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  1. Why gaming was better in the 90's

    Good old nostalgia. I'm not convinced games were better back then, but it does explain why I enjoyed them so much in the early 90s, given that the standard of some games today is much higher than anything that I could ever have dreamed of back in the day.
  2. Can You Put A Price On Friendship?

    Bwaaaahahaha! The sad idiots who are actually willing pay for this crap are a source of infinite amusement to me. I wonder if the companies who run these lines actually have the balls to keep some of the desperate loosers on hold for ages before they get to the chat (like the old ITV late night quiz shows). So some poor fools are paying for their 'friend' to keep them on hold while they finish chatting to someone else!
  3. Football Season 2007/2008

    Briatore really is mad, isn't he! The mind boggles at the thought of Zizou at Selhurst Park, especially if palace don't make it into the Premiership for next season. As a United fan I can't believe I'm doing this but - Come on Keegan's Toon!
  4. Top 20 Snes games (ScrewAttack)

    I'd have put DK3 in instead of DK - not the original, but to my mind 3's the best of the series
  5. Spyware

    I've always found adaware to be pretty good. The most important thing is to be carefuly what you click on and download. Personally I've always found that between Adaware, Sophos, Zone Alarm and Firefox I've never had a problem apart from one click on a dodgy link. Just don't ask your dad what he was browsing to end up with the problem
  6. Fan makes Metroid 2 Remake

    That looks really good, if only they'd let him caryy on and develope it some! I'd definately get it if it was available on Virtual console.
  7. The Book Thread

    I've been reading Solzenitsyn recently - books about life in Stalinist Russia. 'One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch' is brilliant, a single day in the life of a gulag prisoner. No great drama, just a really well written work which manages to really give you the thoughts and feelings of an individual in a prison camp. I'd really recommend it 'Cancer Ward' and 'The Red Wheel' are also both very good.
  8. What was the last game you played on the SNES?

    Our house was burgled about 6 months before the SNES went off sale. The burglary meant me and my brother upgraded our Master System and old, completed junk, for an awesome new SNES and the latest games. I think the last game I played on it was Donkey Kong Country 3, which was amazing. Last game I played on a SNES (at my bro's place) was either Super Tennis (bat!bat!bat!) or Street Fighter 2, at which he undoubtedly bum-burgled me.
  9. Mine was Super Mario on the Game Boy, the big, old chunky Game Boy. That was the game that got me into Nintendo.
  10. Point & Click Games ***With Human Avatar***?

    I'd recommend the monkey island games and indiana jones and the fate of Atlantis, obviously, and Grim Fandango. The Dig by Lucas Arts is pretty good, too.