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  1. MP3 better than Metroid Prime?

    I never said that the reason Nintendo should scrap the lock-on is because of the competition. It is because it simply isnt needed. I would never want what you said to happen to any Nintendo franchise so don't assume I would.
  2. Revolutions Name

    LOL that was very funny
  3. MP3 better than Metroid Prime?

    I think I am misunderstood here. The fact that I shouldnt compare these games is irrelevant because they will inevitably be comapared especially by casual gamers. Of course MP3 will have heavy emphasise on adventure but it also may have a stronger (than previous games) shooting emphasise because of the revolution controller and the way that the two are suited.
  4. MP3 better than Metroid Prime?

    See I think that is a single minded thing to say.Nintendo need to expand the franchise especially metroid and I think multipalyer is the way forward. Also I totally agree with the people that want to push franchises like Fzero and Pokemon in the right direction. Fzero would be a dream come true with 30 people going at it and dont get me started to pokemon. That screams MMORG however it doesnt quite fit in with Nintendo's policy for free online gaming because usually MMORGS are expensive to run.
  5. Soul Calibur?

    I believe SONY paid off Namco
  6. MP3 better than Metroid Prime?

    This is true for many of the people that originally didn't like prime.I think with the revoultion Multiplayer focus will increase dramatically especially with the introduction of Nintendo's WiFI service however this is just wishfull thinking on my part. But with it I have faith in Retro Studios and in Nintendo.
  7. Revolution hardware - the real revolution

    What a liar. Most of the things you just said was just wishfull thinking on your part. Please do not waste our time.
  8. IGN has gone Krazy

    I hate the fact that people want gun attachments I mean come on. No one will take the controller seriously and it wont exactly be the most pragmatic if for different genre there is an attachment. To be immersed in a game you dont need a stupid gun shape like you're four years old. :no:
  9. Revolution jokes, parodies and gifs.

    LoL ive got that song from the Reggie one its sung by Kirk Franklin I've thought about doing something like that but I didnt have the resources
  10. Hilarious images!

    LMAO that was funny as ................................... heck
  11. I think Nintendo are Ingenious by not realeasing the Shell and actually making developers think outside of the box. The shell should only be used as a last resort for ports. However I do believe that Nintendo need KILLER first party support. So that ideas can be ignited in the minds of developers. If this is going to work Innovation must be pushed by nintendo. Wot ideas do u have I particularly would really enjoy a KILLER tennis game. Moving the player with the analogue stick and the raquet with the pointer. That would OWN
  12. Mp3 #2?

    it is understanable i mean the capabilities for First Person Shooters are inconcievable. IF Retro Studios want (i have a lot of faith in them) they can make Metroid Prime three one of the Greatest FPS experiences ever. and im just talking about the SINGLE player!
  13. Come E3 this thing will be the greatest invention since sliced bread. When nintendo show how it will change the face of gaming forever i just hope this bad boys got the graphics as well as the gameplay because thats the only part about the revolution that i am slightly sceptical of.
  14. LOL I thing if Nintendo utilise the revolution to its fullest potential this will be an unprecedented gaming experience What nintendo need to do is market his properly I mean marketing is one of Nintendos biggest weaknesses Also it MUST be cool Especially to attract ignorant americans and chav infested UK. This will be a great struggle for Nintendo but with the right games, marketing, cool factor, price and lests not forget GRAPHICS this could be a very potent weapon for nintendo