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  1. Hmm, not terribly impressed. I'm nitpicking really but I was sort of expecting 60fps (after Sonic 4) and this is meant to be Sonic in the past so why does he look like regular Sonic's retarded twin? He's never looked like that in the 16bit era.


    Still, music is nice.


    Personally, I'm all for it, as I always preferred the higher framerate of video. Red Dwarf, for instance, switched to film for Series 7 onwards and didn't look as good


    That's all well for a TV show, but for a film you want to keep that cinematic feel with 24ps. It also keeps it in line with the Rings Trilogy.

  3. I agree with you about the plasticy-ness and the frame-rate is probably gonne be reeeheealy inconsistent. But like Mafia II I believe it'll look a whole lot sexier on PC.


    Oh wait...

  4. That poster makes me want to eat my fist. The previous version is much easier on the eyes.


    This isn't showing in my area (Hertfordshire) so I'll need to take a trip into Londontown. I heard the Barbican has a lovely cinema.



  5. I'm pretty chuffed that you can now change the difficulty in New Game +; making my Zealot run-through a minor annoyance. Anyone attempting Hard Core I suggest you play it through at least twice first, use mainly the Plasma Cutter and Force Gun, and even perhaps get the DLC armour and weapons.