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  1. David Cameron is common.

    What absolute rubbish.
  2. Show Us your gaming area.

    Looks a lot untidier in the photo
  3. Adulthood Is...

    I dont really feel like an adult, I mean sure I have a job, car moved out some time ago etc. But I dont really have any responisibilities as long as I can pay my rent each month and feed myself. The thought of going to the same place every day for the next 40 years, to pay for a mortgage and kids etc. still terrifies me and I intend on putting it off for as long as possible.
  4. Football Season 2010/11

    Probably because he's actualy an excellent player (in his prime at least) at what he does. And is far from a joke.
  5. Football Season 2010/11

    Really does suprise me that Elokobi is a premiership left back, he wasn't exactly great for us.
  6. Marketing

  7. Football Season 2010/11

    Anelka of course has never once sulked or thrown his toys out of the pram.
  8. Revolutions/Riots in Africa

  9. Football Season 2010/11

    I can only see 2 teams in Spain being able to afford him barce dont need him and as a die hard Atletico fan I would be shocked if he went to real. Can't particularly blame torres for wanting to leave, he can still play in the CL this season and the chance to move to a club that is in with a chance of winning it is worth it.
  10. Your teenage/school/college playlist?

    secondary school Nirvana Foo Fighters Korn Slipknot Rage against the machine Deftones Smashing Pumpkins College Metallica Iron Maiden Megadeth The Prodigy Aphex Twin random electronica and drum n bass I still probably listen to most of it now and again, taste is definitely a lot more varied now though.
  11. Well I have a degree and I plan to do a TEFL or CELTA course before I go there so its all good in the hood.
  12. Go back to Canada Learn some Spanish See Machu Pichu Spend a year teaching English in a foreign country (Either Vietnam or Hong Kong) Spend at least a year preferably more in Australia Plans are afoot for all of these though.
  13. Prince

    Love Raspberry Beret
  14. Snowing

    I'm supposed to be flying to LA from Heathrow on Saturday
  15. It's not Ramengirl's Death...

    Cheers guys

    If the 360 is an older one it wont have an HDMI socket on the back so check that first.
  17. What games have you bought in 2010?

    360 Halo Reach - Underwhelming, although technically good it was all a bit meh. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood - Pretty awesome Rock Band 3 - Uber PS3 Batman Arkham Asylum - Quite fun, should probably finish it at some point. Uncharted - Good but I ruined it by playing the 2nd one first I imagine Uncharted 2 - Red Dead Redemption - Excellent although it starts to get a bit repetitive, should check out the undead nightmare at some point. F1 2010 - Pretty good effort at a F1 game Heavy Rain - Really cool, great story. Have no desire to play through it again though.
  18. Matt Cardle

    This guy is from the town I grew up in, true story. Gives Darts "superstar" Bobby George some competition.
  19. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    If you're signed into xbox live with the same account they will work. But as soon as you go offline they will stop working. Unless you transfer the licenses over then they will work all the time.
  20. World Cup 2018/2022

    They had already said FIFA fan zones will be able to sell Alcohol.
  21. World Cup 2018/2022

    Qatar wining is an absolute joke, cant wait for those lovely 50 degree summertime matches. still at least Jack Warner didnt vote for us so we can stop whoring the England team out to him. I would also assume the friendly against Thailand next year wont go ahead?
  22. World Cup 2018/2022

    While I would obviously love us to host the world cup, FIFA are such a shady bunch I would hate us to do it on there terms. Which we have signed up to (No Tax for FIFA during the tournament, tax breaks for sponsor's etc etc) I'm fairly certain Spain/Portugal have it in the bag anyway, I doubt it will go to Russia now Putin isn't going to the ceremony, he was scheduled to appear if he thought they would win.
  23. Snowing

    It's only snowed once so far, on Monday morning and even then only for about 10 minutes Haven't even had to de-ice my car for the last 2 mornings. Last year the rest of the country had all the fun and Cambridge got about a cm tops. How rubbish.
  24. Wikileaks - End of the World - lol

    Have literally never met an American who believed either of those points. I actually think it is a lazy stereotype created by Europeans.