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  1. Football Season 2007/2008

    I know its so Annoying. They looked vunerable when I watched the Boro match without Vidic and for some part Ferdinand. Luck with injury is something us Gunners haven't had for a while.
  2. Football Season 2007/2008

    I respect that attitude.
  3. Football Season 2007/2008

    HAHA Adebayor to score FIVE anyone:heh:
  4. dream job vs current position

    One of my friends just got a offer from the Vet school at Nottingham. Advice good grades lots of Voluntary/ Work experience. Most competitive career to get into above Medicine even. Fellow med buddy: peace: (Dunno if I still wanna be a doctor though having second thoughts)
  5. Rate the last film you saw

    Ok then whats your fav movie of all time?
  6. Football Season 2007/2008

    Hoping for a good match. Arsenal to win it in some style. Reckon Adebayor and Fabregas and/or Walcott to score. Torres or Masharano to score for them.
  7. Rock Band

    Hahaha, What a Fucking Rip off! I would take rock band anyday over Sony's PS Triple and heart furring fast food. Seriously though they are having a fucking laugh if they think ANYONE is stupid enough to pay £180 for that piece of shit.
  8. PES 2008 Pro Evolution Soccer

    Put It this way bought it Friday and played it for over 15 hours already (No joke) on Friday played it for 6.07 (checked on the wii) and thought I was being sparing with it. Put it this way if you love football, you'll love this. But and open mind is probably needed to a certain degree. (defense isn't broken at all it just isn't intuitive but once you understand the mentality of the game you understand why its like that.) BTW I haven't gone back to playing old pro and don't intend to for a LONG LONG while.
  9. Football Season 2007/2008

    I agree, the squad is too thin, and I think wenger acknowledged this to some degree trying to sign wingersin the summer, but to no avail and with Diarra leaving in Jan this just worsened our situation. To the point we are in now with people suffering from fatigue and not to many options in the squad, I feel. One of the major weaknesses in the squad, of which I think is imperitive Wenger addresses next year is the lack of wingers, which has cost us this year. Granted Carlos Vela should be back from loan another option on the wing but I feel Wenger has to buy a quality winger for next year. Our problems with injury have only worsened the situation and maybe playing that weakened side against united was the catalyst to our implosion. However, we have a very good team that needs to gain a bit more experience and depth but I would say the future is bright for Arsenal and a good finish to the season would be nice for the supporters.
  10. It's Dante's Birthday!

    HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY YOU LEGEND! NO POSTING NEWS ON YOUR B-DAY seriously though have a great one!
  11. PES 2008 Pro Evolution Soccer

    Yeh, I agree totally.
  12. Rate the last film you saw

    I like tea. 2 sugars preferably. What do you think of Canada?
  13. He Knows Better

    Happy B>DAY You 19 year old metal head
  14. Football Season 2007/2008

    Obviously:heh: , Well tbh it our chances were over a while ago. The only way justice can be had now against liverpool is if we get two penalties and thrash em 5-0 on Tues:indeed: . (such a lucky team)
  15. Sonic Unleashed

    When the PS2 dies we might see more of that:heh:
  16. Rate the last film you saw

    What! I think its the best film ever. From the elegantly crafted fight sequences to the provocative philisophical motifs. It has it all. I seriously can't emphasise how much I appreciate this movie.: peace: I just try to pretend the sequels don't exist.
  17. PES 2008 Pro Evolution Soccer

    This is getting Immense Now, Almost ready for online play!
  18. PES 2008 Pro Evolution Soccer

    Just Bought it today! Having a really good time once you get over controls! I'll put my FC on later and please add me to any tornaments and leagues. See you guys online, Im going back for more!
  19. Football Season 2007/2008

    Yeh So do I, but I got a few scornful looks from people, when a came back 2mins late from getting a burger. (queues were not good, neither was the burger tbh) . Bit hypocritical from some of them seeing as it was a North London Derby and most of them couldn't be arsed to get up and sing. We'll play well on Saturday, as long as there aren't any injuries before then. Nice Pic:) Last Time I went to the Emirates I met Avram Grant. Quite a nice bloke actually.
  20. Football Season 2007/2008

    I know! Absolute Beast. Not a bad result, hopefully we'll have a bit of luck and finishing in the next few games.
  21. Football Season 2007/2008

    Yeh I was thinking that! I now know what it feels like to watch a phenomenal talent from a Neutral perspective.
  22. Football Season 2007/2008

    Theres no denying he's Phenomenal at the moment though. Easily best in the world. Which is a huge complement coming from a Gooner.
  23. The Music Thread.

    Has anyone got the New Foals album. Kinda liking the song Cassius. Oh and they have a good drummer too. Always a plus.
  24. Football Season 2007/2008

    Don't Jinx it
  25. I hate The Big Bang Theory. Its so shit. Its got a ridiculously dramatic laugh track that goes off every 5 seconds, the jokes are plain awful. The characters are so cliched they should be funny to laugh at but it doesn't even manage that. Its attempts at being clever just further expose the stupidity of the creators. Argh. 2/10 because of the fit blonde.