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  1. Big Internet Scavenger Hunt (BISH)

    ZOMG!! I thought you left because college and social life and all that stuff.. That's the mail reason i haven't really posted, so busy! I remember emo, didn't know that was you at all! Anyhow.
  2. Big Internet Scavenger Hunt (BISH)

    J7, Are you still around? I haven't loggin in in like 6 months.. I was actually thinking like yesterday how you disappeared completely, and then I decided to log in, and now you're here!? Sorry, bit off topic.
  3. Dada! ^^d

    Woha! Congratulations! Errrrrr... Welcome, faz99. You last visited: 13-11-2006 at 12:52 AM OMG i t3h posted.
  4. GMail accounts for free.

    I don't know anyone without one. ANYONE.
  5. Banjo Kazooie

    I know i shouldnt be posting here, its been majorly bumped, but i got 100% in this game. Was fairly happy about it but i dont know how many hours it took me. And my cousin deleted my file (>.<)
  6. Best Game Intro?

    I completely agree with both of yours. Especially Zelda: MM. Another favourite of mine would be Tales of Symphonia Japanese Version opening. Also, i love the Tales of Destiny II opening very much, probably the same if not more than ToS version.. (Turn it up!) The Resident Evil Remake FMV is so damn cool aswell. Love it.
  7. scariest games!

    The original doom on the Snes, for reasons mainly given in that posted YouTube video for Alien vs. predator.. Turn a corner low health, theres one of THESE running straight at you. And it was sitting waiting, silent.
  8. Time Lengthy Bosses

    Giant squid in Super Mario RPG, how many screens does it go on for? I remember posting this before, strange.
  9. N-Europe Hall of Fame.

    Did i not mention.. SOAG
  10. Greatest Gamecube Moments

    Hearing the trippy bios screen music.
  11. N-Europe Hall of Fame.

    CooInTheZoo Athriller Stocka The3rdChildren J7 (Am i allowed to mention him, probably no one remembers!)
  12. The Fast Show

    Hmmm ha hmm hha ha..... Scorchio!
  13. Don't remember at all. I think it is easier yeah, because i do remember just hitting rocks your couldnt see in a nice sunny day.
  14. soag anniversary of birth

    Happy Birthday. I hope you enjoy your metal.
  15. Love lives!

    Been here awhile! Started in late 2001! Don't fond of the new boards as you can see, i think they are very clicky! I thought there was only one other, and he left some time ago. TakeoMiyazaki your a goodlookin lad, get yourself some cock :P Or maybe a relationship, depending on which you prefer Can't wait to visit london, should be good. Just had pride there, was same weekend as birmingham pride, weird eh. Great weekend. Liver and stomach fallin out of me!