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  1. Bye.

    harribo .
  2. Bye.

    On the other hand you've banned me three times (by the way you are shit at ip banning apparently) and I still strongly believe I should never have been banned in the first place since I never actually got any warnings like you said and the only thing I did to spam was add "or GTFO" to the end of my posts.
  3. Bye.

    I'd have blinked at least thrice had I learned he was going to leave FACT
  4. Bye.

    Because most of the admins and mods are fucking C|_|nts I should imagine
  5. The Law

    Well isn't that a shock.
  6. The N-E village

    I'd be the annoying kid who won't leave you alone when you want me to.
  7. I voted everything because thats what I want.
  8. Online Boards - Take Two

    Agreed this would work a million times better.
  9. Shall i make a poll?

    I voted yes because I like choosing stuff in polls.
  10. The Music Thread.

    I'll be there hopefully That is THE SEX Also Rage Against The Machine when I listen to them I normally only listen to their first album since every other album just makes me want to listen to it.
  11. No More Heroes

    Well now I'm angry. Hopefully they've done it to put the blood and stuff back in(lol)