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  1. If you want a low cost net book:




    Advent 4211, its the "UK Version" of the MSI Wind. I personally own one and its pretty fantastic. The only downside is, battery life is around 2 hours till the 6 cell battery comes out later next month.


    Nice do you reckon it would be good for Uni as I need one for university.


    Tbh Does anyone know the best performance (to play semi-old games Rome Total War etc) (around £300) laptop. Basically a decent machine thats not gonna break the bank. cheers.

  2. Also, surely that sign is advertising homosexuality anyway? A guy sees it, thinks he can't kiss a girl and so goes and kisses a guy. I know it wouldn't happen, but you see my point?


    I'd love top know what he was really trying to achieve with this stunt. People like this make 'Christian love' seem like an oxymoron.



    Once again, I'm not saying it's wrong to collect swords and enjoy them, I'm just saying it's wrong to claim them to be anything more than what they are: stunningly beautiful ornaments designed to establish atmosphere, NOT art. I love swords, I just preffer to spend my time on more enriching experiences... It's like the difference between having sex with someone you have no feelings for and having it with someone you love, they're both great, but while one of them is an enriching experience, the other one is just empty pleasure, thus making it a worst experience, overall. Make sense?


    I have no problem with that it’s the self-righteous attitude present in your posts that I have a problem with. Also your interpretation of 'art' seems to be too narrow minded with an almost scienitifc longing to classify and generalise.

  4. Of course it's meaningless! Beauty is an extra... it can never transcend physicall limitations! Would Ghandi have been a greater man if he were better looking? Would Guernica be better if it was more beautifull?

    Physicall beauty is meaningless, and that's a solid hard fact! Now, beauty can be a conceptual thing, much like in Guernica's case... it's full of beauty, but none of it physicall, all of it conceptual.




    Sorry, but I think you are talking a load of nonsense.

    Meaning is something that is created it is not some kind of universal constant that remains equal amongst all human beings. Meaning is something that is massively subjective and to say that beauty has no meaning is ridiculous. It may not have any meaning to you but to some people beauty may be paramount.

  5. Id rather see them making chocolate or something that a FAKE, yes FAKE!, Gorilla playing drums.


    Would you really rather see them making chocolate, how fucking awful would that be.


    The whole point is it was supposed to provoke interest and commotion and the existence of this thread and the discussions taking place are evidence it was a successful ad. A shame they had to ruin the idea by 'cashing in' on their success though.

  6. Well, that's a pointless possession. I've found myself more and more reluctant to buy things "just because". I now limit myself to books, cds, films and games, you know... things I can actually use and get something out of?




    Why the hell is it pointless to have swords as decorations. If we want to be pedantic about things everything is pointless (excepts swords they have a very obvious one:heh: )

    I see nothing wrong in enjoying the craftmanship and beauty of a sword especially ones as nice as shown. Just because they cannot watched, read or listened to doesn't mean they cannot still be treasured and enjoyed.

  7. Hey Guys can anyone recommend a laptop for Uni, preferably people at Uni or that have already started Uni life. I have a budget of around £300 and am thinking its probably best to get something cheap light and easy and avoid performance hungry monsters, (not that I can afford any) so any suggestions? Btw is laptop thievery really a problem at uni?

  8. Does anybody remember Trisha from the comments board on the front page? I remember having right barneys with that person.


    I remember her! Caused many a sleepless night, with me stewing in rage and wondering how human being could descend to such ignorance.

  9. Astounding? Other than controls nothing in Corruption can be described by that word.


    Prime 1 & 2 had wayyy better design. Well, Prime did anyhow.


    The level design in

    is astounding. I don't really hype about the controls because they just work the way they should but intricacy in the environments and attention to detail is nothing short of excellent. Don't let your blind allegiance to one game, affect the fact that 3 is still bloody good.

  10. Awesome! :D There is a lot of stuff you like! :grin: Muse FTW!


    Hmm.. my musical taste...?


    Well i pretty much like anything! (also helpful :heh:) Though i do have a varied taste!


    I can't say i have listened to much Jazz, Reggae, Ska or Hip Hop really though!


    Though i don't mind giving it a go! I'll listen to some of the people you have listed up there and check them out! :D


    At the moment I really like Bat fo Lashes and today i have been listening to a lot of Regina Spektor again and Antony and the Johnsons! :)


    I would recommend this off the top of my head. I like recommending Lupe Fiasco because I think he is one of the best rap artists in a while.



    Also recommend Erykah Badu. I always seem to float away when I listen to her.



    EDIT: Listened to some of your stuff, its good! Like that Bat for lashes:Whats a girl to do, got an infectious beat. FF to recommend songs.

  11. bowdown: Respect to the developers.:bowdown:


    I REALLY want this to turn out well!


    Support this game:yay:


    "We think it's a real shame that publishers and developers aren't taking advantage of the technical possibilities of the Wii platform. Most Wii games don't even look as good as the later day PS2 titles and that's a real slap in the face to consumers,"


    We believe that third-party developers need to step up to the plate and deliver. The Wii platform is capable of a lot more than what consumers have seen so far. We're hoping to raise a new bar."


    Somebody buy this man a drink!


    "Most of the games on the Wii look like crap. We want to change that, so we've invested heavily in our Wii tech over the past year. We have real-time normal mapping, reflection and refraction, post process full screen effects, real-time shadows, projected lights and textures, specularity and fresnel effects, emissive and iridescent materials, interactive water, morphing, and much more all running with a rock solid frame rate on the Wii. Our goal is to be the most technically innovative Wii developer on the planet."


    Finally our prayers have been answered! Fight the Power!

  12. The whole race thing is starting to bore me with this game.


    Then why can't we just stop talking about it and talk about the game. :heh:


    Must be the only one that actually wants to talk about RE5 and not a pointless is it racist 'debate'.

  13. I study Science, maths and English.

    I wach crap TV

    I do karate and boxing

    I weight-train


    Surely, thats not what you do in your spare time. (outside work.)


    Dictionary: enjoyable activity: an activity engaged in for pleasure and relaxation during spare time

    E.g. Our oldest boy’s hobby is flying kites.


    Not singling you out or anything just seems Maths, English and Science are strange hobbies.

  14. Just now, I threw out my precious Command & conquer 3 CD due to the fact that it just took 3 hours of my revision time due to sheer immersion and the 'I must pwn all' mentality. To be honest, my life feels a bit shaky right now, but yet I turn to games to induce me with some reason to feel joyful and shave hours of time off my life :/.


    My question is, all these hours, days, weeks, months and eventually YEARS! we've put into gaming could we have used this precious time of our lives on something more 'constructive'? Or do you feel you have received and adequate amount of inspiration from gaming to declare it worth it?

















    But in all honesty if I wasn't gaming I'd probably be doing something else completely useless! (visiting N-Europe LOL)

  15. I enjoy sex from time to time.


    Also, other things which may be categorised as addictions rather than hobbies include watching Scrubs and House MD almost compulsively to the point where I know the scripts of most episodes by heart.


    I have such a lonely ass.


    Btw What was that Scrubs episode you said inspired you to work hard for exams, I need a bit of that right now as I have done nothing this Half-Term in terms of A level revision. (Well actually I've done a bit but not much:heh: )

  16. What do you like Demuwan? :D


    A lot of everything really. (that helps:heh: ) Tbh I listen to whatever takes my mood and Im pretty open minded about different

    music so feel free to request stuff.


    Mainly these days Jazz,Smooth Jazz, Acid Jazz expecially, Sade,Jamiroquai,Nujabes,Tribe called Quest, Massive Attack etc.


    I like Reggae also and Ska (Matisyahu, Bob Marley, Damien Marley etc.)

    I also like Hip-Hop a lot but not you're mainstream stuff.(Akon,Tpain, Souija Boy:shakehead ) But people like K-os, Talib Kweli, Lupe Fiasco, Common,Nas etc. Also like some UK stuff Kano,Sway,Wiley.


    I like also Rock not so much Indie a bit of Metal also (Alexisonfire,Enter Shikari,Bloc Party, Muse, Hard-fi, RATM, Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay a bit:heh:

    Also like instrumental rock and anything with a good beat as I love playing the drums.

    I like (Sean Penn, Jose Gonazales, Stevie Wonder, Micheal Jackson *who doesn't*)

    Also listen to Soul, RnB, Funk like Erkah Badu,James Brown Chaka Khan, Living Colour.

    Sometimes I listen to Classical to calm down, or relax or if Im working.

    Oh Yeh I also got quite into Garage and Dance in the 90's *dunno why* so like that even though don't really listen to it that regularly.


    Theres probably other stuff I just can't remember right now:heh:


    What about you? Whats your musical taste?