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  1. Is this site generic in its execution?


    1. dwarf


      Hey man, apologies for being a bit harsh on you in the Last of Us thread. I appreciate it can be difficult to communicate and understand people's intentions if you have learning difficulties like Asperger's - had I known I wouldn't have posted those things in that way. 

      I encourage you not to get so frustrated by the lack of forum activity. This forum, like many others, has seen a substantial drop off over the past five years, and that's because there are so many different websites for people to discuss games on now. Reddit and the bigger forums you've mentioned are toxic, as can be seen by the replies you received on that Reddit post. Due to the size of those websites, and their lack of sensible moderators, it can be difficult to maintain an online conversation with other users. That then leads people to write nasty or controversial posts just to get attention.

      N-Europe is old, and so are most of its members, so I appreciate it can be difficult for new people to join in and understand the dynamics. All I can suggest is that you be yourself, and be a bit more patient. Don't take things too personally if people don't reply to you - it happens to everyone. And try to use language you're comfortable with. On this post for example you asked if this site is 'generic in its execution', which seems more complicated than it needs to be. Simplify things a bit, be honest, and hopefully you'll have a better experience.

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