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  1. Attach rates?

    Got a point there
  2. Pro Evolution 2008

    PES 2008 Wii BELIEVE
  3. Assassin's Creed

    You will find the answer from within *look at your sig*
  4. Super Mario Galaxy

    Thank You. My day has been made.
  5. Super Mario Galaxy

    Does it wash away the scars of mediocrity on the Wii?
  6. Just watched a BBC piece on how hard it is to find a Wii!
  7. I've had countless problems with my Netgear DG834GT Awful piece of hardware, disconnects very regularly, stops sending Wireless signals, Internet connections is never the 108 Mbps its says, more like a 10th of that. Sent it back Seven times now and am just sick of the whole thing. I thought wirelless was the way forward, but should I just get wired ports installed? and can anyone recommend a decent router:(
  8. Super Mario Galaxy

    Hahaha loving that quote, sounds like its come straight out of the gaf.
  9. Super Mario Galaxy

    Lucky git. Have fUn:yay:
  10. Shagging your mate's sister

    Oh I see What a Dickhead!
  11. Shagging your mate's sister

    Where do you put them all Stalin?
  12. How was your day?

    Not quite following you here. What exactly do they do? Why does this effect your relationship with her.
  13. Trainers

    Me Likey:)
  14. How was your day?

    I see what you mean. Well at the end of the day life is a risk. Sometimes you just got to gamble. Try to find out how she feels about you, then if the feeling isn't mutual you're probably doing the right thing. Keep me posted: peace:
  15. Super Mario Galaxy

    Is it an Essay. If so I feel for you.
  16. Trainers

    So cool
  17. Trainers

    Yeh I know they're awesome. Been looking for them everywhere but can't seen to find them. They just have the generic ones in the UK:( . Might have to order a pair off the net.
  18. Cooking Ideas

    Get Galaxy over Assasins Creed. You won't regret it. Oh and Spag Bol is always good:heh:
  19. Science: it works, bitches!

    Ahh nice. Are you doing Natural sciences then. Im doing Nuffield (Edexcel) not the most exciting one in the world:indeed:
  20. Trainers

    Ahh I see. Well their nice trainers anyhoo.
  21. Trainers

    Oooh Nice. Are you a girl? If not controversial and nice:heh:
  22. Trainers