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  1. Just saw your post from 2 years ago and lost my shit


  2. I think we're done

  3. Your troll image after Zechs's 'conjecture' was priceless. *tips hat*

  4. dwarf

    Short Circuit tee is rad


  5. dwarf

    Where did you pluck that preposterous statement from? I am no doubter

  6. dwarf

    Get Lucky really is the tits

  7. Hey Retro, would you mind editing the title of my thread in gen gaming to 'Game Development'?

    Ta muchly!

  8. dwarf

    Faithful as ever

  9. dwarf

    It's mattc_64 but I've been PS3-less for the past 6 months. Signed in once the other day on a friend's console but that be it homeboy

  10. ta! not sure why it wasn't working earlier

  11. what link are you using?

  12. Any chance of getting the chat room to work babe? Or am I accessing it the wrong way?

  13. I read back through some of the Unch3 thread and have to say I agree with you on the story side of things. Yahtzee is spot on in this piece:



    I don't fully share his hate for the Westernised 'banter' as he might call it, I personally think some of the characters can be funny and likeable, but in this they weren't taken anywhere new. The narrative was just empty and cobbled together and didn't really pass any strong messages across. We didn't really learn anything aside from some of the characters cottony history. What made Nate's ridiculous desire to hunt so much more extreme and frowned upon in this number? The characters went through hell twice before and act as if this adventure is completely unique and particularly feverish in comparison to past events.

  14. It's a shame Breaking Bad is a 15 rated show. 8 eps in, and Jessie's girl is fucking peng (forgot name), yet camera pans away before teh sexzz. Disappointing.

  15. Only just noticed that you've already done the black man joke. I lose.

  16. Watched ep 2 of season 2... now i don't know whether this was about the time season 1 shouldve ended cause of the writers strike, but man!

    this shit is like crack yo. intense stuff

  17. Exactly, <3 Knee

  18. dece, dece. too tired to rock out the thanks though

  19. It's probably because I have my profile on NE tabbed, just so I can 'view all posts' and check for open envelopes.


    I'm not a deity or anything.

  20. I'll grab ma coat

  21. Well, the video was laden with bin ownage

  22. LOL You didz awzum i woodant worree

  23. Fucking tough crowd.

    Facebook: Make a shit joke and get 16 likes, make a football vid and get Jack Shit.


    Don't comment on fb though, that'll seem too tryhard