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  1. Muhammad Teddy Bear

    Oh ok thats cool. Just didn't want to offend thats all: peace:
  2. Muhammad Teddy Bear

    I listen to your points and reply with my own. I am not the one who made the gross generalisation that those who follow religion are inherently close minded. I don't intend to argue with or upset I am just curious about your points and the beliefs of which you uphold and for one think you should open your mind to the proposals of others.
  3. Muhammad Teddy Bear

    Well the point was to illustrate the suggestion that not all things that are in your best interest or greater good can be understood in the limited state of knowledge of which we all inhabit.
  4. Muhammad Teddy Bear

    How is that telling the child what to think. It is merely a simple instruction, as it would be detrimental to the child to inform he/she of the dangers of pedophiles,rape,murder and all the other malevolent forces at work.
  5. Muhammad Teddy Bear

    I am not suggesting a simple solution cannot be right but merely that just because certain things make little sense to you doesn't mean this cannot be for a greater purpose. For example a parent telling a child not to play outside at night. The child may have little understanding as to why he/she cannot play out side at night as he/she is oblivious to the dangers of the world and may thing the parent is mean or nasty for not doing so. But the child blindly follows the parent or the parent forces the child in.
  6. Muhammad Teddy Bear

    Because they choose to believe in a power beyond comprehension, one that cannot be tested and fully understood and if it could wouldn't be worth following. Therefore have faith and belief in a greater power and choose to live a certain way etc. EDIT: and you didn't answer point number 1 (again)
  7. Muhammad Teddy Bear

    1) So why does that make them close minded again 2) Why don't they have a valid reason to adhere to them
  8. Muhammad Teddy Bear

    Why are people that adhere to the views close-minded again, I missed that one.
  9. Muhammad Teddy Bear

    Im guessing you meant The Bard and I agree, although I don't always agree with what you say Bard
  10. Muhammad Teddy Bear

    Crap like what? Megalomaniacs in power, totalitarian oppression. I think you'll find Islam is not responsible for what you claim it is, just misguided men under the guise of religion. (Not the first, nor will it be the last time)
  11. Muhammad Teddy Bear

    This man speaks sense.
  12. Muhammad Teddy Bear

    Well thats arguable.
  13. Muhammad Teddy Bear

    What makes you think western society is some kind of utopia? and how exactly is Islam backward?
  14. Muhammad Teddy Bear

    Dont you just love these threads. They're like the lunar cycle theres one every month. 29.53 days If you wanna be pedantic
  15. Masturbation

    Makes me wanna go back a few pages and read what some people actually said. Once you go black:indeed: ... DUDE!!!.......
  16. Sexual Intercourse.

    What the hell were YOU doing?
  17. Muhammad Teddy Bear

    I for one and offended and appaualed by this. Disgraceful disrespect. joking
  18. MCMADNESS?!!?!?!?!

    Keep It Real
  19. I'm talkin' to you!

    Happy b-day brother!
  20. Just a bit condescending, don't you think.
  21. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    I agree. Probs just use Wiimote & nunchuck.
  22. Soul Calibur Legends

    To me its looks significantly worse than SC2 in the majority of areas.
  23. Trainers

    Wow, they do have a good selection. Guess theres a first time for everything.
  24. Blyk

    Or white maybe:indeed:
  25. Assassin's Creed