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    look at the destroyment from 1.50. Sik.

  2. 'This looks awesome, I can't wait to watch you play it for hours on end.'



  3. Ah K I'll send it here then:


    OK so basiklee I have put together a couple of short vids of me doing football skilz for my blog, i was wondering if you could do me a massive favour by cutting them in sequence (one or two also need to be rotated 90 degrees) and putting a song over the top?

    Thanksmuchlove! x


    Could send the files over msn at a specified time if thats easiest?

    [email protected]

  4. Bit of awkward going on in the reachness thread?


    give me a nudge for re-mailgate 4 if you feel like it.

  5. Cuntish Rapping?


    Sure thing.

  6. Dang I missed your 1v1 message. Give me another call sometime.


    Just got another Nuke as we speak. It was the lolz

  7. Didn't make enough use of that time properly, wasn't properly concentrating and playing well. May still be more time in weekend to do well, but with me at Wembley tomorrow, and you at Shittington: Big Turd Venture we may have just skipped the best playlist opportunity ever.


    Still, it'll cycle back at one point, at which time you'll probably have Blooper Wario Embassy to play through.

  8. Fucking tough crowd.

    Facebook: Make a shit joke and get 16 likes, make a football vid and get Jack Shit.


    Don't comment on fb though, that'll seem too tryhard

  9. Have a fantastiche time. It does mean I probs wont play Unch at all whilst your away, hopefully our skills won't rust as bad as Elton's mangina.


    Take Care, beware of the rickety tea cups. If they have those in us. Bai n_n!

  10. Hey Retro, would you mind editing the title of my thread in gen gaming to 'Game Development'?

    Ta muchly!

  11. How is the brewery (holiday) ?


    I'm getting uptight about this Taj being made.


    Btw, I'm asking for Breaking Bad season 1. That means you have to buy Fallout 3. Srsly, if there's one thing you should do in your thus pointless life, make it pointful by playing it. You have dwarf's word on this one. Anyway, I hope this thing is as good as you suggest hacked

  12. I confuzzeld


    please go

  13. I didn't like it :'(

    Sorry man, I agree with most of the guys, Daily was goooood (Y)

  14. I don't like how I'm your bitch paradoxical marauder jingle now.

    But, you smoke. HA!







  16. I finished Season 1 which ended prematurely ofc. I just haven't had the moniez to buy the second series. Prioritised Mad Men and Wire if I'm honest.


    I didn't fall in love with Breaking Bad. I thought it was pretty damn awesome, pretty gripping, but sometimes found the family relationships/father's mannerisms (forgot his name my bad, too long since I watched) a bit weird.


    And the American druggy's accent pissed me off/was a cunt.


    Overall very very good. Up there with my favourite TV.

  17. I lold at how you thought you thought you were going to be good in that game. You weren't even a threat tbh. That's the thing. DICKED!


    I mourn teh time when we get truly bored of the game.

  18. I posted that link and then realised you posted it too. You beat me though.

    Not lol.

  19. I read back through some of the Unch3 thread and have to say I agree with you on the story side of things. Yahtzee is spot on in this piece:



    I don't fully share his hate for the Westernised 'banter' as he might call it, I personally think some of the characters can be funny and likeable, but in this they weren't taken anywhere new. The narrative was just empty and cobbled together and didn't really pass any strong messages across. We didn't really learn anything aside from some of the characters cottony history. What made Nate's ridiculous desire to hunt so much more extreme and frowned upon in this number? The characters went through hell twice before and act as if this adventure is completely unique and particularly feverish in comparison to past events.

  20. I'll read up on the mafia another time sorry br0. When does it start?


    Hmmm probably not today, though I will inform you if I can.

  21. I've lost appetite for Unch right now, and don't see the lab being that great. If everyone has hammo its kinda like 'nyah'.


    But yeah I'll probably join you.


    I wantz resistance 3. that'll be our next big game babe, cause im not hearing your voice very often right now.

  22. dwarf

    Irony lol.

    How could one forget such a splendid event?


    It aint actually out yet dough, unless dats your jokez. Ize pre-ordered for teh lulz

  23. It pains me to pass up on the offer but I can't really afford to shell out right now, pubs and clubs and shizzle are currently gangbanging my wallet :(


    Cheers for the dealio though :D

  24. It's probably because I have my profile on NE tabbed, just so I can 'view all posts' and check for open envelopes.


    I'm not a deity or anything.