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  1. student debt

    I actually don't have any student loans, I've been very lucky and I have been able to find enough grants and scholarships to pay it all. I do work during the school year though to pay for food and the such but that's an extremely small price to pay. I'm thankful for my life.
  2. Sin & Punishment: Successor Of The Skies

    Heh, well, Nintendo floored me today. There goes more of my hard earned money, lol. :P
  3. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

    This wil probably be THE "core" title for the system this holiday, at least in America. On the plus side, it is being sold for $10 less than the usual Wii game, $40.
  4. Animal Crossing: Lets Go to the City

    Well, I never did play the DS one so this one is actually pretty brand new for me. I played the hell out ofthe GC game but that was a long damn time ago. I did put a pre-order down for it this past weekend, along with CoD: World at War, so this November is going to be pretty sweet.
  5. Monkey Madness

    I'm willing to bet BiA: DT will suck because it will end up being a rushed product that is a port of an Xbox game, that somehow, looks worse. This....though.....seriously. Fuck. UbiSoft can shove it, it is a good thing EA, SEGA, SE, Activision, Capcom, and a number of others don't follow their examples.
  6. The graphics look terrible, I hope Capcom spends more time polishing them up because it does need a little more work. But outside of that, I'll just reserve my judgements for now.
  7. The House of The Dead: Overkill

    This game is going to be made of win! First Samba de Amigo, then Madworld, and now this! SEGA is quickly turning into my favorite publisher on the system!
  8. Beating the Drought: What Have You Been Playing?

    I played Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon and Bully Scholarship Edition on my Wii. Really, the only Wii game I need to buy at this point is FE. Otherwise, I been playing my DS, FFIV in specfic.
  9. Legalising Weed In The UK

    Poor - having little or no money, goods, or other means of support: a poor family living on welfare. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/poor Working with the most conventional and straight-forward defintion possible, poverty is ultimately measured in income and wealth. How much you make, and ultimately, how much you save. Being an idiot has little to do with it. Being controlled by social urges does have a significant being. That's not to say that there are people who are born of circumstances you described, absolutely. But they do not make up the general statistic in relation to Western civilization. Most people in places like the U.K., France, Germany, America, Canada, etc are poor because they made poor finanical and personal decisions. Stupid? Maybe. Ignorant? Defintely. Even the most meager income pull can still have powerful effects if managed right and spent wisely. And even the people who have a difficult time pulling themselves up, there are many welfare programs that do provide support. Being poor and poverty in general is very broadly defined. As for HDTVs and houses, I can't speak on Europe's behalf, but I can say getting unsecured credit is extremely easy in America. It is not uncommon to see people use every ounce of credit (easily in the hundreds of thousands of dollars) on houses they'll never come close to paying off and electronics and cars that are, ultimately, unnecassary. And by burying themselves in credit, they leave no money for the essentials. Thus they are poor from common defintion. Lack of resources.
  10. Legalising Weed In The UK

    But it is because of their vices and spending that they become poor. They don't NEED large HDTVs, but they buy them anyway on credit. Some of them, somehow, find large amounts of credit to book up-scale housing, and later lose it due to the market. The amount of money they spend on addictions is staggering and when in compairsion to their budget and income, it can almost eat it all up. Industries explained in the original post advocate keeping the poor where they are, by issuing unsecured credit with high interest rates, by advertising directly to them advocating the Jonsees lifestyle, and by giving them products that relieve stress or stress out fun lifestyles (drugs and beer). Sure, certain elements of the rich might have the above. But they generally don't abuse it, hence why they stay rich. The few that do abuse it normally scale down in class and end up with everybody else. You could say it even applies to the middle class as well. They may have elements of the above, but they don't abuse it and as such, they are able to keep their budget in place. Smoking a cig is not going to make you poor, drinking beer is not going to make you poor, using unsecured credit is not going to make you poor. But if you let your psychological and physical selfs abuse the hell out of them, that can and will make you poor. For some people, that could take days before they blow their income and for others it could take years. But the downward spiral exists.
  11. Legalising Weed In The UK

    The poverty industry is already in full course with alcohol, cigs, porn, payday advances, and a number of other things. The poor gets poorer with their addictions and the government continues to tax the hell out of all of them. The rich continues to profit off of the poor's lack of discipline and the rest is as predictable as it comes. Although the above applies to America, I'm not too sure about the U.K. though. I don't care if they do it or they don't, this is no better than anything else we've sold to people. There are choices in life, abuse them and there are consequences. If people want to profit from it, so be it. I'm sadden people would defend this logic but they exist and as long as it exists, will continue to profit off of people's addictions.
  12. The War/Panic Thread

    Hmm....National Service. Yeah, I would do it. There is always a reason to fight, it does not have to be the one the politicans try to sell you on.
  13. The War/Panic Thread

    War has a different mentality to it, you are always watching out for yourself and your allies. Everybody else is on the other end of the barrel. There is no black and white in war, there is no right or wrong in war. Whatever is advocated to be "right or wrong" is no more than a judgement on the behalf of society, and by that, a niche. Wars will continue to happen, and much more worse wars will come. If anything, this is probably the longest peacetime the world has ever seen. Probably since the Pax Romana. There are conflicts, but nothing the size of WWII or previous wars to it. Unfortunatly, I fear that is probably going to be coming to an end at some point soon. The only thing I can pray for is that if it must happen, let it be my generation that has to take care of it. Not my child's. I digress though, what happened then happened. I can only hope it never happens again.
  14. Chocobo’s Mysterious Dungeon

    I've played since its release in America, loved it to death. Unlike other rogue type games, you don't have to raise your levels up as if it was the only way to beat the game. By utilizing jobs and abilities, and actually thinking which other games in the genre severely lack, you can beat the game out. Another thing I really liked about it was the variety of dungeons. Many of them are not simple such as, "Beat all thirty floors, lol, good luck". Many of them are objective types, like beating ten floors with Chocobo having only one HP, none of your equipment/items, and being blinded. It really adds a new level of depth overall. That and the music massive ass. FF fans will enjoy that one quite a bit. I would give the game somewhere between a 7 or an 8. Considering this is the only GOOD RPG for the Wii (for the time being), you can't go wrong.

    I don't mean to sound like a douchebag, but what the fuck? Being drunk on the internet is not exactly cool. But hey, whatever gets you going man. Enjoy it!