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  1. The Official Non-Gaming Hobbies Thread

    Btw What was that Scrubs episode you said inspired you to work hard for exams, I need a bit of that right now as I have done nothing this Half-Term in terms of A level revision. (Well actually I've done a bit but not much:heh: )
  2. The Music Thread.

    A lot of everything really. (that helps:heh: ) Tbh I listen to whatever takes my mood and Im pretty open minded about different music so feel free to request stuff. Mainly these days Jazz,Smooth Jazz, Acid Jazz expecially, Sade,Jamiroquai,Nujabes,Tribe called Quest, Massive Attack etc. I like Reggae also and Ska (Matisyahu, Bob Marley, Damien Marley etc.) I also like Hip-Hop a lot but not you're mainstream stuff.(Akon,Tpain, Souija Boy:shakehead ) But people like K-os, Talib Kweli, Lupe Fiasco, Common,Nas etc. Also like some UK stuff Kano,Sway,Wiley. I like also Rock not so much Indie a bit of Metal also (Alexisonfire,Enter Shikari,Bloc Party, Muse, Hard-fi, RATM, Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay a bit:heh: Also like instrumental rock and anything with a good beat as I love playing the drums. I like (Sean Penn, Jose Gonazales, Stevie Wonder, Micheal Jackson *who doesn't*) Also listen to Soul, RnB, Funk like Erkah Badu,James Brown Chaka Khan, Living Colour. Sometimes I listen to Classical to calm down, or relax or if Im working. Oh Yeh I also got quite into Garage and Dance in the 90's *dunno why* so like that even though don't really listen to it that regularly. Theres probably other stuff I just can't remember right now:heh: What about you? Whats your musical taste?
  3. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    Wait till its officially out in Europe.
  4. The Music Thread.

    My taste in music seems to be quite different from most of the people that visit this thread/forum.
  5. The Official Non-Gaming Hobbies Thread

    Play Sports any Sport really but mainly Football, Rugby, Basketball, Snooker, Tennis, Table Tennis etc. Play the Drums and Guitar (Drums are so fun to play its unreal, played Guitar since I was 10. Got out of it recently and also need a new one but don't have the money to buy one right now. Mainly play Ska, Reggae and Jazz also like R n B and blues but can also play your usual indie, rock, not much metal tbh, prefer to play drums to metal songs and hard rock ones) Help out at local youth centre and hospital (surprisngly fun actually, started doing it as a necessity for work experience but really enjoy so I haven't quit and hope to continue at Uni)
  6. Football Season 2007/2008

    It almost exacty the same as zarate's one Couldn't find a better video, but they were virtually identical.
  7. What the Hecky Thump Are You Doing Up?

    You dirty little Hobbit:heh:
  8. Microsoft wii-mote on the way?

    Gotta admit though it would be a cheap move that would lose much respect from gamer especially.
  9. User Image Gallery

    You could learn a lot from a guy like me.
  10. User Image Gallery

    You know thats my style. Won't know what hit em:heh:
  11. How was your day?

    Agreed. Some people are just making it worse. No doubt intentions are in the right place.
  12. User Image Gallery

    The girl in the red is quite alright.
  13. Football Season 2007/2008

    I know, the rest just watched it sail in. Story of our season eh go ahead, look good then run out of steam and lose it at the end. If Man U don't win both competitions now it would be criminal.
  14. The Music Thread.

    I think you may have misunderstood like I did. The point is not about different languages or language being an Impenetrable barrier, but that the voice is the single most important instrument in connecting an artist (Irrespective of language) to the audience and if that fails its likely the song will also fail too.
  15. Mark Speight found dead

    Fair enough
  16. Mark Speight found dead

    Again I understand that, but you didn't answer my question.
  17. Microsoft wii-mote on the way?

    They would probably lose a lot of credibility from Gamers if true.
  18. Best Graphics Ever?

    I think it blew everyones socks off! Whenever I talk about MP I always ask what was your impression the first time you entered phrendrana. (ps Scan Visor was genius! Why they changed the 3d pictures from the 1st one I don't know.)
  19. Mark Speight found dead

    I understand that point, I was just asking a question.
  20. Mark Speight found dead

    What would you say is news worthy?
  21. The Music Thread.

    Sorry for the misunderstanding now, I see what you mean and agree with what you have said. : peace:
  22. Best Graphics Ever?

    I think Metroid Series needs some praise, man. Been playing more prime 3 today and some of it is just plain gorgeous, seriously. The art design is quite literally out of this world (soz) and the lighting is so sumptuous. I wish I could get a good pick of some of the best it has to offer but there aren't many on the net.
  23. Mark Speight found dead

    Agreed. Sad day for his family. Condolences
  24. Super Mario Galaxy

    Thats the most Important thing.