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  1. Sort of.


    The world of Gielinor is still there as you know it in RuneScape 2, all it means is that the next 'age' of Gielinor has come about to make RuneScape 3.


    So when you play it means that now that Guthix has died, there's a new thing surrounding the world, i.e the other two Gods duking it out, there's still the same world and the old content, but it just means new and bigger things.


    Plus obviously the new UI, upgraded graphics :)

  2. Nope, its here to stay. I'd recommend giving it a quick look, but it entirely depends on you. :)

  3. It's a big upgrade, so the UI is better, the graphics are better. There is a beta of HTML 5 at the moment, which is basically RuneScape 3 with the graphics they wanted.


    I work on Transformers, so cannot tell you really all that much, purely from lack of knowledge. But all the content from RuneScape 2 is still there, its now just the next 'age', so you'll see more content :).


    A bit like an expansion pack on World of Warcraft is perhaps the best way to describe it.

  4. I certainly do. Runescape 3 has been out since mid July now I believe. However, I do not work on that game. :)

  5. I thought I'd get it away from the thread! Yes I live in Middlewich with my parents, until I move out again. :)


    Nice to see two people who know where the heck I'm on about.

  6. I've finally got a day off, which is unfortunately going to be spent doing uni work. It'd be nice to just get away for a bit! :P



  7. Oh no, everything's fine, I just find it a bit tedious these days.





  8. Why? Are you alright?



  9. Hey, no I've not bought any tickets yet, I've found out my art showing is going to be on the 10th June, so I'm pretty sure at the moment I'll only be able to go saturday and sunday, which is disappointing.


    But never mind!


    Thanks, I've just been fed up of the bored, it's the same old jokes and the same old insults.



  10. Something I'm used to doing, but I find it so boring, my sister is the one who'd love a job like that.


    I prefer sitting infront of a computer and making shiny images, not counting numbers or playing with spreadsheets, plus I have crap math skills.



  11. Thats good, it's not good that very few people can say they like their job.


    I wish I had a job to enjoy, which is something, I was just beginning to like mine when it went tits up.



  12. Bunnies usually tend to be sold/taken as pairs for that reason, I'd be taking a house bunny, so I'd take one as it'd be treated almost the same as a dog.


    What is it you actually do?



  13. Yeah, I want money again haha. It'll be fine eventually :).


    Oo sounds good! Let us know if you get another (I love bunnies, have you noticed yet?)


    Yeah, I've got a video due in for tomorrow, it's basically done but I need to do all the final touches and it'll take all day, I keep getting distracted by supernatural.

  14. Aww, get a house bunny, I can't wait to get one myself.


    I'm alright actually, most of my life is doing pretty well, spoke to my mum today about how work's been treating me and I'm hoping she turns me to me and tells me to quit.


    I practically have no job anyway, so it wouldn't matter :P


    How are you and the missus today? Little bit less shaken? :)



  15. I hope you and your girlfriend are ok! :(


    Poor bunny



  16. 3 posts?!


    I was quite excited thinking I suddenly got very popular. Boo.



  17. Medical bills?! Nhs darling!



  18. It doesn't seem all that much when you take in that you may live towards a 100..




    I'm such a pessimist..



  19. Haha I think sometimes I could use one myself!


    A pension since 17?! Christ, you'll have a nice sum when you retire!



  20. It also comes with:


    a bus pass, a pension and a walking stick.







  21. Yes it is, but by the end of June I need a full-time job, otherwise I move back home, with no friends and no life. Plus my parents would rather I didn't.


    It's something I have to suck up and continue to do, it just means I'm going to be damn grumpy doing it :P.


    Look at you with your ''back in my day''


    :P Just one step closer old man!



  22. Nah, they first told me I'd earn 5.93, then it was 4.97, then I got paid and it was 4.92.


    They messed up my account number, so it took a week and a half to change that PLUS they'd not sent on my p46. So they taxed me.


    Then I was offered a 14hour contract for this year, thats never happened.


    On sunday I went to work at 10:40 only to be told that it had changed, they'd had two weeks and not informed me.


    ..and now they are trying to get me to work at debenhams instead of house of fraser as a girl who joined AFTER me is getting my sunday hours, I hate debenhams and have told them time and time again I don't want to work there.


    They said the debenhams contract is 10 hours, got there and now its 8.


    I'm sick to my teeth of them already.


    ooo kitty!



  23. I'm being somewhat pushed towards working for debenhams rather than house of fraser and they screwed me money wise. Fun times.


    I've been told I'm going shopping today instead of the gym..I'm far too easily swayed by shiny things -.-



  24. I've not been to the gym in 3/4months? That'll be a kicker this week.


    don't even get me started on work, they've royally messed me about, pssh.



  25. This year I've got a two bedroom flat with a guy - who is hardly ever here.


    July I'll have a studio flat :).


    I do too, hopefully Blizzard will look at my cv and take me on or ttgames :).