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  1. In caese u missed it, my sister did a cover of the Wire theme (Way Down in the Hole) on Yube. Cheque itz iv u vant

  2. It pains me to pass up on the offer but I can't really afford to shell out right now, pubs and clubs and shizzle are currently gangbanging my wallet :(


    Cheers for the dealio though :D

  3. Maybe. Maybe.

    Thing is, I can only think of paying you via Paypal, in which case I have nowhere near 30 quid.


    Otherwise it'll be a cash sending, which is kinda risky. This would be the easiest way though. If i put monies between thick card it would be fine oui?


    Arghle I dunno if I want it enough for such a price. Plus you could fucketh me overeth. Not that youd do such a thing babe. Your glasses are mighty sexy.


    Both complete gimps at that point. Both normal now though.


    (thinks about making one)





  5. I've lost appetite for Unch right now, and don't see the lab being that great. If everyone has hammo its kinda like 'nyah'.


    But yeah I'll probably join you.


    I wantz resistance 3. that'll be our next big game babe, cause im not hearing your voice very often right now.

  6. dwarf

    Seriously, these cans are the shit. It's a real ear opening suggestion, thanks!

  7. dwarf

    Loser lolol.


    It's awkward cause I have a code, and as far as i can tell, you dont.

  8. Utterly destroyed.

    Did not think you'd act that quick, thought I was safe.


    You win this time Zourceflan!


  10. dwarf

    And enough with the forced red text

  11. dwarf

    They mustve got tremendously lucky or they are extremely hax or theyre from America or preoprdered a copy from the future and travelled back with it in a carrot suspending unit.


    Believe me, I'd be playing it right naow constantly were it for its being of here at my houze.


    Just like you would/should be, you kemp.

  12. dwarf

    Irony lol.

    How could one forget such a splendid event?


    It aint actually out yet dough, unless dats your jokez. Ize pre-ordered for teh lulz

  13. Oh nice, I thought you sounded a bit rough.

    Have you screamed your way through chester on the brides yet or do you just sit pulling smugs at the kempera lenz?


    Btw I'll meet up with you in a couple of dais, sorry i couldnt be there earlier its just that im in swindon, england, and i do not have any money for a flight to blogland as per now.

    of all people, dick dastardly offered me a lift. OF all PEoPle!!!

    not sure whether i trust that boner of his though. It could be long-haul

  14. How is the brewery (holiday) ?


    I'm getting uptight about this Taj being made.


    Btw, I'm asking for Breaking Bad season 1. That means you have to buy Fallout 3. Srsly, if there's one thing you should do in your thus pointless life, make it pointful by playing it. You have dwarf's word on this one. Anyway, I hope this thing is as good as you suggest hacked

  15. Have a fantastiche time. It does mean I probs wont play Unch at all whilst your away, hopefully our skills won't rust as bad as Elton's mangina.


    Take Care, beware of the rickety tea cups. If they have those in us. Bai n_n!

  16. We gonna have to put the TajMahal off until your holigay?

  17. Fine 4 o'clock. Imma watch wirethong now

  18. I MEAN AT 2.44 PM TODAY


  20. Just imagine, we both take out two guys, then the last one we both hit with a bullet. Proper MGS4 cutscene swift like