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  1. Funny Stuff Thread

    Sup dudes, it's been a while haha. I put a video up today that turned out super awesome. Check it out
  2. 3D Modelling Thread

    When I was in college the professor showed us an interesting way to make a fake easy border around your models. His method was to take the mesh, scale it out a very small amount, flip the normals, and set the new mesh to be a flat, unshaded black. The problem there is that you double your triangle count, but... meh. I dunno if you'd be able to do a similar technique using a shader or not, but... that's the knowledge I have on the subject. That's just a screengrab of Maya's viewport renderer.
  3. 3D Modelling Thread

    Oh man, the 3D thread. I haven't been here in ages... Also, haven't done much 3D in a while. UNTIL NOW I've been working on a video, needed to create a few assets for the video :P EDIT:
  4. 3DS Console Discussion

    No the 3DS most likely can't run the games, but that's not the point really. The point is to just sell the 3D effect and give 3DS owners something more to play with on their shiny new toy because right now there's not much to do with it other than street pass stuff AR games, and DS games. Still a lovely system though
  5. Super Mario World (VC)

    Did it frustrate you enough to want to buy a better controller? Because you're in luck! They sell better controllers! (for the situation) I really am not a fan of the CC, haven't used a CCPro, but the normal CC is just... very blah to me. I bought it at launch and have played through Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario World, and Donkey Kong Country with it... but it just doesn't feel right. Then again I still have my SNES hooked up...
  6. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

    Oh sup, old thread for an old game This and Wind Waker are my two favorite Zelda games. This game just tried some neat things and I always felt like I was exploring something and just... it's a fantastic (and hard) game. I have three copies of this for the NES and I have another copy on the GCN collectors disk thing, and the GBA port as well. I'm a big fan of this one.
  7. Unused gaming items, levels etc

    So I was pretty huge into the Halo 2 modding scene back in the day. Halo 2 had HEAPS AND HEAPS of content left on the disk that was never used, so as a modder it was our job to return this content to the game and make it amusing. I can't find a video of what I want in this, but the map Relic had these pink shield things that originally were used to keep vehicles from driving up onto the base. You can shoot the shield and break it, and then the car can drive up there, but until then you're stuck out. They removed it for whatever reason, but left it on the disk, so we used it to make stair cases. That same map also had ODST Drop pods littered around the map, but we assume they were removed to clear up the terrain for easier vehicle movement. Ahh I wish I could find videos of other stuff they removed, but no dice. The most notable thing that I can remember from the game was Containment's shield/gate thing. There is a switch in Containment that when pressed lowers this big ramp so people can get into the base with vehicles. This originally also would lower this giant shield thing that covered the top of the base, and bring it down to the ground level so that although vehicles could get inside the base, they couldn't get to the flag/bomb plant location, and would give the bomb/flag a little bit more cover. For some reason they ended up just removing that shield entirely and stuck only with the ramp that lowers when the switch is pressed. That map also has land mines all over the map, and those land mines went through several revisions before finally coming up with the little triangle pyramid design. There are actually four different types of mines that are in the game on that map, but only one of them is ever actually used. EDIT: ALSO!! I know nearly everyone has seen this, but... It's very relevant to the thread haha. Basically, the Arwing was put in during development to test the Z-targeting stuff... and they never fully removed it from the game, so it can still be accessed using Action Replay or Gameshark codes.
  8. Forum User Photos

    That was my first hit of the day :/ haha The second one was from the same burst and hit my arm on bare skin too. Thats my sister. Most of the pictures of us together are like this. See? :P
  9. Favourite levels and/or sections

    Final Fantasy X (Click the link to go the start of the actual cutscene.) This scene on my second playthrough of the game made me nearly cry.
  10. 3DS Console Discussion

    That is awesome. I want my 3DS NOW! haha.
  11. General Retro Discussion

    Hey there folks. Long time no see :P
  12. Kotaku is pretty shit... but honestly this is the first I've even heard of the floods and such. And... as a collector... those pictures made me extremely sad. Like... for some reason I can sympathise more with this than I can with having my family get hurt or something because of it... because in my mind my collection is a lot more fragile than my family. They're humans, they're invincible... right?... This is shitty that it happened... and it's shitty to all those involved. This guy... I honestly... I don't know how I would handle this situation if I was him.
  13. Donkey Kong Country Series

    They were cheaper in Japanese... and I didn't think there would really be any loss to playing em in Japanese... little did I know about the banana coin stuff... I didn't play DKC2 or DKC3 really at all growing up... so when I saw both of these on ebay on the cheap I decided to pick em up haha. Also, I wanted some Super Famicom carts anyhow, so... yea haha I'm playing through DKC2 right now, just got to the 2nd world, so far it feels a lot less polished than the first game... :/ I don't think it's the nostalgia factor either.. but... *shrug* we'll see how the rest of the game goes
  14. If you liked the video please share it around and such. :P My roommates and I had a lot of fun with this one and I think it turned out great! Let me know what you guys thought of it
  15. I think my roommate might be a zombie..

    Haha thanks
  16. Drunken thread ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I feel like an ass.
  17. Kinect Discussion

    Yar^ Honestly I'd recommend Kinect Sports as a second game. It's heaps of fun and one of the games that I didn't get bored with haha. The only games that I really played over and over again were Kinect Sports and Dance Central, but I don't think he'd be much into Dance Central.... :P Or he might *shrug* I work up a good sweat playing it.
  18. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    I loved costume quest. The DLC just came out the other day, but I'm on holiday away from my Xbox so I can't get the DLC yet .
  19. Super Mario All-Stars

    I still have my NES and SNES hooked up. Handfull of copies of all the originals (sans Lost Levels) and even have three copies of Super Mario Allstars + World for SNES. If they would have updated the graphics for this I probably would actually go get it to play it. Part of me wants to buy it just because it's in a pretty box, which makes me feel ashamed of myself haha.
  20. good stuff thread.

    Haha thanks guys :P It's just a game testing job, so nothing super crazy, but it's still a good job haha. I still get paid to play a game for 8 hours a day, soooo I'm not gunna complain haha.
  21. Your favourite gamepad?

    Sega Activator.
  22. good stuff thread.

    Got hired by Microsoft. That's the best thing to happen to me today.
  23. Addicted to Games?

    Does playing a game for 8 hours a day count as an addiction? What if there's a paycheck behind it? :P haha While reading this thread I got a call back from Microsoft saying that I passed my interviews and I got a game testing job haha.
  24. Guy proposes through Nintendo

    I know plenty of people who put their proposals on youtube. Now she can even go back and watch the video later if she's feeling down or something. Hell, one of my favorite proposal videos is similar. He says "WHY? Because ALL my family and friends were able to witness it through this video." It's a personal thing, you do it in a way that is special to THAT relationship. Both guys succeeded wonderfully.