got 5 As too and letty did great too
  8. Would You Give Your Life?

    they'd proberly land on there feet and get out of the way b4 it was too late. I wouldnt worry about it.
  9. Would You Give Your Life?

    OK, someone takes things too seriously HAHA. too funny not to laugh
  10. Exam Results 2008!

    I got my higher results today Music - A PE - A English - A Modern studs - A Biology - A I was so shocked but the hard work paid off good luck to everyone
  11. Would You Give Your Life?

    unless I found a really good reason not to, i would. i would'nt be able to live with the guilt knowing i could of stayed saved a life and passed up on it. Forget the hero crap. if you actualy were going to give your life you wouldnt do it to be a hero. thats too selfish a way of thinking that im sure you would actually rather live a long life than be a hero for a day. To give ones life to save another will on be in an act of unselfishness <(if thats a word) Im sure most people would for a family member. who knows?
  12. I would say Jordans getting the muscle on the go As for me I never actually played the 1st MGS or FFVII. I just can't bring myself to go back to the old PS1 Graphics. Someday I will get round to it
  13. Well This Is Awkward...

    Once me and my now ex-girlfriend were having a talk/fight and a bird shat on my leg... Awkward for a long time till a burst out laughing and the fight was over.
  14. Coffee: A thread for addicts.

    Hahah thats what I call humour. There is nothing like a fresh cup of coffee in the morning to wake you up. Once me and Letty went to aberdeen and our goal was to buy a coffee everytime we walked past a coffee shop... We failed
  15. Football Season 2007/2008

    Well then i guess for Harry hill its worth it. I dont support Rangers but it would be good to see them in the final. its been a great year for british clubs