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  1. Timesplitters 4 Wii ?

    Well I'm a lover of the randomness and the reason why it works is because the developer recognises that it is cheasey and slightly mis-match, but in a good way. Free Radical have made Haze which is FPS genre specific but what makes timesplitters awesome is the varying style. Its also what makes it stand out as (imo) the best multiplayer shooter. There's so much to Timesplitters that kicks ass its hard to put on paper. More single player with locations spanning Tokyo, deserts, Churches and Space stations please. Also I heard in this one it will poke fun at other games in a satirical way. I almost want this more than smash bros no lie, i know i'll spend a lot of time on it, especially if it's online.
  2. Timesplitters 4 Wii ?

    Wii controls with either games would be incredibly satisfying as well!
  3. Bad move, I have a pretty awesome 3rd party controller, not quite as comfy but you won't notice when your playing. Logic 3 orange, can't find exact link.
  4. Football Season 2007/2008

    Well Giggs has played pretty poor recently but then sometimes he pulls something from the hat and makes you think he's still got it. Not sure if I like Nani, yes he has a great strike but I don't think he's confident at taking players on. Was the Tevez goal any good? get in. At least the prem is still in our hands
  5. Q&A: Luc Bernard, Eternity's Child

    I think it sounds & looks pretty poor tbh. A platformer that has story telling bits through cutscenes. Sceptical. The guy sounds a bit freaky and cut-your-wrists like. I'm not trusting him to be a very good games maker and it seems he doesnt really know what's going on.
  6. well what are the newest unveilings on those fronts? wonder if there are other 3-part items...
  7. Is there a finished list of items/pokemon/assist trophies yet?
  8. Family guy boxed sets

    with comic series it doesnt really matter what order really because they're so random, FG especially. However i dont want to miss out an episode and so start from the first series. if you start with the best and then check out the earlier stuff it probably wont seem as good. Red Dwarf
  9. Resident Evil 4 - :)

    ah well. do you actually totally miss out on some enemies in easy or is it just quanitity and location?
  10. Timesplitters 4 Wii ?

    So my thread is pretty much un-necessary ? wah. Timesplitters was a rare gem that had both great single-player and multiplayer modes. Co-op with friend was astoundingly fun. Challenging as well, loads of unlockables as well. Stone Golem is immense Was Future Perfect better than 2? I think i preferred the missions in 2 but if you added the cutscenes from FP it would have been even better. The weapons in Timesplitters have always been the best as well. Did anybody else actually play second sight? The game wasn't that polished but it had some good ideas and was pretty fun & challenging.
  11. Resident Evil 4 - :)

    You mean the same as the wolves you have to kill when you leave the church where you find ashley?
  12. Resident Evil 4 - :)

    ah well too late for that now... still im not too bothered because its still very fun i would have played on normal if i knew that was the case, it should have a warning about that. I'll probably end up playing it again in the future. I kind of know what answer i'll get to this but do you miss out on loads of stuff on easy?
  13. Family guy boxed sets

    Family guy is awesome! Someone had to say it... (whilst watching movie) "Hey that's the one, Tom Hanks, everything he says is a stitch!" "I have aids" "hahaha"
  14. Timesplitters 4 Wii ?

    You're shitting me?! If they confirmed this then I'd... well I'd just be extremely pleased. I wont hold to much hope out though because for some reason i dont think it'll happen.
  15. Resident Evil 4 - :)

    reviving thread I bought this a week or so back and its quality. I didnt think id be one to relish this game but it sure is great. I am not a person for the horror genre in anything but books however Resi 4 seems to have altered my view. Just at the part now where youve ridden on a big truck with ashley and you get a cutscene showing her get posessed and then a bit showing Ada talking with the scarred army guy. Call me a pussy but I am playing on easy mode, simply for the fact that i dont want to have to gun down a Chainsaw wielding bitch-whore that has an overly big affection and stamina to shotgun shells. Obviously youve shared these moments but these are my highlights: saving the wolf and then helping you to kill el gigante when you jump off a small bridge and then having to re-load as the chainsaw sisters come charging at you from 2m away! my first decapitation. lovely the indianna jone mine shaft ride, for obvious reasons. "was tht a vrrrrrrrrrrm noise i heard leaping onto the cart?" the first regenerator that you can see lying down on the hospital bed which you know will come to life. i resorted to bazooka the first time before realizing the wonders of the semi-auto rifle awesomeness. btw i have the mine launcher and its pretty good for when theres a few illuminados bunched up, it may as well be a grenade launcher because after the enemy writhes as you shoot it as it starts to gain balance it blows the game has an awesome way of keeping you low on ammo on occasions. 1 moment your cruising and packed with shells the next you resorting to rifle at close range.
  16. No More Heroes

    im a gonna get this somewhen. end of Feb right? should be a fun game, but doesnt the fighting parts get distracting with all the button pictures that come up each time you kick ass? i thought it would be free flowing but maybe its better like it is... Is it?
  17. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    I think Corruption is overrated. It would have been perfect if they didnt make it appeal to fps fans by giving it cutscenes and other chars. Also levels werent that interesting in my view. Where was the wow factor that you got from Phendrana? Also, boss battles werent as good and there were way few puzzles. Better points: pointer controls, hyper mode and umm, other things Ive got the acid rain protector suit on hypermode now but havnt been bothered to play since having bought resi 4. Metroid Prime will always be the best game of the 3, everything about it was better i think. It was also new back then, there were better exploration elements and the weapons were cooler. Levels and music owned. Ive probably said this 100 times already but it must be heard here! anybody agree with the majority of what ive said? It was still a great game though!
  18. yeah i guess its unlikely, but it seems strange of them to highlight it in a speech. i guess sakurai is fed up with developing by now
  19. Mario Kart Wii

    I think the snaking issue should cease tbh who cares. I snake personally but if u think its shit then fine. Am I the only guy who looks forward to this game quite a lot? Ok there hasnt been much info but every MK game has been awesome, Double Dash if you got some multiplayer going was quality all it did wrong was the shortage of tracks in my view (and 1 karter is probably best). Nintendo know how to do their main franchises justice and so why worry over control scheme? It will be perfect im sure, and more options is probs a necessity. I think control could be better with anolougue and then point to aim shells etc but who knows? And yes, Boo is in! Wonder if he'll get his own special weapon this time round. baby peach & baby mario chars are silly though. k.rool and others are more deserving
  20. Im not sure what to think of the full roster, it seems empty somehow. I guess ive been waiting so long that I expected there to be every nintendo character in there. Im surprised Sonic didnt make the boxart too. Was I dreaming or do I remember hearing that smash bros could potentially be updated to include more chars over wii connect 24?