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  1. Survival/Battle royale games

    I guess Sony (Zipper Interactive) attempted something similar with MAG on the PS3, in terms of the map scale, player count (256 players), and with it being online-only. It was shit, but yeah, a PS+ battle royale game could do really well if Sony put a decent team behind it. I remember how popular Battlefield 1943 was as a download-only release, another online-only that maintained a sizeable player base for a long time after launch. We've had innnovative and successful games like Fat Princess and Rocket League, so the precedent is there.
  2. Simon Amstell: Carnage

    Thought this was a genuinely funny way of turning 'carnism' on its head. If veganism is going to take off we need more lighthearted polemics like this that expose the problems of the meat and dairy industry in a non-preachy way, whilst showing people that vegans have the humour and self-awareness to take the piss out themselves. It was a similar experience to watching The Grand Budapest Hotel for me - it does that thing all great parodies do where the jokes are so silly and underhand that it isn't always clear who the targets are meant to be. Grinned throughout, and laughed outright a few times (Eastenders gag was a highlight). Well done Mr. Amstell.
  3. EU referendum - second choice

    The Backfire Effect: When your deepest convictions are challenged by contradictory evidence, your beliefs get stronger. Confirmation bias: The tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one's preexisting beliefs or hypotheses, while giving disproportionately less consideration to alternative possibilities. (Huge problem for me on Twitter, but I don't actively try to find alternative views on there even though I know it would be good to do so) I wouldn't say the results are surprising, but maybe we'd see a marked change when we've actually left the EU.
  4. Fallout 4

    If the world and combat isn't selling you on it, I'm afraid the story won't be enough to win you round. It's particularly lackluster in Fallout 4. Such a shame because Fallout 3 was terrific, and I'm sure that wasn't just down to it being a technical showcase either. The stimpak thing ceases to be an issue after the first 10 hours or so, providing you loot fastidiously and use sneak/critical attacks to take out groups of enemies. But this is such a minor aspect to focus on given that you're not getting down with the general Fallout vibe. Might be best to shelve or bin it, because let's be honest you won't be playing it for at least couple of weeks once you have Horizon, and it's hard to jump back into a game of F4's size. Gah. Hurts me to direct someone away from the franchise.
  5. EU referendum - second choice

    Yeah the forecast thing doesn't stand up because 3-day weather forecasts are stupidly reliable now, and the BoE can't predict growth 6 months into the future, let alone multiple decades into the future when there's been a seismic political change like we've just seen. I feel like hope is the only thing Brexiters have to offer as consolation at the moment. Before the result most economists predicted bad shocks, and now we're edging closer to leaving even leading Brexit voices are framing everything in terms of damage limitation. It just seems so obvious that free trade with our closest trade partners (proximity still matters) is a huge boost to our economy and political standing in the world. Now we're reduced to fighting for scraps from the U.S, who have a shoddy history of unfair trade deals given their self-sufficient might (we mean nothing to them), and we've also thrown away our research funding from the EU, so our science/innovation sector has also been shot to shit. I don't know why people think we're in a better position to broker trade deals now we're outside of the union. Where's the justification for that argument?
  6. Horizon: Zero Dawn

  7. EU referendum - second choice

    As if anyone could predict that. What've you been reading?
  8. Disc Jam (PS4/PC)

    Played this with a friend for a couple of hours. Reminded me of a solid Wii Sports/Wii Play miniature - fun, well-made, but lacking in the depth you'd want from a standalone game. But hey - it's free, was made by two people, and there's some weird primal joy you get from smashing the opponent's desk with your lamp.
  9. Fallout 4

    Fallout 4 was disappointing for me but if it's your first dip into the open world Fallout games I think it'll be a nice surprise for you. Thought the graphical aspect and colour palate were some of the things Bethesda got right on this one. All I would suggest Flink - while the fun in the game is to be had stumbling upon hidden places and uncovering areas of the map, I'd advise against exploring absolutely everything and completing all the side-quests because you'll get fatigued otherwise. Keep the story missions the main focus and take the odd quest here and there to keep yourself competitive against enemies. And beware - side quests that your companion characters give you to defend areas of the map are infinite, so don't waste too much time on those.
  10. EU referendum - second choice

    I think voters on both sides will feel vindicated regardless of the consequences of Brexit.
  11. EU referendum - second choice

    The thing is it wasn't binding, as was reported back in October. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-vote-eu-referendum-not-legally-binding-supreme-court-legal-challenge-article-50-a7418706.html However, it would be near political suicide for the main parties to not follow the 'will of the people' on the referendum vote (if you can call can such a small winning margin 'the will of the people,' and not a fickle decision that's constantly in flux). With that said, Labour should have contested the terms of the Article 50 bill so that we could better protect some important interests that might be lost out on after Brexit, but that didn't happen because of Corbyn. The Lib Dems meanwhile have seen Brexit as an opportunity to win back seats by 'remaining remain', while Labour and the Tories push Article 50 through, despite the fact that the majority of MPs on both sides are pro-EU. Saw an interesting piece of analysis by Michael Deacon today:
  12. Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Play Knack.
  13. Let's talk about this place.

    That doesn't make a lick of sense.
  14. Going by Wikipedia, there have been 25 Resident Evil games, including remakes, since 1996 when the series first began. For a franchise of this nature, that's unbelievable/crazy/a sad indictment of our times (delete as appropriate).
  15. Let's talk about this place.

    You've stumped me, Beverage. I genuinely don't know if you're innocently overcompensating for your insecurities with your posts (guilty of that myself in the past, to a lesser extent) or if you're trolling. Not that you can't be doing both I suppose. If you are trolling, the attention to detail is remarkable it must be said - particularly your 'about me' and your signature, which I assume you wrote yourself. Not been in the Nintendo board for a while, so right now I feel like I've been dropped into the Truman Show or something, and everyone's waiting to test my credulity when I come face-to-face with the Beverage experience. Is nobody else seeing what I'm seeing? It must be so tiring to post like that. It's like when Joey used a thesaurus to write his best man speech. Good news is I'm finally on topic because Ronnie gave me this problem a while ago. Arguing with him was like flinging peas at an elephant's backside. A Nintendo apologist who felt the need to mete out verbal punishment on Sony whenever Nintendo came under criticism. Could never figure out if he was just going to absurd, self-destructive lengths to wind people up, or if his beliefs were genuine. Eventually I came to appreciate the lesson of the XKCD picture that was posted earlier in this thread: i.e. don't bother. So I guess thanks to Randall Munroe the cartoonist, but also thanks to you too, Ronnie, for breaking me. Stayed out of the mud-slinging for a long time after your displays in Other Consoles and I'm happy to say I'm a changed man, although having said that, as I think is true of everyone on the forum, it's hard to completely turn a blind eye to it. We live for it really. It feels good to give people a ribbing every now and then. Wouldn't have persevered with Ronald as much as @Sheikah has though. Bruh, the seasons come and go, I go through phases of activity and inactivity, but you'll always be there ferreting away at the lost causes. Don't you see we're all losers in those situations? Man, this place is a gas. Wouldn't change it for a thing.
  16. Let's talk about this place.

    Why that's simply splendid, my utmost thanks for your permission/approval on this matter. Beverage, my dear fellow, I can't help but marvel at the pomposity of your language but I must wade in here if I may. I contend that one is able to formulate a useful impression of a game without having ever played it, otherwise what purpose would be served by previews and trailers at all? While it would be foolish of me to deny the fact that the act of playing sometimes uncovers surprising pleasures of a game that cannot be gleaned by voyeuristic interactions with the medium alone, I also believe that certain tenets of game design are inviolable, and so when these tenets are violated (which I usually judge by using my eyes as a means to view visual demonstrations of a game after light from my computer monitor is beamed into my corneas, having first been beamed into cameras during broadcasts of grand gaming spectacles such as E3, along with other events targeted at the gaming masses) I can feel comfortable in denouncing them for their inexcusable design flaws or lack of ambition (especially with regards to previous entries in the series, if applicable). By your logic, you would be unjustified in criticising the PS4's stellar Life of Black Tiger, which for my money is a beautifully imagined animal-action RPG replete with dazzling tiger-claw animations and an immersive, dynamic LED-Like Health Bar Systemâ„¢. But that is my mere opinion darling.
  17. Smash Bros Switch

    I don't understand where the love for the stodgy Subspace Emissary campaign is coming from. Do you not remember playing it? Rip the bosses from there and shove them into a beefed-up Events mode along with target smashes and the odd individually-crafted platforming level. Sure that wouldn't lend itself well to a story, but good luck weaving a decent narrative from a roster of 30 characters from different universes. I'd much rather face a list of fun, stupid challenges than I would a 2D platformer with Smash mechanics made only out of a sense of obligation.
  18. Let's talk about this place.

    Nothing constructive to add, just wanted to say this thread was a smashing read.
  19. Just saw your post from 2 years ago and lost my shit


  20. uncharted

    (please delete, duplicate thread)
  21. Hitman (PS4/Xbox One/PC)

    Each to his own.
  22. Hitman (PS4/Xbox One/PC)

    I hope the episodic model dies a quick death. As if it were anything but a money-grabbing venture.
  23. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion