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  1. PES 2008 Pro Evolution Soccer

    Yeh they have.
  2. No More Heroes

    Mate you are so lucky.
  3. Wii For Wheelchair Users

    Its true no-one plays wii like that.
  4. FIFA 2008

    I thought and still think it's horrible. They should have at least made the direction of the slashes translate. Crippled TP for me.
  5. FIFA 2008

  6. Soul Calibur Legends

    I personally think this game looks like trash. This is a game that could really do with a delay. DELAY THIS GAME!
  7. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

    Really good news! Hope the graphics and controls don't suck I really do.
  8. What do you want in 2008 from Nintendo?

    Fzero would be nice!
  9. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    Really nice Update. Don't care about VC at all. I for one hate people talking crap in games so its a plus for me. I would personally put the region lock on to minimise lag. Also really nice that people don't know your stats ect. Less chance of disconnecting and because theres no point accumulation more time actually spent playing the damn game and not worrying about loss of points or ranking. Heres hoping for an online Co-op mode to be announced:yay:
  10. Rockstar's Table Tennis heads to Wii.

    oooh are we gonna allow that one:indeed:
  11. Thank Goodness. Was wondering when they were gonna improve the graphics on that game. Nice realtime blue used there.
  12. Link's Crossbow Training

    I like you
  13. Might get a 360 31337 Need to arange a party too but dunno what, talk about leaving it late. Thanks mate
  14. The place you come to discuss political issues or state your political views and ideologies. Before we start I would like to say that Tolerance and acceptance of peoples views is required in this thread even if you don't agree with them. Respect is something I think we can all afford to give. Also there is a difference between healthy polemic debate and blatant flaming and disrespect. (No name calling or derogatory terms used here please) Anything from Gordon Brown, to the Tories to International relations, views on Immigration, Education, the judicial system, Politics in America etc. To start off you can take this light hearted test to see which politician you would most likely align with http://www.vajoe.com/candidate_calculator.html Mine was 70% Barack Obama 2008 Presidental Issues ISSUE Abortion Rights - I think the ease of abortion should be tightened. Death Penalty - No one should have the right to take away someones life No Child Left Behind - I believe every child is entitled to a proper education Stem Cell Research - If it will lead to medical advancement then yes ANWR Drilling - Not Sure Kyoto Protocal - Definitely environmental preservation is important Assault Weapons Ban - If that means banning weapons im all for it Gun Background Checks - Unsure Patriot Act - Unsure Guantanamo - I think it is against someones human rights to be held without fair and proper trial Water Boarding of Captives -Unsure Citizen Path for Illegals - Unsure Border Fence - Illegal Immigration should be stamped out Internet Neutrality - Is this even possible? Iran Sanctions - Not sure about this one but if anything sanctions are better than war Iran Military Action - Definitely not Support Iraq War - No Increase Minimum Wage - Yeh defo :p Same Sex Marriage - No, I think it could cause real complications if children are involved Universal Health Care - Yes Free Trade - Yes School Vouchers - Yes Privatizing Social Security - Unsure
  15. The Official Politics Thread

    Well thats fair enough but this was started as a political thread and is not centered around the american candidates. I just think its handy to have a thread where you can discuss political issues.
  16. The Official Politics Thread

    I think theres only an American one sorry.
  17. I'm not very happy atm...

    Don't worry mate I'll post it now. I suggest that you show this girl how much of a catch you are. Confidence is the key, here. By becoming more friendly and flirtatious with other girls it may open up her eyes to you and cause her to see you in a different light. (Plus there are plenty more fish in the sea mate, if she can't see your a great catch thats her problem). Also it will allow other girls ( go for her friends ) close to her to talk of what a sweet a nice guy you are, this is the response that you want, beacause if they start talking about you in a positive light it may strike a chord with her. Also some kind of physical change is always a good way for her to see you in a new light ( a new haircut, new style of clothes etc) This will help her to see you less like a confident and more of someone she would like to be with. Try to distance your self a bit also, because it is only when you don't have something anymore that you truly appreciate its importance in your life. The she'll start to realise just how much you mean about her. Try to go out on dates one on one and not with friends. Ask her to see a film with you and be more confident and try to crack a few jokes. Humour is always a good way to open up a converation and just try to be a generally fun person to be around. Overall, NEVER act desperate for her. Act confident but not cocky, try to look more physically attractive. (If you've got a good bod *that sounds really gay doesn't it * try and go swimming with her. Personally I've never had problems with girls but I know from mates that it can be really frustrating Keep me posted on how its going mate : peace: